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Aún quedan grandes oportunidades en los dominios .tel

Tel-Domains: Great opportunities for "gold diggers"

Since February 3rd 2009, .tel domains are available to the general public on a first-come, first-served basis. How is .tel different? A .tel domain allows the owner to create a personalized or branded online presence without needing to build a website or pay for monthly hosting and management. All other top level domains require further investment and the development of web pages or email accounts, whereas .tel does not. All existing top level domains are concerned with locating and hosting websites, while the .tel is not. Rather than being stored in web pages, making them difficult or expensive to access over mobile devices, the .tel allows businesses and individuals to store an unlimited number and all types of contact information directly in the Domain Name System (DNS) as data records. Why is storing data in the DNS important? Using the DNS as a data store enables individuals and businesses to utilize this powerful system to publish information globally, securely, quickly and easily. Because no websites need to be created, much less time is required in order to publish information. The data is delivered as live information rather than web page content and is formatted appropriately for any device accessing the .tel domain. The .tel domain will have huge implications in terms of speed, global reach, real-time updating, improved control and the optimization of content for mobile devices. What are the key benefits for businesses? * Integration of all means of

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Poco a poco tenemos que ir cambiando hacia las nuevas tendencias, y ahí están los dominios .tel

QR-Codes and Dot Tel domains: QR-Codes help save your time, weather you are a buyer, or seller.

Click on the picture, to enlagre (twice), or use the link, below.

Hi folks,

Imagine selling QR-Code stickers with embeded Dottel subdomains, as a package (code sticker with (mobile) internet presence / online advert page).

Imagine, going to http://codebook.tel

, and then from there, to: http://www.qrcb.tel/
(of course, you can go directly, once you are familiar with the therm).

Finally, what you get, is a generated code of your personal page on www.qrcb.tel.

The page, will then be your advert: Stick it wherever you want, and so that it can be seen.
For example, on advertising cards on notice boards in supermarkets, schools, universities, shops, and so on.

For the client, it is a no-brainer, as well, because he can save time, not having to look for a pen and paper, and not having to read all of the content of the advert: He can simply scan the advert with his smart phone (iPhone, for example).

So, you get a web page, and a QR-Code, related to it, and last, but not least, you also get a personal web address:


Or even something shorter, like for example, http://candy.qrcb.tel, or bmw.qrcb.tel. And which is your personal "book page" within the big "Quick Response Code Book" (qrcb.tel).

Mind you: These are .Tel pages, that get seen, on the go, anywhere. they get noticed, and a lot of attention, as you can simply scan them on the go, and read them later.

It is much less fiddly, because neither you, nor your client, must grab a pen...
And you can update your advert, whenever you like, in near real time. Also, on the go, from your mobile device, if you wish.

Needless to say, that your clients can also easily share and/or scan your advert, while viewing your advert page: There are a few social media networking links, as well as generated QR-Code, which you can use via link to a other website, where they are displayed.
Such a (free) service provider, is for example, is http://www.delivr.com.

The additional link within your advert page, may look something like this:

It's brilliant, if you fully think of all this potential for advertising...!

Jump on the band wagon now, set up your business, spread the word, make big bucks...

Ok, now happy experimenting, with QR-Codes!

After Facebook, comes Codebook: Your code, is your face. Hey: This is about big business..., not chitt-chatt.

...And, oh: Codebook looks great on iPhone, too:

Have fun

Comentario muy interesante sobre la solicitud de los nombres de dominios .tel coincidan con los números ya existentes

Allow the Allocation of Numeric-Only (Excluding Single-Digit) Domains in .TEL

  • To: <tel-numeric-only-domains@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Allow the Allocation of Numeric-Only (Excluding Single-Digit) Domains in .TEL
  • From: "Top Level Domain Consulting" <info@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2010 21:32:07 +0200

Dear Telnic,     thank you for opening the discussion of numeric only .tel domains.     In general we do support your plan, but we would like to ask you to create only real existing phone numbers as tel domains.     What we do suggest is, that you cooperate with international telephone companies, so that all valid numbers get uploaded as domain in bulk.     It would be best if you negotiated flat fess with national phone companies, so that tel domains can be provided for free to end phone number users.     A valid numeric tel domain would be something like 00442031708438.tel or something like 02031708438.uk.tel.     I am confident that the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), formerly known as CCITT, is happy to discuss this with you.  http://www.itu.int/en/pages/default.aspx     If you allow to create random numeric .tel domains, you will reduce the value of your TLD forever;  And ITU might have to register for their own TLD.     It's in your own best interest if you are a little bit more restrictive about the set of allowable tel domains.     If you want to hear more about our business plans for the international telecommunication industry, we are happy to share our ideas and concepts with you.     With kind regards        Matthias Jungbauer  Top Level Domain Consulting  Otto-Hahn-Str.16  75031 Eppingen  info@xxxxxxx     Top Level Domain Consulting is not affiliated with ITU, nor with a member of them.  

Comentarios sobre la solicitud de poder tener dominios .tel coincidente con nuestro número de telefono

US centiricity

  • To: tel-numeric-only-domains@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: US centiricity
  • From: Volodya <Volodya@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2010 16:09:35 +0400

While on the surface it appears that Numeric only .TEL domains names are awesome (we already see the larger numbers of numeric .COM sites) they can introduce yet another level of US centricity.

Now, it is possible to combat that if the country code will be a forced addition to the domain. Thus one could not register 1235551234.tel but can 1011235551234.tel (if they are in the states) or 71235551234.tel (if they are in Russia).

However, i recognise that this would increase the complexity of verification mechanisms. But that's what you've asked for in this proposal anyhow.

               - Volodya

-- http://freedom.libsyn.com/ Echo of Freedom, Radical Podcast

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Bonitas plantillas en los dominios .tel por ejemplo en lucywang.tel

Nuevas y bonitas plantillas en China.  Además ya se está hablando de pasar de los 3000 registros que permiten ahora los dominios .tel a los 100.000 . Aún no lo hacen y me imagino que pasará un tiempo, pero es importante el saber que el mercado indica que si uno cambia a 100.000 registros, el resto tendrá que hacerlo.
Noticed this interesting development today

 I don't speak or read chinese. And google translate won't work on https sites, so I couldn't find or understand how to pay on the trename.com shopping cart page. I would like to, so CAN please help...

