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Getting ready to leap!

We'd like to thank the community for all the feedback and ideas provided over the past year. Since it launched in March 2009, .tel has come a long way in terms of development to offer a more technically feature rich and personalized product.

This also includes adding support to help the .tel ecosystem - the tools and services developed around .tel by the community - become more robust and secure, which means we've seen additional services expand to help with more specific uses around directory building and managing advertising. As such, we've seen more and more people utilizing .tel every day.

We now believe that it is time to take a fresh look at our roadmap and refresh the way in which people can use the .tel enhanced functionality. We'll be temporarily freezing the development of additional features in the current .tel control panel, in favour of a new improved interface that will offer more functions for advanced users, and will help those new to .tel enjoy their experience.

Over the next few months, functional updates will be minimal while we focus on improving the user flow and delivering the new interface. We will keep the community informed on the progress and roll-out of this important product enhancement through future issues of the .telegraph and on the Telnic forum.

Huw Stead
Huw Stead, Engineering Director

Location, Location, Location

iPhone Superbook

Unless you are familiar with the area, finding someone's office or shop without a map can be a challenge. Thankfully, all .tel domains publishing their location automatically show a map with a link to a larger view.

We encourage all businesses to publish their location as well as their postal address in keywords to make it as easy as possible for customers to find them. See Tip 5 on how you can set your location manually on your control panel.

Even simpler, you can use phone to get your exact location, and save it to your .tel page with a free "" on iPhone or Android device (also available for download via the app store).

Location is not only about navigating to a hotel, post office or attorney's office. It's also for finding out where all your friends are, and that's easy with the free SuperBook app for iPhone that can show you the distance to other people in your address book, so that you can see who's near you and give them a call with one click.

TelPages logo

There are many other situations where rather than finding one particular location shown on one .tel page, you want a choice of destinations; for example, when looking for a hotel or flower shop in the area around you.

For this type of search, It will get your current location automatically, and search there – or read the Where field and search for all addresses and locations in that area with the radius specified below the map. Click "Clear location" if you want to search globally.

To get quality search results, we also recommend using the Filters, so that you can get well-populated .tel pages with phone numbers, images, IMs and email addresses.

TelPages Search
Map your .tel

Finally, large organizations and directories can benefit from our new hosted service "Map your .tel" that shows multiple locations from a .tel domain on one Google map.

As with other webmaster tools, you can configure various parameters and embed this map into your website. This way,, a manufacturer in automation industry, can easily demonstrate all their local branches on one map, and give direct links to each branch. City-based or industry-based directories will also find this tool useful to demonstrate the scope of their services. For more information on how to use "Map your .tel", please visit the Tools area.

Map your .tel

Effective network marketing with .tel

We continue success stories with the community, and this time we're interviewing Mrs Lee Martin,

Who are you, where are you based and what do you do?

My name is Lee Martin, I am a mother of 4, I was looking for something to do from Home and Avon seemed to be a great fit for my busy lifestyle. I am based in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

How important is being discoverable on the internet or contactable by your clients to you?

Lee Martin
Avon logo

Being discoverable on the internet is everything to me. There is a huge customer base online, something that could take years to find can perhaps only take months to find online.

How do you enable your clients to reach you?

Home, Mobile Phone, Email, Website. I also list phone numbers for Avon's Corporate Headquarters in North America and Globally.

When did you hear about .tel domains and what were your thoughts?

I saw the commercial for .tel when .tel first came out. I thought .tel was an ingenious idea. Many times I have navigated websites, looking for contact information, and with .tel all contact information is right there in a snap.

Who might benefit from a .tel?

I believe everyone can benefit from a .tel, small businesses, large businesses, individuals, lawyers, etc.

What's your experience been having used it for a while?

It is so much easier to tell someone they can reach me at as opposed to giving all my contact information or my website: it is just more memorable where they would not even need a pen.
How does having a .tel help your business specifically? It saves time when I need to give customers my contact information.

What are the major benefits of having a .tel for your company?

