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December 2012 Telegraph

Updates on functionality and template options
We’d like to extend our warm wishes and seasonal greetings to you and provide some quick news to you regarding functionality recently updated.
Large images across all templates
We’ve now extended the ability to support a large image in all of the templates, not just the single competition template released in July, after comments from the community.  This can be created using our APIs or through third party service providers.
Promoting .tel pages in adverts

We have also changed the way in which adverts pointing to other .tel pages are handled at the request of some members of the community who wish to promote sub-folders or other .tel domains within their directory services.  Therefore, if a .tel domain owner specifies a .tel address within the image advert banners, instead of opening in a new window as is the case with any other extension, it will instead open within the same window, as a normal .tel link would.
Extending the template choices
Over the past few months we’ve been hearing your feedback on the new templates that were introduced and we’re pleased to announce that there will be some additional options to use with your .tel name, which we anticipate will be available at the end of this month or beginning of January. These provide further choices of narrow versions of Template 8 as well as the ability to utilize darker text on a light background and vice versa.
How do you use yours?
Here are just a few of the ways in which .tel community members are using their .tel domains that we’ve spotted over the past year.  Click on the images to visit the sites directly.
We’d love to hear from you
We are always happy to hear from you.  If you have any questions, would like to find out more from us or have any comments or suggestions, please do continue to contact us at or join the tel community forum at We also continue to enjoy hearing your stories and seeing your .tel domains in action, so please do feel free to send us any news you?d like to share.
Thanks again for being part of the .tel community, and we look forward with you to 2013.
Telnic Limited

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Ian Bowen-Morris, Chief Marketing Officer at Telnames, explains why it pays to have a mobile website

If, like many of us, you’ve got a smartphone, you’ve probably used it to find directions to a shop you couldn’t locate, looked up train times, or Googled the phone number of a local taxi firm. And the chances are that your target customers are doing something similar every single day.

In today’s connected world, consumers have become used to searching for the services they need online. Indeed, according to Google, 95% of smartphone users regularly search for – and, as a result, get in contact with – local service providers online. What’s more, Google’s research reveals that when people use mobile search they tend to take action immediately, with one in five making an instant phone call (source: Google Research, September 2012).

But here’s the shocking part. Google’s research also reveals that less than 10% of small businesses currently have a mobile site. That means that, every day, a vast number of small companies are missing out on a major opportunity to grow their business.

So, what’s the problem? Well, for many small companies and local businesses, it’s all about time, effort, cost and perception. Because many companies think you need a heavyweight site that’s complicated to build and a hassle to maintain.

But, unless you’re selling a lot of stuff online, most people who want to find out about your business probably don’t want much more than your contact information and a basic overview of what you do.

All of which means it’s probably enough to just ‘mobilise’ your ‘contact us’ or ‘about us’ page of your traditional website (if you have one). And if you’re in the restaurant business, for example, you may want to make your menu available too. Or you may want to feature the opening hours of your business, include a map, offer customers the opportunity to follow you on social media, or promote a special offer.

That’s exactly what a new service from Telnames makes possible. In just minutes you can create a mobile-friendly .tel site that looks good and gives people all your essential contact information in one easy-to-view location. Everything is included – a top level domain name to get found in search, a smart page where you can upload all your contact information and a business profile and hosting – for one small annual fee of £14.95. A site works in parallel with your existing site (if you have one), so you really can have the best of both worlds and ensure that your online presence is covered – whether customers are searching on the move or from their desktop.

Now any small business can create a mobile-friendly website that displays perfectly on a smartphone – making it easy for mobile information searchers to find you and make that all-important call. For some great examples of a number of independent businesses are using the Telnames service, just visit