Anyways, doing a little research, I have been able to mock render up our website with about 30 of the templates that seem to be on offer, and wow...excellent work from telchina!!! This really changes everything. I'm extremely happy to discover this because it's JUST before we were to make a 2nd serious attempt at a marketing push in the boracay community. Billboards, etc etc. Just imagine now though, a different theme for every day of the week, or month, or season, and in particular for directories! A Different template per subdomain??? per category???... But keeping .tel logo prominent throughout.

Sneek low-res peek here (Please remove if telnic/telchina wish it removed)

If anybody else wishes to pay for a domain with telchina and wants to see all the other templates (about 30 I think), just PM me and I'll send you a link to some glossy screenshots. They are awesome.

Anyway, this too is BIG news about CHINA.

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dominio .tel


Welcome to .telegraph, the monthly .tel community newsletter covering the latest news on .tel features, software and services, as well as useful tips and advice from .tel owners. Why not share this with someone you think may also be interested? More resources are at http://telnic.org/community-landing.html.



In this issue:

Smartwear for your .tel


Your .tel page now looks smarter on large-screen mobile devices similar to the iPhone, Android or BlackBerry. Unlike smaller screen mobiles that show a very lean .tel page, the smart .tel view adds colour, graphics and a standard design to your .tel while retaining its mobile optimization and shorter loading times. After its first week live, the new display is gaining positive reviews from customers worldwide.

However, with a large number of devices, operating systems and internet browsers out there, we encourage the community to report any glitches they encounter to community@telnic.org.

The new .tel look was presented to attendees and mobile experts at the London chapter of the global Mobile Monday forum last week as part of Telnic's increasing outreach to the mobile professional community. With the new look and feel, now any company or individual can be confident that they have a great mobile solution out-of-the-box with a professional look and feel at an incredibly cost-effective price point.

Quote logo

".tel is a great tool and has taken introduction to the next level, like James Bond when he said, "The name is Bond, James Bond". People never heard anyone introducing themselves in such a novel and convincing manner."

Read the full interview with FarhanMughal.tel

Farhan Mughal

A digital identity for your pet


It's not just individuals and businesses who are finding benefits from having their own .tel, animals are also finding valuable uses for a digital identity.

Pet owners in the past have been limited to trying to fit a phone number onto their best friend's tag, or settle for just showing their name. As a result, rarely did the finder of a missing pet have the correct details of the owner to hand, even without the owner moving house or changing contact information.

Elisabeth Bethge, of theHundeladen Pet Store has produced an inventive solution to this problem by offering the ".tel dogfinder collar & harness". By packaging a .tel along with a collar/harness, Elizabeth has provided a way for dogs to always display the current contact details for their owner. If the owner changes address or phone number, all that is needed is to update the dog's .tel.

Similarly the owner can now take their dog on holiday, safe in the knowledge that should the dog go missing there, the .tel can be updated to show their holiday address and contact details. The .tel could remain even if the dog changes owner.


Elizabeth's customers can now relax, knowing that should their dogs ever go missing, anyone finding them can always access the .tel for their contact details. Unlike a tag, the collar/harness should never get lost. Now your dog can join the ranks of .tel-adopting canines like bowser.tel.


Telnic is offering you the opportunity to win one of Hundeladen's .tel embroidered collars for your dog, along with a 1 year registration of a .tel.

To enter you just need to complete the sentence:

"My dog needs a .tel because..."

There are five band/neoprene collars available for our favourite submissions. Email your idea tocommunity@telnic.org before the 30th November.

Please include your name, .tel, dog's name (this will be the .tel registered, or the closest match available), colour (black, royal blue, burgundy, blue, red or brown), Band Width (S = 2cm, M = 3cm, L = 4cm), measurement of the dog's neck in cm and address. We'll announce the winners in the December edition of the .Telegraph.

If your dog is not lucky enough to win this time, Hundeladen are offering a 5% discount on all .tel collars and harnesses from hundeladen.tel. To claim the discount please mention the code "telnic-newsletter" when you make your order with them.

"By Invitation Only"

A .tel is generally thought of as a tool for external parties - family, friends, customers, to communicate with the owner, be it an individual or a business. In addition to this, a .tel an be a very useful tool for managing communication channels within a group.

bike icon

To illustrate this example, let's look at a cycling club. In addition to all of the cycling members, the club is also likely to have a committee comprising of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and other members.

For the smooth running and organization of the club it's crucial that communication is effective between all members of this committee. For most clubs this means the secretary regularly circulating an updated memo with updated phone numbers and email addresses.

A .tel can now change all of this.

It's quite possible that many members of the committee will not want their home phone number on the club's .tel for all to see. Thanks to the sophisticated privacy features of .tel they have no need to. By creating a "Committee" subfolder, the .tel owner can add all of the members, their phone numbers and email ad-dresses while keeping it all private. Only members with specific permission to do so will be able to see those details. This way the Secretary can ensure that every-one has the correct details and, for those with smart-phones, these details will be available wherever they are at the touch of a button.

Private .tel directories for sharing information within a specific group can be useful in a variety of situations from global project management to a local book club. Whatever the use, you can be confident in the knowledge that the information is secure and private. Find out more about using privacy on a .tel visit: http://telnic.org/tools-telfriends.html.

.tel and Local Search

With local search being a hot topic in 2010, how can a .tel help you promote your skills or your business online?

Well, .tel is the first domain with local at its heart. Why?

Firstly, one of the key things that all .tel domains have is the ability to provide a location record quickly and simply. Many small businesses struggle with this when building their own websites. .tel makes this an extremely simple task. It then becomes ingrained in the essential information stored in a .tel; the contact information and descriptive content is contextualized also by a location record. This makes it especially juicy for search engines when looking at relevant content to serve up.

Secondly, as the .tel automatically publishes micro-formats such as hCard which help software to identify labeled content and handle it better, Google can take this location information and the contact and context information and understand its relevance in its entirety. If a keyword is Silicon Valley and the location record matches, this is relevant and useful information for a local search.

google .tel

Thirdly, as a .tel domain is automatically formatted in the right way for every device, it becomes a customer-friendly single point of contact that customers can use to then decide how they interact with the company; it instantly provides customers with a choice of ways of interacting. This is crucial when exploring new ways of interacting with customers who might want to check in on Foursquare, interact on Twitter or write a review on Qype.

