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75 dias desde que caduca hasta que queda libre el dominio.tel

Dot Tel Domain Lifecycle - What does expired and dropped actually mean?

Are you interested in purchasing a dropped or expired domain?

Have you noticed a domain has not been renewed beyond its expiration date?

Wondering why you're unable to simply register it?

Are you about to bid on a tel domain at an expired auction?

Read on BEFORE bidding for the domain, because any domain auctioned prior to the correct stage can be reclaimed and renewed by the owner! Yes, even if you WIN the auction!!

Let's use http://regentstreet.tel/ as our example domain:

Domain Registration
http://regentstreet.tel/ is registered on May 1st 2009 with registrar ABC for a 1 year period.

You are not allowed to transfer this to another registrar until July 1st 2009 (60 days after registration).
A couple of months prior to expiration, most registrars will send out renewal notifications to the owner.

Domain Expiration
On May 1st 2010, if the owner has not renewed, http://RegentStreet.tel then it has 'expired'.
NOTE: this does NOT mean you can now go and register the domain....

At this point most registrars will HOLD the domain, allowing you to still renew your domain at the regular price.
NOTE: you are not allowed to transfer the domain away at this stage unless you renew first

Domain Deletion
[40 days after Domain Expiration]
After 40 days (July 9th 2010 in our example), most registrars delete the domain.
NOTE: if you would like to restore your domain during this period there are usually hefty redemption charges applied.

After a further 30 days the domain can no longer be restored.
NOTE: the only way to get the domain is to wait until it is dropped from the registry and released to the available pool.

Domain Dropped and available for Registration
[75 days after Domain Expiration]
After a further 5 days the domain is dropped from the central registry and available to register by anyone.

Good luck hunting for that dropped domain!

NOTE: as a .tel domain has yet to go through a full registration -> drop period some of the points here may be inaccurate.

The dates/points listed above are based on a real example (domain name not mentioned) that occured during an attempt to bid and win a tel domain during a registrar's expired domain auction

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