There are many Avon Representatives out there, and by having a .tel my customers can always find me and not locate another Avon Representative by mistake. I can update it very easily as well for a daily special.


What other online marketing tools/campaigns do you employ?

Google Pay-Per-Click.

How does having a .tel fit into your marketing strategy?

I plan to have it as my number one marketing strategy. With the proper keywords listed in my .tel, I believe I can get on page one of search engines within a few months organically. If this happens, it will be the only online marketing strategy I use.

How would you explain to a layperson what a .tel is and what the benefit would be to them?

I tell them many times I have been to a website, searching for the contact us bar. With .tel, everything is right there. Perhaps they only want to call you, why should they have to go to your website to do so. With .tel your phone number is right there. Same with emailing you... When one is on a mobile phone, they can actually save money by not opening your website to call or email you. With a .tel, it is fast and easy.

What do you think the future holds for .tel?

I believe all businesses need a .tel and by advertising their .tel, more businesses will get their .tel when they see what it can do for its customers. The future is extremely bright, we just need to continue to get the word out.

I also purchased the name: which I just completed setting up.

Sheena Khanna, living the .tel life

Hello everyone, I'm Sheena Khanna and I'll be looking into the TelPages search over the coming months. I'm really excited to be experimenting with such an exciting and revolutionary tool.

Currently I own, I bought this in December last year and have been using it as a online business card ever since and as a method whereby my friends and family can keep in contact with me.

Sheena Khanna

To celebrate the launch of the new advanced TelPages and to assess just how useful it is, I'll be using it to plan days out, book restaurants and other activities on a day to day basis. Today I'll be looking into booking a hotel for my short UK break, ordering flowers for a friend's birthday and booking a Thai restaurant.

sun thumbnail

Now that summer is in full swing I've decided to plan a short break in Devon for mid August.

The most obvious place for me to start is hotels. I've chosen Torquay, South Devon as my destination… the big question is will my TelPages search be fruitful? I visit and there are 3 search boxes available to me: Who, What and Where — very simple and easy to follow. I type in Torquay under the Where field and hotels under the What field and click Search

The results are great — there are various links relating to Hotels in Torquay and I visit the second link. I am then directed to a webpage featuring a couple of hotels, so I click on the first Barcelo Torquay Imperial hotel link, this directs me to a page where I can book the hotel, has a phone number and a description of the hotel.

TelPages search results
bouquet thumbnail

Second on my list is to send flowers to a friend as it's her birthday tomorrow.

She lives in London so I'll be basing my search on a florist that is located in London and will have no problem delivering on such short notice. I revert back to my TelPages search page, and under the Who section type in florists and in the Where section I type in London.

The very first link is, so I click on this and the .tel page provides me with a telephone number, website, and address. After browsing their website and choosing a bouquet I like, I also call the number provided on their .tel page so I can speak to someone at the florist and ensure it will arrive by tomorrow in time for my friend's birthday.

food thumbnail

Last but not least, I'm looking to book a Thai restaurant for dinner this Friday.

I'd like to book a restaurant in central London. On my TelPages I type in Thai restaurants in the What section and London in the Where section. The search brings back 289 results for me to choose from.

On the first page I come across which is a directory, providing me with a breakdown of Thai restaurants in different parts in London such as Kensington, Islingston, Camden and so on. I select Westminster, as this is based very conveniently close to my office and will be easy to reach and I come across a restaurant called Thai Square in Shaftesbury Avenue. I view the map on this page and see is it close to Piccadilly Circus station which is very central and easy to get to. There's also a telephone number which I promptly call to book a table (especially after viewing such great reviews on this restaurant on the internet).

I think I've managed to get some great results today—tune in to next month's .telegraph to see how I get on in Torquay!

Another Kind of Dogshop

I'm Elisabeth Bethge from nearby Stuttgart in Germany. I work with my husband as a agency in the inox steel business ( but my hobby and life are dogs. I own three dogs: two Jack Russells and a spanish Podenco and that's why I decided to start my own business concerning dogs.