With so many interaction points, a company can remind a customer of all of the places they might be able to interact on a .tel, thus making much better use of those touchpoints from an ROI perspective.

Finally, a .tel can be used in local outdoor or interactive advertising to bring customers to relevant information, interaction points or offers. As the .tel can be populated 'on the fly' from mobile devices, information can be changed very quickly.

Thus, a local offer that is running for one hour only for local shoppers can be switched on and off without any hassle.

One enhancement you might consider if you're a local business is using TelAds to provide offers and vouchers for your customers. There's been an incredible growth in the past couple of years in terms of customers wanting to use coupons to gain great deals. Many of the services out there today however have too many hidden terms and conditions and leave very little profit left. Using free third party services to populate your TelAds with time-limited vouchers or offers for first-time customers, will provide you with the ability to drive further revenue. In 2011, we'll be making this even easier by providing a special voucher record which you'll be able to populate from within the control panel.

With the price of a .tel averaging at $15 per year, and the power of instant information at people's fingertips, customer service and coupon offers, search engine optimization, mobile access from any device and location at the heart of the domain, .tel is a perfect solution for Local Search.

The proof is in the pudding

When we write that .tel is juicy for search engines, it isn't just wishful thinking, or some kind of sales pitch. Many initiatives at Telnic and independently in the .tel community have repeatedly shown by the numbers that .tel domains are some of the most powerful (and certainly cheapest!) search engine optimization (SEO) you can achieve.

Telnic is currently undergoing a study with a large yellow page provider in the US to look at the value of providing .tel domains to their customers. Whilst Google has only indexed the .tel domains in the past three weeks, the results have been dramatic. Both Google and Bing, at the time of writing, are presenting over 50% of the domains indexed in the top 15 results for named search, with 39% of .tel domains being ranked in the first 10 results in Google and 44% of .tel domains.

search logos

.tel—the new gadget for top executives

With the increasing popularity of social media and gradual penetration of businesses into social networks and global online communities like Twitter, it has become increasingly difficult for companies and their management to control the information the Internet has to offer about them. That's why a .tel name can help executives better manage their online reputation. Here's what Mr. Farhan Zulfiqar Mughal has to say about it.

FrahanMughal Farhan Zulfiqar Mughal is Head of Corporate Communications at Ali & Sons Co. in Abu Dhabi.

What's internet access like in your region? What's the preferred format of choice? I would talk about UAE. Internet is literally everywhere, homes, offices, malls with hotspots and not forgetting the Internet cafes. In short, we have LAN, WAN and dial-up connections available. Everyone is connected to one another through their mobiles, PDAs, Ipads and laptops.

How do people do business in your region? Is there much commerce conducted over the web?

A well built, interactive website is one important communications tool and for some industries it's vital. Businesses in the region are well aware of this and sectors like Aviation, Hospitality, Real Estate and Government encourage the monetary transactions be conducted online and offer special deals to do business online.

Why do you have a .tel? What's the real benefit to you? There are several reasons, being Head of Corporate Communications; I have to demonstrate different ways of getting connected. I believe my .tel farhanmughal.tel helps in telling people that you mean business. .tel is a great tool and has taken introduction to the next level, like James Bond when he said, "The name is Bond, James Bond". People never heard anyone introducing themselves in such a novel and convincing manner.

How easy do you find it to manage? Do you make changes often? It has a steep learning curve, I enjoyed learning it, but you might agree that there is tweaking to be done to make the experience more enjoyable especially for people who are not very well versed with computers. I love experimenting with colour combinations for my profile.

Do you give out your .tel to business partners, friends, new connections? Shared it with friends, but not with business partners yet, I will make a few changes before sharing it.

How do people react when you share your .tel name with them? Majority of them are amazed. I enjoy their reactions, as most of them are not aware of what .tel is and how to get it.

Would you recommend your associates or business partners to use .tel? It's a highly recommended product.

What would you like to change or add to the .tel experience? What's missing or difficult to achieve? I will give you an example, if you want to upload a picture for your profile; it has to be online somewhere on an internet site as there is no option available to upload it from your desktop. This is something new for normal users and they might find it inconvenient.
Secondly, .tel should offer it's users a wider collection of pre-configured colour palettes to use for their profile.

Visit our Stories online for more testimonials

Making a difference in the local community

Since its launch in September 2009, DonTel has been pioneering .tel technology in their region and assisting local companies with online promotion and marketing campaigns through its .tel directory and standalone .tel resources. They act as .tel experts in Rostov-on-Don, the business centre of south-east Russia, and provide a range of .tel-oriented business services, including setup, maintenance, & promotion in traditional and online media.

Anna Sokolenko, CEO of DonTel, explains: "Judging by the domains we've setup for ourselves and our clients, .tel is the easiest, cheapest and most efficient way to run your own marketing campaign via the traditional web and on mobile devices."

Helping local businesses

DonTel's innovation in local directory publishing is in the bundling of a listing with a domain name, such that that the advertiser controls their listing and can publish much more than any standard directory would support, very quickly and without the need to contact the directory publisher. The result is an easy-to-navigate local directory linking to individual .tel pages. For example, aboutique shop listing under "clothes & accessories" links to the shop'spiena.tel. DonTel also provide setup and maintenance services to help new customers get started with their .tel domains, and get the most Google juice out of their resources.

anna sokolenko

Promotional activities

To help promote .tel in Rostov, DonTel regularly attends business networking events and conferences, including this year's advertising expo and 10th international business forum, where they organized training sessions to educate marketing professionals on how to utilize the .tel potential for successful online advertising. Based on their experience in setting up .tel pages for innumerable cafes, shops, law firms and dry cleaners, DonTel was able to demonstrate the SEO power of .tel technology and the tangible benefits it brought to their customers. All of their promo and training materials are now available online for their Russian audience to explore.

A bright future

Rostov-don.tel expects a high renewal rate as the directory is nearing its first anniversary as a result of all of this activity. Anna says, "We're optimistic about further development of .tel domains in the Russian-speaking segment as low-cost online advertising is already in demand, and mobile-based marketing is gaining popularity. We aim to raise awareness of .tel benefits in the region with the target of providing a .tel domain name of their own to every professional, sole trader and company in the area."

"For optimal growth of .tel popularity in Russia, it'd be necessary to organize the intellectual and marketing initiatives of .tel supporters, such as regional and specialised directories. A Pan-Russian project bringing all directories together would create an extensive & reliable information network that will remove information barriers, and will kick-start further development of the .tel zone in Russia. Based on our experience, we would consider opening up a franchise or similar model to suit our partners."


