jueves, 26 de enero de 2012

Tel images

Easy .Tel images with RSS feeds

Searching for an easy way to add images to your .tel domains? Look no further. Our Feed My Tel tool lets you feed images from any image-based RSS feed. This include Flickr and Zazzle. Here are some sample sites with live content:

Zazzle Product Images are found over all the pages on this site: www.ZazzleStores.tel

Flickr Images on main pages: www.519.tel

Clicking an image takes you to a related page (from the RSS feed).

Zazzle products images changed daily

In addition to providing images, links from the RSS feed are inserted into the page. On a predetermined cycle, these links and images are replaced with new content.

Here's an interesting bonus: When you add more than two images, your site displays random images from a pool of images. This is due to the random nature of the DNS (internet backbone) that .Tel uses. So when you refresh the page or visitors see the site, the images will be shown randomly. You can place a maximum of 100 images per page minus the number of records already present. So its easy to create a gallery of 50 or more images, shown two at a time.

To start using this feature, you can either use the free Quick Update tool for static images, or the Feed My Tel tool (still only $2.88 per year) to feed multiple images daily or weekly.
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sábado, 21 de enero de 2012

Tel China + China Mobile

From my point of view, "Tel China + China Mobile" means not that much to Telchina.

You can look at their combination this way:
treat "China Mobile's mobile pay" as "Google Checkout" or "Paypal"

Their co-operation means
you can use "China Mobile's mobile pay" to pay for the .tel annual fee, withtheir platform.

Also, you can have a link in .tel domain, and link to China Mobile's platform to make other payments.
Didn't you think almost all domain Registrar can accept Paypal to make the payment, and you can put a link on you web to pay for the other fees?

viernes, 20 de enero de 2012


Another .tel-only registrar accredited

A Chinese firm has become the second company to emerge as a seemingly pure-play .tel registrar.

Unlike most registrars, Beijing Tong Guan Xin Tian Technology Ltd is not approved to sell .com domains. According to ICANN's records it's only been accredited in .tel so far.

The company, which does business as Novaltel, even has a .tel domain listed as its official site in ICANN's registrar directory, which is a first.

Its customer-facing site, at novaltel.com, which I don't think is fully live yet, is heavy on the .tel branding.

This all makes me wonder whether Telnic, the .tel registry, has another big deal in the works.

At the moment, the reason .tel is a gTLD of roughly 270,000 domains rather than 220,000 is that another pure-play .tel registrar distributed about 50,000 names in one big batch in January 2010.

Unusual as it is, Novaltel is not the first Chinese registrar to devote itself entirely to .tel.

The other is Tong Ji Ming Lian Technology Corporation Ltd, also based in Beijing, which does business as Trename.

Trename is currently responsible for 20% of .tel's total domains under management, about 55,000 names, according to the most recent official registry reports.

Those domains were registered a year ago as part of a deal Telnic announced with HC International, a business-to-business e-commerce firm also based in China.

That deal is basically the reason that .tel's overall volumes have not been affected so badly by two years of speculators dropping post-landrush registrations following its 2009 launch.

So does .tel have another spike on the cards?

miércoles, 18 de enero de 2012

90 fotos en los dominios .tel

En cada página de un dominio .tel se pueden presentar 2 fotos en la parte derecha, pero en el DNS, o sea, en tu dominio puedes subir hasta 90 enlaces a fotos, y luego aleatoriamente se iran presentando 2 diferentes cada vez que abras la página.
Un ejemplo para ver como funciona es: http://products.zazzlestores.tel/
En el logo no se puede hacer, luego ahí lo que se crea es una foto .gif con cuantas fotos añadidas se quiera.
Just to clarify, you can't DISPLAY more than two pictures on right side, but you can stuff up to 90 pictures into your .Tel page and have them randomly display when the page is rendered. It is a quirk of the DNS that is exploited. I posted an example earlier in another thread ....

products.zazzlestores.tel/ and each of its subdomains have images by category.