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The Business Show

Telnames was once again pleased to attend the Business Show in London, this time in Olympia.
As well as having a stand, we were delighted to be joined by independent experts to provide their advice, opinions and guidance to attendees to help them think about starting, growing and developing their own small business plans.
Journalist, author and media commentator Guy Clapperton, kicked off the day with a presentation on the importance of owning your own space online.  As author of This is Social Media and This is Social Commerce, as well as his many years of writing on technology and small businesses in national newspapers, Guy’s experience in helping small businesses gain an understanding of how to get started with their online marketing was well-received.
Ian Bowen-Morris from Telnames presented on the mobile imperative for small businesses and provided some key statistics regarding why now is the right time to be mobile-ready online.  He also revealed our new television advert to the audience which will start running on Sky and other digital channels in the UK in early December.
Lloyd Gofton, MD of Liberate Media, reprised his learnings from a whitepaper his company produced and then wrote up in an article for TechCrunch on the myths and realities of social media for small businesses (his write up can be found here).
Ending the day was Reuben Milne, MD of Spark Creativity, who entertained the crowd with a fantastic presentation on the importance of personal brand.
On day two, we were pleased to host Stephen McGowan from UK Trade & Investment, who outlined just some of the ways in which Government was helping small businesses to grow and widen their market.
Finally, closing out the presentations was Lloyd Pople, MD of NeonDrum, who provided key insights into how online PR can be an affordable and cost-efficient way of getting your business found in organic search through press release and news distribution (and, if you’re interested, they’re offering a great discount if you visit their telname!).
The stand proved extremely busy as a result and we’re incredibly grateful for those who presented and who gave their time for free in passing on their experience and making the Business Show a great event again.  We were also delighted by the feedback we received on the service in general and the iPhone app specifically.

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Over 75% of Local trades telephone bookings are made by mobile phone. 99% of Local trades directories are almost un-readable on a mobile phone. is the Information and Subscription area for the only UK Trade Directories using New, Superfast, Interactive .tel DNS technology.
to deliver your business phone number to your on an LG U970 on a Blackberry on an HTC HD2Local on an iPhone and are the Mobile Phone optimised versions with optimised single search and one click dial.
Enter the nearest town and click to call, no need to ever dial a number again.
Your Busines Name, Address and Interactive Number in your Town in either
Subscribe now! - For Just a Fiver a Year! - Unbeatable!
Use the Secure Online Payment link below to pay your subscription, a Paypal account is NOTrequired.
If you don't use PayPal, just click the Pay Using your Credit or Debit Card link, on the PayPal payment page.
Just fill in your details below, then click Subscribe.
<a href="" title="CoffeeCup S-Drive Form">Check out my CoffeeCup S-Drive Form</a>
Thank you for Advertising Your Trade Service in;;; or
It could just be the best fiver you've ever spent.
Email us for enquiries and multiple entry discount.
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Telnames irrumpe en industria de dominios con aplicación móvil para iPhone

LONDRES, November 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --
Innovadora aplicación permite que cualquiera compre un dominio con solo
tener credenciales de aplicación
Telnames ( está marcando hoy un cambio en la industria de los dominios con el lanzamiento de su aplicación Telnames Mobile Website Builder para iPhone. Pionera en su tipo, la aplicación permite a profesionales y empresas comprar y crear su propio sitio web apto para comunicaciones móviles en menos de 10 minutos usando solo su pulgar.
"Creemos que esta aplicación cambia las reglas del juego al eliminar todas las complejidades que conlleva comprar y construir un sitio web preparado para comunicaciones móviles. A partir de hoy, independientemente de la capacidad técnica, cualquiera podrá tener su propio sitio en línea en cuestión de minutos", señaló Khashayar Mahdavi, Gerente General de Telnames.
Estudios recientes de Google y Kelsey revelaron que 58% de las pequeñas empresas en EE.UU. todavía no tienen un sitio web y que 98% no cuenta con una presencia en línea optimizada para comunicaciones móviles.
El señor Mahdavi agregó: "Estos resultados destacan la muy real desconexión entre las necesidades de las pequeñas empresas y las soluciones que se les ofrecen en la actualidad. Nuestra aplicación pionera ayudará a cerrar esta brecha".
La Telnames Mobile Website Builder está disponible para descarga gratuita en la Apple App Store a partir de hoy. Para más información acerca de la aplicación y Telnames, visite
Acerca de Telnames - 1. Fuente: Google [ ] 2. Fuente: Kelsey [ ]
El precio anual de un dominio .tel comprado a través de la aplicación es de GBP14,99 IVA incluido. El precio en moneda local es determinado por Apple. La aplicación está disponible en inglés en todas las Apple App Stores.
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Telnames Mobile Website Builder

Telnames has unveiled its mobile website builder app for the iPhone. Chief Strategist Henri Asseily says the core feature of the app would focus on producing a mobile-ready site in minutes. Typically, most mobile websites focus on key website elements which include contact information, location, products, image galleries, and even forms to communicate with clients. The exec was quick to point out that the service performs these tasks easily along with a variety of other assets.

“SMB’s have been frustrated with current solutions,” says Asseily. “Small businesses are a key part of Telnames’ strategy and I have to believe it will immensely useful to that particular audience going forward.”