Roadside poster reads:
"Rostov-don.tel—the first city mobile directory. Always online!"

Broader outlook

Overall, Russia appears to be a growing market for niche directory services catering to the information needs of their community, such asIvanovo.tel or Sochi-hotels.tel. According to the analysis that Telnic conducts, some of these well-populated, linked and actively promoted directories regularly hit the top as the most visited .tel domains worldwide, showing that there is indeed an un-fulfilled need for this type of service. Whilst traditional internet yellow pages don't address this, there's still a significant opportunity for business models to emerge and grow to meet this demand, as can be shown from this grassroots example.

Sheena Khanna, living the .tel life

Hello everyone, I'm Sheena Khanna, I've been working for Telnic in London since December last year. You can find me at Sheenak.tel. Over the coming months I am going to be using TelPages.com to see whether I can find goods, services and activities that my family and I can use, only by using the TelPages search directory.

Sheena Khanna
Sheena Khanna

Today is Friday and to start off the weekend in style I'm meeting some friends on the other side of town for dinner and drinks. I decide to book a cab to take me to the venue after I finish work as the bar is in Clerkenwell. I visit TelPages.com and there are 3 search boxes available to me: Who, what and where - very simple and easy to follow. I type in mini cabs in the 'what 'field and London in the 'where' field. The first link is Londonminicabs.tel and I click on this and it brings up a directory of mini cabs in London—so I click on central and then London Connexions where I retrieve the company telephone number and other details. Easy enough! So I call the cab firm and book a cab for 6.30pm.

Second on my list is to book a hairdresser's appointment for the weekend, ideally on Saturday. I live close to Watford in Hertfordshire so I type in 'hairdressers' under the what field and 'Watford' under the where field. There are 505 results and I select the fist link which is Evolve Salon. The Salon is based on Vicarage road which I think is fairly close by, I have a quick view of the map and find I am just 5 minutes away so it's very convenient. I call the salon with the phone number which is provided and book a appointment for Saturday afternoon. A perfect way of being pampered on Saturday and a great start to the weekend.

Sheena Khanna

And last but not least I've been roped into organizing a birthday bash for a close friend of mine. She loves eating out and lives in St Albans so ideally wants to book somewhere locally. She has asked me to find somewhere quite lively as there will be a big group of 15 people.

So I type in restaurants in the 'what' box and 'St Albans in the 'where' box. There are over 2000 results, and the fourth link is Indian restaurants in St Albans which I think sounds like a great idea as she loves Indian cuisine. I click on the link and find a restaurant called Chez Mumtaj restaurant and Saffron lounge bar. I check out the menu and restaurant website, it's a French / Asian restaurant with a champagne bar which sounds ideal for birthday bash. I send on the restaurant contact details to my friend and hopefully she'll think it's a great idea too!

Did you know

Copyright © 2010, Telnic Ltd.

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Solicitud para registrar números en los dominios .tel

ICANN Public Comment: Allow the Allocation of Numeric-Only (Excluding Single-Digit) Domains in .TEL October 15th, 2010 by David Goldstein

ICANN is today opening a public comment period on a proposed amendment from Telnic Ltd. to Appendices 6 and S of the .TEL Registry Agreement.
On 8 October 2010, ICANN posted for public information a request (proposal #2010012) submitted by Telnic through the Registry Services Evaluation Process (RSEP) to allow the allocation of numeric-only domains in .TEL, with the exception of single-digit names. The Telnic proposal is available at icann.org/en/registries/rsep/#2010012.
As provided for by existing consensus policy, ICANN has undertaken a preliminary determination on whether the proposal might raise significant competition, security or stability issues. ICANN’s determination [PDF, 53 KB] is that the proposal does not raise such issues in .TEL.
Implementation of the proposal would require an amendment to Appendices 6 and S of the .TEL Registry Agreement. A copy of the proposed amendment is available here: icann.org/en/tlds/agreements/tel/proposed-tel-amendment-14oct10-en.pdf [PDF, 60 KB].
Additionally, there is a pending .TEL RSEP request for the allocation of one and two-character ASCII names; the announcement for the public comment forum on its amendment is viewable at icann.org/en/announcements/announcement-2-11oct10-en.htm. In light of the timing of the two RSEP requests and their respective amendments, ICANN has prepared a third amendment that reflects how Appendices 6, 7 and S would change if both RSEP requests are approved at the same time. This third amendment is viewable here: icann.org/en/tlds/agreements/tel/proposed-tel-amendment-2-14oct10-en.pdf [PDF, 65 KB].
Comments on the proposed amendment submitted to tel-numeric-only-domains@icann.org will be considered until 13 Nov 2010 23:59 UTC. Comments may be viewed at forum.icann.org/lists/tel-numeric-only-domains/.
This ICANN announcement was sourced from:icann.org/en/announcements/announcement-14oct10-en.htm

¿Dominio .tel de Steve Jobs, fundador de Apple?

stevejobs.tel domain lookup results from whois.nic.tel server:

Domain Name:                                 STEVEJOBS.TEL
Domain ID:                                   D616497-TEL
Sponsoring Registrar:                        MARKMONITOR, INC.
Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID:                292
Registrar URL (registration services):       www.markmonitor.com
Domain Status:                               clientDeleteProhibited
Domain Status:                               clientTransferProhibited
Domain Status:                               clientUpdateProhibited
Registrant ID:                               MMR-21581
Registrant Name:                             Apple Inc.
Registrant Organization:                     Apple Inc.
Registrant Address1:                         1 Infinite Loop
Registrant City:                             Cupertino
Registrant State/Province:                   CA
Registrant Postal Code:                      95014
Registrant Country:                          United States
Registrant Country Code:                     US
Registrant Phone Number:                     +1.4089744286
Registrant Facsimile Number:                 +1.4089741560
Registrant Email:                            eddingsk@apple.com
Administrative Contact ID:                   MMR-21581
Administrative Contact Name:                 Apple Inc.
Administrative Contact Organization:         Apple Inc.
Administrative Contact Address1:             1 Infinite Loop
Administrative Contact City:                 Cupertino
Administrative Contact State/Province:       CA
Administrative Contact Postal Code:          95014
Administrative Contact Country:              United States
Administrative Contact Country Code:         US
Administrative Contact Phone Number:         +1.4089744286
Administrative Contact Facsimile Number:     +1.4089741560
Administrative Contact Email:                eddingsk@apple.com
Billing Contact ID:                          MMR-21581
Billing Contact Name:                        Apple Inc.
Billing Contact Organization:                Apple Inc.
Billing Contact Address1:                    1 Infinite Loop
Billing Contact City:                        Cupertino
Billing Contact State/Province:              CA
Billing Contact Postal Code:                 95014
Billing Contact Country:                     United States
Billing Contact Country Code:                US
Billing Contact Phone Number:                +1.4089744286
Billing Contact Facsimile Number:            +1.4089741560
Billing Contact Email:                       eddingsk@apple.com
Technical Contact ID:                        MMR-21581
Technical Contact Name:                      Apple Inc.
Technical Contact Organization:              Apple Inc.
Technical Contact Address1:                  1 Infinite Loop
Technical Contact City:                      Cupertino
Technical Contact State/Province:            CA
Technical Contact Postal Code:               95014
Technical Contact Country:                   United States
Technical Contact Country Code:              US
Technical Contact Phone Number:              +1.4089744286