I opened a dog shop for healthy dog food and supplements as well as high quality customized and embroidered harnesses, collars and leashes. Furthermore I love working in a non-violent way with dogs and their owners when there are misunderstandings and they have problems with each other.

Elisabeth Bethge

As I have just started up my business it is extremely important to be discoverable on the internet by new customers. I call my shop "another kind of dog shop". One part of my marketing strategy is the flexibility in opening hours. Another part is the counseling I offer, where I answer all kinds of questions concerning dogs to my customers. So, being contactable is absolutely necessary. I'm reachable via e-mail, mobile, phone and personally.

Every time I wanted to change something on our "old" websites I had to call the web-designer, wait until he had had time for making the changes, and then pay for his work!

In October 2009, a friend called me and told me for the first time about .tel. My first thought about it was that this was something I could create and change whenever I wanted to.

I'm working with advertisements in dog magazines, business cards, with advertisement on my car, and, very important, mouth-to-mouth propaganda. But all these different fields meet in my .tel because that's the address I give my customers. Customers get a lot of information and that's why it is so important to have a .tel that is personalized and easy to remember.

When I approach a new thing, my first questions are: what is the benefit of this for me, concerning time, money, organisation or whatsoever. .tel users benefit from all of this: time, money, organisation and …fun!!! Starting with business, I found out that the more important a person is, the less information will appear in his business card. I love my business cards, there is only written on it. The fun you have when people look at them, you can't get more attraction for a business card!!!

It gives me autonomy, it helps me create new ideas and to inform my customers as fast as possible about new products, trade fairs and whatever! It is my big partner in advertisement and for getting new customers. My customers find the necessary information about products as well as contact information anytime, and all of this by phone - they don't need a computer!


.tel is the future! For being successful, there are things you need: flexibility, availability, rapidity and innovation. My .tel is my support to meet these aims.

Nearly everybody: individuals, small and big businesses can benefit from owning a .tel, but I think the biggest profit is for small companies that don't have that much money for advertisement and who need a lot of flexibility.

I often meet friends to whom I explain my .tel. I found out that the easiest way is to say: it's a domain on the internet, especially for Smartphones, which you can handle on your own as easy as filling out a form. And then I show it to them, and normally they love it!

.tel would need in Germany some advertisement because not many people know about if you tell people about .tel you really start from the beginning! But I'm sure .tel is getting more and more friends day by day!

Did you know that?

Winner of the .tel treasure hunt

After 10 weeks of running our .tel treasure hunt competition, we have a winner... Andy Chantrill. Congratulations to Andy!

Andy Chantrill

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I'm 28 years old from Castle Donington, in the heart of England, and my professional background is as a software developer and systems administrator. I came across .tel around October 2008 after seeing the presentation at DEMOfall - the concept blew me away; it's the most exciting technology I've come across since I got my first 2400 baud modem. I've been interested in the commercial applications for .tel ever since then, having registered over 50 category keyword names for directory services.

How did you find out about the .tel competition?

From May's edition of the .telegraph newsletter.

Did you enjoy the story and playing the competition?

I was quite immersed in the story and thought it was great fun - I was definitely with Emma all the way.

What did you think of the format? Did you think that it showed off .tel in the right way?

I loved it. I certainly spent a lot of time using TelPages and wandered down many a blind alley trying to solve the clues - I saw .tel names being used by all sorts of people and businesses in different ways.

How easy did you find it to play? Which bits did you find most difficult?

I struggled on a couple of clues - going from New York to Prague had me stumped for a while, but I had the luxury of time to solve those. The final riddle was definitely the most difficult and ended up being a 6 hour race to the finish!

How will you be spending your well-deserved vouchers?

I haven't made any plans yet. I have friends all over the place who I'd like to try and visit (Malta, Brussels, New York, Philadelphia, Vancouver), but I'd also like to explore some new places. I'm having a lot of fun day-dreaming about all the wonderful places I could go!

