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Como configurar tu correo en un dominio .tel como info@libros.tel

  • 6: Setup name@yourdomain.tel

    A .tel domain does not include email hosting by default, but provides the necessary support for a .tel email address. Please check with your .tel service provider whether a mail hosting service is available, or setup your own mailbox on independent mail servers.

    To have a .tel email address, you need to setup mail servers to host your mailbox, and add MX records pointing to those servers from your .tel domain. You can add MX records from the Settings link in the .tel control panel, or programmatically using the SOAP/AJAX APIs. Again, your .tel provider might offer to do this for you.
    If you do not see the Setup .tel email tab in Settings, please check with your provider if email is supported.

    Below are simple instructions on setting up a free .tel mailbox using Google Mail or Windows Live Mail, or configure Hostgator hosting for .tel domains.

    Google Mail

    1. Sign up for a Google Apps account and add your .tel domain name:
      1. Select the option Administrator: I own or control this domain from the sign up page and enter your .tel domain name.
      2. Enter all your personal information.
      3. Enter the email address you want setup at your .tel domain and finish the sign up process.
    2. Get Google mail server names to setup MX records in your .tel domain.
      1. Skip forced verification of ownership using CNAME records by selecting I will validate later.
      2. Go to your Admin Panel
        Verifying Domain Ownership > Configuring MX Records.
    3. In the control panel, setup .tel to point to Google mail servers, such as
    4. Wait for Google to validate ownership of your domain. This can take up to 48 hours.

    Windows Live

    1. Add your .tel to Windows Live.
      1. Sign up for a Windows Live account or log in if you are returning user.
      2. Enter the domain you want to add as a Custom Domain.
      3. Accept the Terms and Conditions.
        You will be presented with the MX record for your email service.
    2. Setup .tel to point to Windows Live server.
      1. On the Domain Settings page, get the details of the MX record that you need to set up. This is tied specifically to your domain name rather than being a generic address.
      2. Copy the MX server name into your .tel Settings in the control panel.
      3. Return to the Windows Live process and hit Refresh to validate the changes.
    3. Create member account(s).
      1. In the Member Accounts area, click Add+ to create a new member.
      2. Fill in the form with the requested data (may not work on browsers other than Internet Explorer).
    4. Activate your mail account.
      1. Sign up for the Windows Live Mail system by filling in the form.
      2. Sign in again entering the captcha when prompted.

    Hostgator hosting

    1. Add your .tel to Hostgator.
      1. In your browser, login to your Hostgator Control Panel.
      2. Click the Add-On domains icon
      3. Specify your domain and password and click Add Domain.
    2. Get your MX settings from Hostgator. If you don't know your mail server, perform a DIG command to get those settings for the domain associated with your Hostgator mailbox. For example:


      You will see something like this copy the values on the right:
      yourname.com. 60 IN MX 20 ns2041.hostgator.com.
      yourname.com. 60 IN MX 10 ns2042.hostgator.com.
    3. In the .tel control panel, setup your .tel to point to Hostgator's MX servers from the DIG result you copied, like "ns2042.hostgator.com." .
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