viernes, 15 de octubre de 2010

Should Telnic be allowed to let people register their phone numbers as .tel domain names?

That's the question ICANN is currently posing to the internet-using public, after it determined that allowing numeric-only .tel domains does not pose a security and stability threat.

If you can register a phone number in almost every other gTLD (except VeriSign's .name), then why not in .tel? On the face of it, it's a no-brainer.

But Telnic's request represents a huge U-turn, reversing a position it has held for 10 years, that runs the risk of drawing the attention of the International Telecommunications Union.

Telnic originally applied for .tel during ICANN's very first new gTLD round, back in 2000.

The third-party evaluator ICANN hired to review the new TLD applications clearly assumed that .tel domains would be mainly text-based, noting that Telnic, unlike other .tel bids:

does not make use of phone numbers in the sub-domain name, but instead uses names to designate the intended destination of VoIP calls… the Telnic application appears to have the least impact on PSTN numbering.

The report added, parenthetically: "It should be noted that Telnic's application does not explicitly renounce the future use of numbers".

That all changed after November 2000, when the ITU wrote to ICANN to express concerns about the four proposed telephony-related TLDs:

it is the view of ITU that it would be premature for ICANN to grant any E.164-related TLD application as this may jeopardize these cooperative activities or prejudice future DNS IP Telephony addressing requirements.

E.164 is the international telephone numbering plan, which the ITU oversees. It also forms the basis of the ENUM protocol, which stores phone numbers in the DNS under e164.arpa.

ICANN's board of directors used the ITU letter to reject all four telephony TLDs, which irked Telnic. The would-be registry filed a Reconsideration Request in an attempt to get the decision reversed.

In it, Telnic attempted to persuade ICANN that the ITU had nothing to worry about with its "text-based" and strictly non-numeric TLD. The company wrote (my emphasis):

* All-digit strings will be permanently embargoed.

* Broad terms and conditions and safeguards will be implemented covering any abuses that could possibly lead to any PSTN confusion, conflict or similarity.

* Measured use of numbers might be permissible where there is no direct, marginal, implied or similar confusions/conflicts with PSTN codes or numbers – and where digits form an incidental part of a text string (e.g. johnsmith11.tel).

ICANN's reconsideration committee denied the request.

In 2004, when ICANN's sponsored TLD round opened up, Telnic applied for .tel again. This time, it was careful to avoid upsetting the ITU from the very outset.

Indeed, the second paragraph of its application stated clearly:

Digits are to be restricted to maintain the integrity of a letters/words based top-level domain and to avoid interference with established or future national and international telephone numbering plans.

The application referred to the namespace as "text-based" throughout, and even used the need for policies regulating the use of digits to justify the sponsoring organization it intended to create.

The application stated:

The .Tel will not:

Allow numeric-only domains to be registered, and therefore will not conflict with any national or international telephone numbering plan.

It also said:

Domain name strings containing only digits with or without a dash (e.g. 08001234567, 0-800-1234567) will be restricted and reserved to maintain the integrity as a letters/words based top-level domain

Despite these assurances, it was obvious that the ITU's concerns about numeric .tel domains continued to bother ICANN right up until it finally approved .tel in 2006.

During the board meeting at which Telnic's contract was approved, director Raimundo Beca pressed for the inclusion of language that addressed the constraints on numeric domains and chair Vint Cerf asked general counsel John Jeffrey to amend the resolution accordingly.

While that amendment appears to have never been made, it was clearly envisaged at the moment of the board vote that .tel was to steer clear of numeric-only domains.

Telnic's contract now specifically excludes such registrations.

Given all this history, one might now argue that Telnic's request to lift these restrictions is kind of a Big Deal.

A Telnic spokesperson tells me that, among other things, the current restrictions unfairly exclude companies that brand themselves with their phone numbers, such as 118-118 in the UK.

He added that Telnic request has been made now in part because VeriSign has requested the lifting of similar restrictions in .name, which ICANN has also concluded is not a stability problem.

However, as far as I can tell .name was not subject to the same kinds of ITU-related concerns as .tel when it was approved in 2000.

Telnic proposes one safeguard against conflict with E.164, in that it will not allow the registration of single-digit domains, reducing the potential for confusion with ENUM strings, which separate each digit with a dot.

If the ITU does rear its head in response to the current .tel public comment period, it will come at a awkward time, politically. Some ITU members have said recently they want the ITU to form a committee that would have veto power over ICANN's decisions.

But Telnic says, in its proposal, that it does not know of anybody who is likely to object to its request.

Perhaps it is correct.

Telnic, the .tel registry, wants ICANN to allow it to start taking registrations of purely numeric domain names.

While the company has not submitted a formal request, Telnic CEO Khashayar Mahdavi has asked for numbers-only domains in a separate public comment period.

VeriSign has asked ICANN for the ability to start accepting hyphens and numbers in domain names in the .name TLD, including purely numeric strings such as phone numbers.

Mahdavi, who apparently views .name as a key competitor, wrote in a comment submitted on the VeriSign request:

If ICANN decides to remove this restriction from .name then this change in policy should apply to .tel as well. Approving the release of this restriction on one TLD and leaving it in place for another provides the first with a substantial commercial advantage.