How do you use yours? - Seven Nation Army

Use your .tel to drive all your communications, serve as your brand, and generate revenue with advertising. Rock band Seven Nation Army, use to share their up-to-date contact details and information. Seven Nation Army have been kind enough to allow us to create a little advert about them. Tell us how you use your .tel, and you too may be featured in future

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Telnic solicita a ICANN usar 1 y 2 caracteres de los .tel

Un paso más en los .tel
Solicitud de 1 y 2 caracteres.
ICANN Registry Request Service

Ticket ID: V9H4W-5Q0Q9

Registry Name: Telnic Ltd.

gTLD: .tel

Status: ICANN Review

Status Date: 2010-08-11 12:49:28

Print Date: 2010-08-11 12:49:33

Proposed Service

Name of Proposed Service:

Proposal to allow allocation of one- and two- character ASCII .tel domain names

Technical description of Proposed Service:

Appendix 6 of the Registry Agreement between Telnic and ICANN (located at contains a provision that requires keeping all one- and

two- ASCII character names reserved on the second level. It also provides that Telnic may propose that ICANN release the

reservations on two-character names if Telnic implements measures to avoid confusion with the corresponding country


Telnic proposes making certain one- and two-character ASCII names available for registration pursuant to the

implementation plan described below.

Some of the one- and two-character second-level labels will remain reserved, namely:

- labels consisting purely of one digit or of two digits, and

- labels that correspond to an existing Country Code Top Level Domain, according to the IANA Root Zone Database. These

names, as established in the Registry Agreement, may be further released pursuant to an agreement with the corresponding

government and country-code TLD manager, or the ISO 3166 maintenance agency, whichever appropriate.

Note: presently, a ccTLD exists for every two-character country code found on the ISO-3166 list. There are also ccTLDs

(such as .uk) that do not have a corresponding ISO-3166 code. Telnic will not limit its reserved list to those that have a

corresponding ISO-3166 code.


Please describe with specificity your consultations with the community, experts and or others. What were the

quantity, nature and content of the consultations?:

See below

Page 1

ICANN Registry Request Service

Ticket ID: V9H4W-5Q0Q9

Registry Name: Telnic Ltd.

gTLD: .tel

Status: ICANN Review

Status Date: 2010-08-11 12:49:28

Print Date: 2010-08-11 12:49:33

a. If the registry is a sponsored TLD, what were the nature and content of these consultations with the sponsored

TLD community?:

We received a number of requests from the existing or prospective .tel holders indicating their intent to register and use a

one- or two-character .tel domain name and inquiring when (or if) these domains will become available for registration. Some

of these emails are given below (personally identifiable information redacted).

-----Original Message-----

From: []

Sent: 23 March 2010 20:25

Subject: [ #5841] domain question

We have been legally named [XXXX] [Telnic note: the name in question is a composed of two letters followed by "TEL"]

since 2007. When looking up two letter domains, it seems to be not allowed. Since we have legal registered the mark of

[XXXX] we would like to know how we can go about getting the [XX].tel listing. Thanks.

[Name and contact information withheld]


From: [mailto:]

Sent: 07 July 2010 22:56

Subject: [ #8034] .tel Domain Creation


I would like to create the following domain names:

[Requested two-character names withheld]

How would I go about doing this?

Thank you,

[Name and contact information withheld]

Page 2

ICANN Registry Request Service

Ticket ID: V9H4W-5Q0Q9

Registry Name: Telnic Ltd.

gTLD: .tel

Status: ICANN Review

Status Date: 2010-08-11 12:49:28

Print Date: 2010-08-11 12:49:33

b. Were consultations with gTLD registrars or the registrar constituency appropriate? Which registrars were

consulted? What were the nature and content of the consultation?:

Telnic created a poll in the registrar section of its website that solicited opinions on whether 1- and 2- character names

should be made available. The overwhelming majority of the registrar members indicated they are in favour of this


c. Were consultations with other constituency groups appropriate? Which groups were consulted? What were the

nature and content of these consultations?:

Because similar proposals have already been approved and implemented for other TLDs without substantive objection from

any constituency, Telnic does not believe other consultations are necessary.

d. Were consultations with end users appropriate? Which groups were consulted? What were the nature and

content of these consultations?:

Please see response to question (a) above.

e. Who would endorse the introduction of this service? What were the nature and content of these consultations?:

As described above, both the Telnic sponsored community and the ICANN-accredited registrars have voiced their support for

the availability of 1- and 2-character names.

