jueves, 1 de julio de 2010

Google se olvida de los dominio .tel

Vaya. Personalmente creo que los .tel son los dominios que menos spam meten, menos información duplicada, y más clara tiene su funcionalidad, pues es un claro directorio sustitutivo de las páginas amarillas. Sin embargo algo no cuadra en los algoritmos de google, pues practicamente los ha eliminado.

TEL Domain Has Lost Search Engine Rankings!

Almost ever TEL domain and TEL subdomain has sunk in the Google search results. Stable ranked content pages of the Dot Tel Domains simply disappeared from first pages in Google. It is the rank. It is TEL domain supposed "power" in search engines. False promises by TEL domain advertising.

Since weeks, the TEL domain has sunk deep in general in Google search engine ranking.
TELNIC is very disappointed and is "investigating the issue". We think their investigation will last for few years and will never have any reports. Let us count the days.
The TEL domain sinks in Google search results, and that is a fact. Many activists for TEL domains are gathered on TEL domain forum: telname.com/forum, and they find the disappointing search engine failures.
User complain on TELNIC forum:
All of my domains have disappeared also.
It's a terrible blow after a year of hard work especially when I see other directories that are years out of date still showing in Google.
It seems fairly obvious now that Google has a problem for some reason that we don't yet know about with the .tel domain.
I know I have not broken any of Google's rules so what other explanation could there be?

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