In order to avoid such an unjust result, we respectfully request that, if ICANN decides to approve VeriSign's request to allow all-numeric strings (and strings with combinations of numbers and hyphens) to be registered as domain names in .name, it simultaneously allow Telnic to do the same in .tel.

Telnic's charter, part of its ICANN registry contract, currently states "The .tel registry will not allow numeric-only domains to be registered at the registry level."

I believe the restriction was conceived in order to avoid clashes with the international telephone numbering authorities and the ENUM protocol. Mahdavi wrote:

Telnic believes it is important to avoid conflict with ENUM , so it will continue to forbid the registration of single digit domain names in .tel. Such domain names would be necessary for creating an ENUM tree under .tel, so forbidding them makes a .tel-based ENUM system impossible.

When Telnic originally applied for .tel in 2000, one of the reasons it was rejected was the fact that the International Telecommunications Union wasn't happy with the idea of phone numbers in domain names.

jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

QR codes

QR codes usage for Dot Tel domains

QR-Code for "dot-tel-domain.tel"

A quick refresher on QR codes for the uninitiated. QR codes are a very useful tool for pointing people to more information about your product.

You take a photo of the two-dimensional bar code with your phone and you are automatically taken to the web site that is embedded in the code.
This only works with smartphones such as the iPhone, BlackBerry or Droid phones, but these are the most popular phones these days.

Quick Response Codes (QR codes), are the easiest and fasted way to acces a mobile webpage, or mobile website, or a piece of information, on a smart phone (mobile phone with internet access).

For Dot Tel usage, the QR-codes, should be either displayed on a mobile site, or on a paper business card.

Or from all sorts of stickers, from T-shirts, through shop windows, from print media (magazine pages, adverts), etc., etc.

It is easy, to access and read/scan the codes, from smartphone to smartphone, and to read the info on the smartphone.

Get QR reader:
i-nigma reader

Kaywa reader

Glass reader

Generate QR-Code reader:
Kaywa QR-Code Generator

How to provide a QR-Code on your Dot Tel domain:
Create a separate folder (sub-domain) and upload the QR-Code within the logo space of the header.
Name the folder something like: "Get QR-Code for this domain".

Get QR-Code stickers:

Get QR-Code T-shirts:


Other ideas:

Where to print:
Offline .Tel name branding:
Create your business cards, online, with your .Tel name on it, at "goodprint".
Nice quality, and good service:



A dotTEL business card image can be saved for linkage from your website!
Print one off, read it on your cell phone, let it dial your number. QRCode Readers here.
Learn more about QR codes in this video.
Zazzle.com will print and ship unique QR Code .tel business cards.
Online form:

martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

Se han abierto los comentarios para liberar 1 y 2 caracteres de los dominios .tel

Hasta el día 10 de noviembre, se han abierto los comentarios para liberar los 1 y 2 caracteres de los dominio .tel.

Esperemos que cuando esto sea una realidad, ayude un poco al lanzamiento.

ICANN opened a public comment period on a proposed amendment from Telnic Ltd. to Appendices 6 and 7 of the.TEL Registry Agreement.
On 11 August 2010, ICANN posted for public information a request submitted by Telnic through the Registry Services Evaluation Process to allow one and two-character ASCII .TEL domain names. The Telnic proposal is available here. As provided for by existing consensus policy, ICANN has undertaken a preliminary determination on whether the proposal might raise significant competition, security or stability issues.ICANN's determination is that the proposal does not raise such issues in .TEL.Implementation of the proposal would require an amendment to Appendices 6 and 7 of the .TEL Registry Agreement.

A copy of the proposed amendment is available here .Comments on the proposed amendment submitted totel-one-and-two-char-domains@icann.orgwill be considered until 10 Nov 2010 23:59 UTC. Comments may be viewed here .

decoración investigación lencería montaña papás perfumería petróleo camiones premamá señoras cáncer créditos

ICANN is today opening a public comment period on a proposed amendment from Telnic Ltd. to Appendices 6 and 7 of the .TEL Registry Agreement.
On 11 August 2010, ICANN posted for public information a request (proposal #201008) submitted by Telnic through the Registry Services Evaluation Process to allow one and two-character ASCII .TEL domain names. The Telnic proposal is available at http://www.icann.org/en/registries/rsep/#201008.
As provided for by existing consensus policy, ICANN has undertaken a preliminary determination on whether the proposal might raise significant competition, security or stability issues. ICANN's determination [PDF, 53 KB] is that the proposal does not raise such issues in .TEL.
Implementation of the proposal would require an amendment to Appendices 6 and 7 of the .TEL Registry Agreement. A copy of the proposed amendment is available here: http://www.icann.org/en/tlds/agreements/tel/proposed-tel-amendment-11oct10-en.pdf [PDF, 70 KB].
Comments on the proposed amendment submitted to tel-one-and-two-char-domains@icann.org will be considered until 10 Nov 2010 23:59 UTC. Comments may be viewed at http://forum.icann.org/lists/tel-one-and-two-char-domains/.

¿Y del futuro qué?

domingo, 10 de octubre de 2010

Mail in Google Apps para un dominio .tel

Google Apps has gone through a lot of changes recently and they have a new system for setting up their Google Apps suite.

The other day I tried to set up a dot tel to Google Apps, something that I have done in the past but this time I got blocked. I set the MX records correctly and waited for the 48 hour verification multiple times. Pretty much everytime I log into the system they say that they were not able to verify my website.

The verification options they give me are as follows:

1) Add a DNS record to your domain's configuration
You can use this option if you can sign in to your domain registrar or hosting provider and add a new DNS record.

2) Add a meta tag to your site's home page
You can choose this option if you can edit your site's HTML.

3) Upload an HTML file to your server
You can choose this option if you can upload new files to your site.

There is no longer the CName option which I have used in the past. My question is what option should I choose to verify my dot tel and what steps must I take to meet this criteria.


the option DNS Record after you have added the following information to your dot tel domain under 'Free Text:'google-site-verification=VsAf4pE0xbs7WojOzwN-APPbH7Hg9PgmnShAgvvVKlk

miércoles, 6 de octubre de 2010

Telnic and Social Media, and the chances of Dot Tel.