In addition, a number of other organizations have approved the release or 1- and 2-character names in a broader context.

For example, the Reserved Names Working Group, in its May, 2007 final report on issues related to the introduction of new

gTLDs (available at, recommended that (i) single

character domain names should not be reserved in future gTLDs, (ii) those currently reserved in gTLDs should be released

(contingent upon the use of appropriate allocation frameworks), and (iii) registries should be permitted to propose release of

1- and 2-character reservations provided that measures to avoid confusion with any corresponding country codes are


Finally, ICANN itself has approved the release of the restrictions on 2-character or both 1- and 2-character names for a

number of other TLDs, including .info, .cat, .pro, .name, .biz and .coop.

Page 3

ICANN Registry Request Service

Ticket ID: V9H4W-5Q0Q9

Registry Name: Telnic Ltd.

gTLD: .tel

Status: ICANN Review

Status Date: 2010-08-11 12:49:28

Print Date: 2010-08-11 12:49:33

f. Who would object the introduction of this service? What were(or would be) the nature and content of these


Telnic is not aware of any party that would object to the introduction of this service.


Please describe the timeline for implementation of the proposed new registry service:

Telnic intends to make 1- and 2- character names available as soon as operationally feasible after receipt of approval from


Business Description

Describe how the Proposed Service will be offered:

Telnic will offer 1- and 2- character domain names in three rounds. Names that are allocated in each of the rounds will be

unavailable in subsequent rounds. In addition, names that have been reserved by Telnic (if any) will not be made available in

any phase of the allocation process.

In the first round Telnic will solicit RFPs (requests for proposals) from interested parties for specific 1- and 2-character

names. At the end of the round Telnic will consider the applications submitted, and where the applicant has met the minimum

requirements or prevailed over other applicants for the same name based on the criteria mentioned below, Telnic will award

the name to the successful applicant. Telnic reserves the right to choose, in its sole discretion, which of the competing

proposals to select or to select none. Criteria that we will use in assessing the applications are:

- Intended use of the domain name

- Value the applicant may bring to the .tel community

- Potential to increase awareness of the .tel technology

- Business reputation of the applicant

- Applicant's financial commitments

Page 4

ICANN Registry Request Service

Ticket ID: V9H4W-5Q0Q9

Registry Name: Telnic Ltd.

gTLD: .tel

Status: ICANN Review

Status Date: 2010-08-11 12:49:28

Print Date: 2010-08-11 12:49:33

- Objections the specific registration may raise (or lack thereof).

In the second round 1- and 2-character domain names that were not allocated in the first round will be made available on a

first come, first served basis for a premium price.

Both in the first and in the second round, Telnic will initially create temporary domains for all unreserved 1- and 2- character

names in the SRS using its own registry holding account with the SRS. For each domain name awarded, Telnic will provide

a transfer authorisation code to the registrant so that it can transfer the domain to the registrar of its choice using the usual

transfer procedure. Telnic will not provide any other domain management facilities, nor will renewal via Telnic be possible.

In the third round all unreserved 1- and 2-character domains that were not allocated during the first two rounds will be

removed from the SRS reserved list and made available as normal on a first come, first served basis through all participating


At no time during the process will labels that are subject to reservation criteria specified under "Technical Description" be

made available. Also, pursuant to Appendix S to the Registry Agreement, Telnic reserves the right to withhold a small

number of premium and special purpose 1- and 2-character .tel names from being allocated and keep them permanently

reserved, operated or offered on the most appropriate basis.

Describe quality assurance plan or testing of Proposed Service:

Neustar, the registry infrastructure provider for the .tel TLD will follow its own standard quality assurance procedures to effect

the required changes in the SRS. In addition, Telnic has a dedicated team of Quality Assurance engineers that will work on

the implementation. The specific details of the quality assurance procedures will be developed as part of the operational

project plan.

