viernes, 2 de julio de 2010

Henri Asseily, su dominio .tel también ha sido mandado a los infierno por Mr Google

Hace tiempo pusimos en el blog unas presentaciónes de como hacer SEO especializado en los dominio .tel, pues bien esas presentaciones estaban hechas por henri Asseily, cuyo dominio .tel también ha sido mandado a los infiernos por google.
¿Tendrá que ver todo con que google caffeine no rastrea bien las plantillas?
Up until a week or so ago, which I assume was the full caffeine rollout, my personal domain ( was correctly identified as the authoritative answer for a search on my name "Henri Asseily". Luckily (or not?) for me, there's only one Henri Asseily in this world, at least as far as Google is concerned. So having my own show up as the #1 result was what I was expecting, and what I saw.

But as of last week, my own domain is nowhere to be found when searching for my name. The top result (as I am typing now) is for , a page that is at best twice-removed from me: I am the author of a couple of iPhone applications that are referenced on this page, but my name does not appear on it anywhere. Needless to say that this is not what I was expecting, especially since it is not an issue of my domain not being indexed: a search for "" does show that is in the index.

Yahoo & Bing still correctly identify my domain as the most relevant answer, and both display much more relevant results (especially Yahoo) on the top 5 spots than Google.

So the question here is why my domain is not the authoritative answer for a search for my unique name any more, and in a more general sense why the latest algorithm changes downgraded personal .tel domains at the expense of relatively irrelevant results.

Thanks for any insight.

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The only difference between your .tel and telnic's, which is the highest in the SERPs, is that their's employs two <h> tags in their code.
Any links pointing to your .tel from sites you own should be 'rel="nofollow" ', otherwise domain farm selfpromotion will become the new dance.
Thanks for the answer, 53north. But all .tel domains use the same templating system, as the real information is in the DNS zones themselves. I do wish Google crawled that instead of the html templates... :)
Also I don't own any other sites, and the only incoming links into my domain are from my linkedin and twitter profiles.

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