Talking about the social web area:
Social Web will be very important in the future.
The Dot Tel online business card, or contact info card goes very well with social media web links.
And therefore, the Dot Tel Domain, which favors, and is benefitting from the existance of existing social media websites, is in fact, a strong player within the internet itself, next to Google and Facebook, WikiWorldBook, Twitter, etc.

The importance of the .Tel search engine on every .Tel page.
By using this „on page" search engine, you can go to, and visit, directly loads of other .Tel pages, which increases the amount of .Tel's that get to be visited, and helps .Tel to get to be known on a broader basis within the Internet.

Furthermore, the Dot Tel domain is indeed making a very important step within mobile web.

So, this is very important to be aware of: Telnic and its domain is getting strong in both fields:
--> the social media web, and
--> the mobile web.

Why should a internet domain want its own search engine, for only looking up domains with the same extension? Because .Tel domains all work and can be used the same, basically. It does make sense, to surf „from .Tel domain to .Tel domain". Especially, if you are only looking for contact information.

Because the Dot Tel domain is social media friendly, and mobile phone friendly, as well, it will be one of the most important players in Internet.

The Dot Tel domain will then be a interesting model for making tidy revenues, when custom advertising can be easily achieved and set up, without depending on third party providers.
Mind you: Neither Facebook, has achieved a working model for making profits through its website.
(The Facebook shop feature, might help the user to earn money, but not Facebook itself.)
Another thing, you should be aware of: For violating data privacy, millions of users have left Facebook. With the Dot Tel domain, you can keep your privacy contact info, within „TelFriends", where it can only be accessed with a username and password.

Putting all the important featurs together, we see:

--> the social media web,
--> the mobile web,
--> .Tel only search engine on each page,
--> privacy protection with TelFriends.

The Dot Tel domain was not very successful, because Telnic, the registry, made many mistakes, and did a very slow and poor promotion.

But still a lot of great chances open, and many highly competitive features and qualities: But without a lot of attention, put in development, and without some agressive promotion, it might be hard for .Tel, nevertheless, to reach mainstream, and be a usefull helper for anybody, and any business.

The Dot Tel domain has the potential to become really big and important within Internet.
Therefore, Telnic should avoid making too many mistakes, and seriously spend a important sum of money for promoting the Dot Tel domain.

Only groath can lead to the success of a company. And for websites, it is esential, how you get traffic, and how much traffic you get. And traffic, should not only depend on using Google.
This means: Engagement in Facebook & Co., and using Twitter, and building up faithful readers (Feed- and Newsletter abonements), and last, but not least: The intensive and interactive linking with other websites (very important).

SEO, will sure be important, also in the future, but that will not be enough.

Discussions about products and services are moving towards the social webs, and away from business websites. This fact, demands an other kind of thinking (and probably acting).

Mobile web, is slowly getting real. Which requires, to adapt own websites and offers.

Whoever depends on revenues for his webprojects from and with Google, should look for other sources for making revenues. But revenues comming from AdSense and AdWords, might remain important for Dot Tel holders/owners.

However, it will get more and more important, to pay a lot of attention, maintinaing direct contact with clients and potential clients.

The web is under constant change. A company with a web presence, or which is a player within the web, must constantly be active, and improve its services and products, or else it will get overridden by its competitors.

The Dot Tel domain is quite good, in that aspect, because it is quite indipendant and flexible, able to adapt to the markets and demands.

lunes, 4 de octubre de 2010

Evolución de los dominios, incluido el de los .tel (Solo .com, .net y .org parecen que ganan)