Please list any relevant RFCs or White Papers on the proposed service and explain how those papers are


- RSTEP Report on GNR's proposal for 2-character domains, advising of the non-existence of any technical concerns:

- GNSO Reserved Names working Group Report recommending the release of single character domains in the existing

TLDs. The same paper endorses release of two character domains provided that measures are in place to avoid confusion

with country codes:

Page 5

ICANN Registry Request Service

Ticket ID: V9H4W-5Q0Q9

Registry Name: Telnic Ltd.

gTLD: .tel

Status: ICANN Review

Status Date: 2010-08-11 12:49:28

Print Date: 2010-08-11 12:49:33

- Approved requests to release 1- and/or 2-character names in other TLDs:

Contractual Provisions

List the relevant contractual provisions impacted by the Proposed Service:

Appendix 6 of the .tel Registry Agreement "Schedule of Reserved Names" provides as follows:

"Except to the extent that ICANN otherwise expressly authorizes in writing, the Registry Operator shall reserve names

formed with the following labels from initial (i.e. other than renewal) registration within the TLD:


Additional Second-Level Reservations. In addition, the following names shall be reserved at the second level:

- All single-character labels.

- All two-character labels shall be initially reserved. The reservation of a two-character label string shall be released to the

extent that the Registry Operator reaches agreement with the government and country-code manager, or the ISO 3166

maintenance agency, whichever appropriate. The Registry Operator may also propose release of these reservations based

on its implementation of measures to avoid confusion with the corresponding country codes."

What effect, if any, will the Proposed Service have on the reporting of data to ICANN:

None. Additional allocated names will be accounted for in the corresponding reports.

What effect, if any, will the Proposed Service have on the Whois?:

The Proposed Service will have no effect on WHOIS. WHOIS service will be provided for 1- and 2- character names as


Contract Amendments

Please describe or provide the necessary contractual amendments for the proposed service:

Page 6

ICANN Registry Request Service

Ticket ID: V9H4W-5Q0Q9

Registry Name: Telnic Ltd.

gTLD: .tel

Status: ICANN Review

Status Date: 2010-08-11 12:49:28

Print Date: 2010-08-11 12:49:33

Appendix 6 of the Registry Agreement provides that ICANN may, through a written authorization, release any of the

restrictions imposed in that document. It also specifically provides that Telnic may request that ICANN release the

restrictions on 2-character domains based on Telnic's implementation of measures to avoid confusion with the corresponding

country codes. Telnic believes its proposal to continue to restrict registration of domains that correspond to existing ccTLD

strings will avoid such confusion. Accordingly, Telnic believes that a written authorization from ICANN to release 1- and

2-character names according to the implementation plan described herein would be sufficient and no amendment to the

Registry Agreement would be required.

Benefits of Service

Describe the benefits of the Proposed Service:

- Short .tel domains require less key strokes and hence provide benefit for their respective holders enabling them to be

contacted significantly faster.

- Availability of short domains is especially beneficial in the .tel TLD as it is heavily used via mobile devices which often do

not offer input methods as convenient as desktop computers do.

- Release of 1- and 2- character .tel names increases competition among gTLD registry operators.

- A number of entities, both individuals and businesses, use one or two character designations in good faith as legal names,

acronyms, nicknames or trademarks. Providing them with an opportunity to register these designations as .tel domains

represents a fair measure allowing these individuals and businesses to be identified on the internet by their names on a par

with other entities.


Do you believe your proposed new Registry Service would have any positive or negative effects on competition?

If so, please explain.:

Telnic believes that additionally released .tel domain names will positively affect competition as it addresses the current

competitive imbalance where such names are available in some TLDs but not in .tel.

How would you define the markets in which your proposed Registry Service would compete?:

Though .tel has a unique mission and sponsored community, it may serve as an alternative to other domain names, both

Page 7

ICANN Registry Request Service

Ticket ID: V9H4W-5Q0Q9

Registry Name: Telnic Ltd.

gTLD: .tel

Status: ICANN Review

Status Date: 2010-08-11 12:49:28

Print Date: 2010-08-11 12:49:33

ccTLDs and gTLDs, especially considering that a number of existing TLDs already offer short domain names.

