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The website got a redesign and a new template for .tel domains:

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Internet de las cosas y los dominios .tel

The IOT opens new possibilities for .TEL. For instance, we've partnered with the to promote a free wireless profile for each .TEL site, eg and (both in BETA)
Eddystone, Google Nearby and physical web beacons are another way TELNIC can partner to provide instant mobile solutions for advertisers in the wireless (IOT) space.
But as you say, we need to have control over templates to some extent. With (UbiNames) we plan to introduce a whole suit of contextually-sensitive templates later this year that can tie in wireless (IOT) signal content nicely with .TEL content. That way UbiNames owners can control the look and feel of disseminated content, lessons learned from Telnic.

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Telnic Partners With NeuStar for New .TEL Domain

LONDON and STERLING, Virginia, January 29 /PRNewswire/ --
Telnic Limited, the UK-based operator of the .TEL top-level domain (TLD), announced today that it has selected NeuStar, Inc. (NYSE: NSR), a provider of essential clearinghouse and directory services to the global communications and Internet industry, to operate the domain name registry and DNS resolution systems for .TEL.
.TEL uses innovative technology to enable businesses and individuals to safely publish and manage their contact information in real time directly in the domain name system (DNS). Anyone will be able to use a .TEL domain name (i.e., or to initiate communication using telephony, Voice over IP (VoIP), Instant Messaging, email, SMS and other new forms of Internet communication. The .TEL domain will seamlessly integrate traditional means of communications with emerging technologies, making it an essential tool for businesses and individuals worldwide.
"We selected NeuStar because of its reputation for operational excellence, its global reach and its expertise in the convergence of Internet and telephony technologies," commented Khashayar Mahdavi, CEO of Telnic. "NeuStar has a deep understanding of -- and broad experience with -- domain name services, and the company has proven itself to be eminently capable of scaling to the very large transaction volumes expected in .TEL."
"NeuStar is excited to be working with Telnic to launch the new .TEL domain," said Mark Foster, CTO of NeuStar. "We believe that .TEL will help to enable new services like VoIP for individuals and businesses that need to publish and control, in real time, how they can be reached."
About Telnic Limited
Founded in 1998, Telnic Limited is a UK-based technology company that develops and delivers cutting-edge technology and solutions for the emerging Internet communications industry. For more information regarding the .TEL domain or Telnic Limited, please visit
About NeuStar
NeuStar (NYSE: NSR) is a provider of essential clearinghouse and directory services to the global communications and Internet industry. Visit NeuStar online at
    Web site:

SOURCE NeuStar, Inc.

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TelName and Passbooks

Connect your store ... ... with local customers ... through a mobile-friendly TelNames website.
Let us show you how you can market your local business on the internet sign up for a free seminar or call us today!
For less than $100 , TelNames™ gives your business a mobile presence in minutes.
.TEL sites' rankings are actually boosted by Google's "Mobilegeddon" algorithmic search update.
Boost your local awareness by pushing coupons and offers to your customers in real-time.
Our .TEL Network builds affinity within your community through a vast set of local citations.
The power of the TelShops Network comes from myriad links between master TelShops directory sites, associated business web sites and their citations.

Substantial power also comes from the inherent SEO matching built into descriptive keyword "subdomains" like,
Each of the 20+ subcategories includes more specific domains for citation links. Business owners may choose multiple categories for greater online exposure.
Check our Pinterest page for examples.
Click to visit our 70+ customer sites.

Order your Telnames from
See how we can help your local
Business Improvement Area (BIA/BID)
through Local Shopping Games
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VIDEO: [ Why You Need A Mobile Site ]                    

To register your domain for local shopping, please contact Mark Kolb via

Image attribution: | Copyright © 2015 | TelWebs | TelShops on Twitter

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How to redirect a .tel to another .tel?


1. Delete all contacts and all other entries like header, location, folders, pictures, videos and keywords.
2. Delete Google AdSense.
3. Enter one contact type "Go to a .tel" with the .tel destination address.

You don't need to delete:

  • E-Mail settings
  • Google Analytics
  • Design settings


  • The redirection won't work if the .tel destination address is redirected itself.
  • You can redirect a .tel only to another .tel, but not to other domain extensions like .com, .net etc.
  • You can also redirect a. tel to a sub-page of another .tel.
  • You can also redirect a. tel from Telnic to a .tel from Telnames (and vice versa).

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Telnic cambia de dirección

Starting this month Calder & Co., a firm of accountants, has taken over the business of Telnic & Telnames:
Calder & Co
Chartered Accountants
16 Charles II Street

Telephone: 020 7839 6655
Fax: 020 7839 6016

Google Mobile deadline approaching, but you don’t want to use .Mobi

Responsive design, not a separate website, is key to going mobile.
On April 21, Google’s search rankings will undergo a “significant” change on mobile devices. Websites that are mobile friendly will get a big leg up on those that aren’t.
The .Mobi domain name wants to take advantage of this, and tweeted this today:

Let me be frank: using a .mobi domain name is a bad idea.
.Mobi was an interesting idea, almost prescient when it originally came out in 2006. Mobile web browsing was about to take off with the iPhone coming out a year later. But the mobile web has change dramatically, primarily thanks to responsive design.
The need for a separate domain name to host mobile content has passed. Using a separate domain name, such as .mobi, is a really bad idea. Instead, your existing website — which already has search rankings — should be made responsive.
One site, not two. One site to optimize for search, one site to publish all content.

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Como ver si tu dominio .tel es amigable para google en los móviles

 Para hacer el text:

Google upgrades mobile-friendly sites in search results

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Sites will get label, and might get a search benefit in the future.
Mobile-Friendly GoogleGoogle announced today that it is adding a “mobile-friendly” label to sites in search results, and is experimenting with using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.
Over the next few weeks, Google will start adding the “mobile-friendly” identifier next to qualified sites for mobile searches (see picture).
In a blog post about the move, Google suggested that how mobile-friendly a site is might also affect its rankings in the future.
We see these labels as a first step in helping mobile users to have a better mobile web experience. We are also experimenting with using the mobile-friendly criteria as a ranking signal.
It seems intuitive that Google will demote sites in mobile search if they don’t render well on a mobile browser.
You can see if your site is eligible for the mobile-friendly label on this test page.

Como reducir el back up en los dominios .tel

All backup files contain multiple versions of your .tel to ensure backward compatibility, but you actually only need the latest version, which is version 8.1. If you delete some of the other versions it could as much as halve the file size.

• Open the backup XML file

• On line 2 you should see the 1st version in the tag:

• The bold number above shows you that it is version 6.

• You can delete this whole section, so find the end of the tag which is and delete everything between the two tags. NOTE, you are looking for export and NOT exports

• You will see that the next export tag contains version 7. This can also be deleted as above if you wish, so that your xml only contains versions 8 and

• Save the file as an xml file and restore this new, smaller version