HosterStats.com: Domain Name Counts 2010 - Start Of Month
Month 01/Jan 01/Feb 01/Mar 01/Apr 01/May 01/Jun 01/Jul 01/Aug 01/Sep 01/Oct 01/Nov 01/Dec
gTLD 112,056,100 113,036,954 114,068,709 115,243,374 116,211,234 117,284,691 118,211,631 119,065,523 119,946,124 120,851,453 0 0
.com 83,980,056 84,659,441 85,396,061 86,228,420 86,880,014 87,528,607 88,204,371 88,742,055 89,336,090 89,983,420 0 0
.net 12,631,454 12,717,491 12,801,464 12,896,389 12,984,829 13,067,210 13,143,605 13,211,098 13,276,756 13,358,554 0 0
.org 7,931,954 8,002,440 8,081,375 8,162,040 8,243,351 8,312,156 8,329,647 8,434,521 8,498,483 8,573,765 0 0
.biz 2,011,269 2,016,838 2,034,639 2,042,204 2,049,516 2,055,934 2,062,053 2,070,343 2,065,389 2,046,207 0 0
.info 5,501,367 5,640,744 5,755,170 5,914,321 6,053,524 6,320,784 6,471,955 6,607,506 6,769,406 6,889,507 0 0
.mobi 936,014 938,476 941,622 950,232 958,281 963,719 969,061 968,146 970,116 967,324 0 0
.asia 215,870 216,702 217,709 211,550 207,586 183,477 180,739 179,057 177,872 174,288 0 0
.tel 238,864 250,137 261,344 255,939 245,953 236,293 242,010 243,624 245,976 247,400 0 0
.ie 135,904 137,267 139,118 142,721 144,456 145,909 147,205 147,077 148,297 149,602 0 0
.eu 3,144,522 3,184,227 3,217,825 3,251,090 3,201,862 3,209,568 3,211,504 3,220,239 3,224,762 3,246,172 0 0
.fi 225,677 228,745 231,665 235,179 237,959 240,478 242,619 243,823 245,138 247,753 0 0
.fr 1,588,775 1,610,504 1,636,801 1,672,396 1,698,214 1,720,040 1,744,125 1,756,500 1,796,929 1,811,768 0 0
.hk 183,231 184,312 185,175 187,157 187,680 188,798 190,050 191,388 193,330 194,918 0 0
.jp 1,140,159 1,145,480 1,151,660 1,158,570 1,164,295 1,166,916 1,170,965 1,176,009 1,181,247 1,185,714 0 0
.no 455,004 459,288 464,707 472,042 475,719 478,619 481,366 482,285 482,546 486,930 0 0
.me 348,592 359,779 365,492 379,940 391,737 402,177 409,929 416,693 427,619 425,537 0 0
.us - - - - - - 1,616,405 1,625,770 1,622,868 1,593,209 0 0
.co - - - - - - - - 469,639 525,944 0 0
google_protectAndRun("ads_core.google_render_ad", google_handleError, google_render_ad);
HosterStats.com: ccTLD Domain Name Counts 2010 - End Of Month
Month 31/Jan 28/Feb 31/Mar 30/Apr 31/May 30/Jun 31/Jul 31/Aug 30/Sep 31/Oct 30/Nov 31/Dec
.at 913,399 924,345 932,085 928,457 934,156 939,945 946,684 954,058 962,507 0 0 0
.au 1,626,240 1,659,417 1,688,892 1,715,943 1,743,842 1,772,274 1,802,669 1,827,535 1,851,260 0 0 0
.be 992,051 1,005,779 1,020,572 1,029,051 1,037,326 1,045,138 1,050,593 1,060,737 1,071,493 0 0 0
.br 1,968,184 1,990,006 2,023,324 2,065,284 2,107,397 2,135,246 2,174,206 2,204,250 2,235,666 0 0 0
.ca 1,336,318 1,355,381 1,376,111 1,394,304 1,411,629 1,428,459 1,443,336 1,458,754 1,474,926 0 0 0
.ch - - 1,424,084 - - 1,454,660 - - 0 - - 0
.cl 271,795 274,261 275,949 279,019 282,526 285,593 288,302 291,335 295,635 0 0 0
.cn 12,280,081 9,535,120 8,844,196 8,254,681 7,620,043 7,246,686 6,854,998 6,509,393 0 0 0 0
.cr 12,176 12,218 11,936 12,003 12,091 12,016 12,057 12,151 12,246 0 0 0
.cz 640,399 657,907 671,426 677,656 686,014 693,752 699,118 708,844 719,934 0 0 0
.de 13,387,668 13,465,456 13,554,590 13,630,401 13,692,618 13,721,975 13,751,961 13,789,693 13,853,750 0 0 0
.dk 1,042,303 1,047,487 1,055,751 1,061,189 1,071,031 1,069,284 1,070,525 1,074,985 1,079,952 0 0 0
.es 1,206,551 1,205,713 1,203,223 1,207,832 1,196,697 1,207,851 1,215,415 1,224,124 0 0 0 0
.il 160,655 162,907 164,551 165,814 167,643 169,168 170,653 172,564 173,150 0 0 0
.ir 142,090 144,898 148,412 151,104 156,172 161,251 165,070 169,464 172,402 0 0 0
.is 27,926 28,275 28,723 29,035 29,325 29,589 29,942 * 30,124 30,589 0 0 0
.it 1,814,888 1,841,287 1,869,628 1,895,638 1,914,608 1,932,090 1,940,862 1,939,443 1,967,614 0 0 0
.kr 1,070,126 1,077,827 1,075,005 1,072,776 1,079,604 1,086,645 1,086,358 1,089,915 1,092,898 0 0 0
.li - - 60,383 - - 61,738 - - 0 - - 0
.lu - - 50,666 0 0 0 53,716 0 0 0 0 0
.mx 389,438 398,758 406,077 414,426 420,168 429,952 434,928 436,889 446,421 0 0 0
.my 92,155 93,539 96,241 98,572 99,736 102,225 102,662 105,242 0 0 0 0
.nz 384,895 388,557 393,494 396,661 399,151 402,331 405,801 409,843 413,764 0 0 0
.nl 3,733,988 3,794,054 3,809,210 3,867,685 3,920,715 3,938,117 3,976,134 4,020,470 4,059,631 0 0 0
.pl 1,683,110 1,717,991 1,769,142 1,810,428 1,840,121 1,859,365 1,861,476 1,884,394 1,904,993 0 0 0
.pt 300,638 304,791 309,707 314,170 318,615 322,633 326,818 0 334,139 0 0 0
.ro 434,194 442,366 449,191 455,840 460,541 466,231 470,170 0 481,135 0 0 0
.ru 2,596,614 2,667,660 2,732,348 2,795,860 2,842,784 2,884,508 2,932,037 2,969,798 3,009,917 0 0 0
.se 945,700 954,888 948,183 956,179 962,314 968,336 969,380 978,070 988,114 0 0 0
.sk 204,114 207,212 210,348 213,564 217,421 220,364 220,821 221,648 223,968 0 0 0
.su 91,671 92,345 92,990 93,456 93,710 92,946 87,290 87,817 88,447 0 0 0
.tr 210,089 211,415 214,391 217,447 220,253 222,117 223,803 0 0 0 0 0
.uk 8,209,451 8,289,784 8,413,958 8,483,010 8,533,377 8,587,726 8,654,260 8,722,474 0 0 0 0
.vn 136,953 139,228 143,774 148,464 153,002 157,158 0 0 0 0 0 0

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sábado, 2 de octubre de 2010

¿Se están poniendo las pilas los dominios .tel?

Cree una cuenta de correo, info@arte.tel en google, es decir alojado en google, pero como el dominio .tel, seguí el procedimiento que dice Telnic, pero tras 2 meses esperando que Google verificara la cuenta, ya había arrojado la toalla. Y milagro, he comprado que en los últimos días Google ha verificado la cuenta, por lo que ya funciona perfectamente.

La verdad es que es una maravilla, ya que puedes tener alojado el correo en google, con todas sus ventajas, pero en tu tarjeta de visita pones info@arte.tel o el nombre de tu empresa y todo parece mucho más profesional. Hasta ahora la idea era buena, pero luego el funcionamiento era medio medio, sin embargo da la sensaciónd de que en los últimos días Telnic de ha puesto las pilas, así que enhorabuena.

Por cierto, la venta de dominios también ha mejorado sustancialmente, y hoy han vuento a superar la tasa de 500 dominios vendidos al día, lo cual es esperanzador, sobre todo después de la sequía que se estaba pasando.

¡¡¡Animo a los forofos de los .tel !!!
Es decir, a mí mismo, pues hasta ahora no he encontrado a nadie más.

viernes, 1 de octubre de 2010

¿El resurgir de los dominios .tel?

Tras un largo periodo donde la caida de dominios .tel que no se renovaban y los nuevos de alta, eran practicamente iguales. Llevamos 2 días donde parece que se ha disparado el alta de nuevos dominios, ayer casi 400 y hoy 521. Parece que algo se mueve en los .tel, o que alguien se ha dado cuenta de que también existen, y por lo que respecta a mí, no solo que existen sino que son claramente el futuro de internet.
There were a total of 521 dot tel domains registered on Friday 1st October 2010!