What companies/entities provide services or products that are similar in substance or effect to your proposed

Registry Service?:

Registry operators for the following existing gTLDs offer, or have applied for offering, 1- and/or 2- character labels on the

second level:













In view of your status as a registry operator, would the introduction of your proposed Registry Service potentially

impair the ability of other companies/entities that provide similar products or services to compete?:

Telnic does not believe there would be any such impairment.

Do you propose to work with a vendor or contractor to provide the proposed Registry Service? If so, what is the

name of the vendor/contractor, and describe the nature of the services the vendor/contractor would provide.:

Telnic works with Neustar as the registry infrastructure provider and will continue use its services for the Shared Registry

System, DNS, WHOIS and other related services. These will be also utilised for the proposed 1- and 2- character names

once they are allocated.

Have you communicated with any of the entities whose products or services might be affected by the introduction

Page 8

ICANN Registry Request Service

Ticket ID: V9H4W-5Q0Q9

Registry Name: Telnic Ltd.

gTLD: .tel

Status: ICANN Review

Status Date: 2010-08-11 12:49:28

Print Date: 2010-08-11 12:49:33

of your proposed Registry Service? If so, please describe the communications.:

Telnic has discussed the possible release of 1- and 2-character names with Neustar and has received no objections.

Do you have any documents that address the possible effects on competition of your proposed Registry Service?

If so, please submit them with your application. (ICANN will keep the documents confidential).:

Telnic does not have any additional documents.

Security and Stability

Does the proposed service alter the storage and input of Registry Data?:

There will be no change in the storage or input of the registry data.

Please explain how the proposed service will affect the throughput, response time, consistency or coherence of

reponses to Internet servers or end systems:

There will be no effect on the performance of any Internet servers or end systems.

Have technical concerns been raised about the proposed service, and if so, how do you intend to address those


No technical concerns were raised.

Other Issues

Are there any Intellectual Property considerations raised by the Proposed Service:

Telnic believes that any Intellectual Property considerations raised by the proposed service are addressed by the established

and existing processes, including UDRP.

Does the proposed service contain intellectual property exclusive to your gTLD registry?:

Page 9

ICANN Registry Request Service

Ticket ID: V9H4W-5Q0Q9

Registry Name: Telnic Ltd.

gTLD: .tel

Status: ICANN Review

Status Date: 2010-08-11 12:49:28

Print Date: 2010-08-11 12:49:33


List Disclaimers provided to potential customers regarding the Proposed Service:

Telnic does not anticipate that the Proposed Service would require any additional disclaimers beyond those that already exist

in the .tel policies and contracts.

Any other relevant information to include with this request:


domingo, 15 de agosto de 2010

2 X 1 en los dominio .tel

Dot .tel market in panic – Dynadot offers 50% discount

It's just like any liquidation sale – only this is not about a shoe store, it's the .tel prices getting slashed.

Sort of.

Hit by numerous reviews disclosing the lack of usability on the world wide web, the TelNIC product known as "dot tel" is suffering a major drop in domain registrations.

Despite its introduction of IDN .tel domains, the total number of .tel registrations counted 243,000 by August 1st – all while .tel ended 2009 with 230,000 domain registrations.

Now that both .me and .co leapfrogged dot tel, registrars are attempting to increase the number of .tel registrations artificially.

Dot .tel market in panic - Dynadot offers 50% discount

Dynadot is having "2 for 1 offer" for .tel domains – in that sense any registrations of .tel domains will be automatically doubled. It's not the same as if Dynadot or TelNIC had dropped prices by 50% because that would only increase the .tel count by the number of actual registrations.

By offering a "2 for 1 offer" through Dynadot , TelNIC will be able to claim a sudden increase in the number of .tel registrations which will offset the real number by a factor of two!

This practice shows desperation to retain a slice of the market that has not been kind to .tel – already known as being the only TLD to have left the ICANN production stables while in pre-beta