The UK-based company has been building solutions for the web for small businesses using the top-level domain .tel for since 2009. In addition to Telnames’ current website builder and tools, Asseily says the company’s service is centered around the user experience of quickly deploying a mobile presence with online discovery and promotion.

“”Today, everyone is on the move and using a point of contact. Telnames offers a service that is simple, searchable and most importantly mobile-optimised,” says Asseily.

The world of mobile apps has been quietly revolutionizing the small business world for a long time now and Telnames has emerged on the scene next to other similar companies such as TechWyze and ITX Design.

The Telnames Mobile Website Builder is available via the Apple App Store. Customers can create and manage a full online profile of their business with contact information, links to social media profiles, business logos, a map and address of their location, promotional offers, photos and a video. Customers can also choose a background image for display on tablets.

Telnames’ $20.99 per year subscription includes the .tel domain name, hosting, social network integration and email support. Check the jump on the PR for more info.

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As their marketing says "mobile in minutes". Good slogan. Like the infographic and url shortener "" for marketing.

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Getting a Fresh Look

In the third of our customer stories from our Heart FM advertising campaign, we explore how Bristol decorating company Scott Feltham uses Telnames to paint a picture for new customers
Servicing the Bristol area, small interior and exterior decorating company Scott Feltham Decorating Services is growing thanks to its reputation for offering a friendly, reliable and fairly priced service. From Day One, word of mouth recommendation has proved an important source of business. It’s why the company is using a .tel from Telnames to make it even easier for new customers to see for themselves what Scott Feltham Decorating Services could do for them. What do you do?
When Scott Feltham was made redundant three and a half years ago, he decided it was time to strike out on his own and start working for himself.
“Initially I started doing decorating just for family and friends. They recommended me to others, and before I knew it, I had a full time business on my hands,” explains Scott.
Today, his small team of reliable decorators undertake all aspect of decorating, including interior and exterior painting, wall papering, dry lining and plastering in the Bristol area and across the South West.
“We work to a very high standard and pride ourselves on offering a clean, tidy and professional service,” says Scott. “Our motto is ‘no job too small’ and we still stand by that today.”
Alongside its domestic work, the company also has a thriving commercial customer base. Growing a new business during one of the UK’s worst economic recessions is testament to the dedication and hard work of Scott and his team, plus the power of networking.
.Tel us: Why do you use a Telnames .tel?
“Word of mouth recommendation is the key to our success,” confirms Scott. “When people have a decorating challenge, they often turn to friends or colleagues and ask if they know of someone who has done a good job for them.”
For a young business – with limited resources for marketing and advertising – capitalising on generating new business enquiries is the name of the game. So when Scott heard about Telnames he immediately recognised the potential for his company.
“When a friend told me about Telnames .tel I just thought “what a brilliant idea”. It was just what we were looking for – as I see it, it’s like having a portable business card on people’s smartphones.”
“The added bonus is that Telnames is so affordable – plus we can update our .tel mobile website as often as we want at no added cost.”
.Tel us: How has your Telnames .tel helped your business?
In no time at all Scott was able to create his site, which includes all his details so customers can get in touch for a free no obligation quote.
“We’ve uploaded photos of us at work, so people can see what we do and have the confidence of knowing they are dealing with a pukka company,” explains Scott.
Even better, from Scott’s viewpoint, it’s easy for his customers to instantly use the ‘share’ button to pass on the company’s .tel site with anyone who asks them who they’d recommend for a decorating job.
“With our .tel we’re hoping to see the business continue to grow,” confirms Scott.
 “For a small business like us, it’s perfect. The low cost is very appealing, plus it was really easy to set up.”
Scott Feltham, Owner, Scott Feltham Decorating Services

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"The Best is Yet Come" -- Re-Elected President of the United States of America. Barack H. Obama, November 7, 2012

President Obama Will be Outspent by His Opponent.
To Win, We Need To Close the Gap.

Datos de contacto

Campaign (Contacto principal)
Commit and Plan to Vote
Official Barack Obama Website
Official Barack Obama Instagram Endpoint
Official Barack Obama Tumblr Endpoint
Democratic Affiliations, Resources and Endpoints
Presidential White House Endpoints

Sociales y Mensajería

Official Barack "Obama for America" Fan Page Endpoint
Official Barack "Obama for America" Google+ Endpoint
Official Barack Obama Flickr Photostream Endpoint
Official Barack Obama Pinterest Endpoint
Official Barack "Obama for America" Twitter Endpoint
Official Barack Obama YouTube Endpoint

Más información

Más información
Dirección de la empresa – Campaign Headquarters
Obama for America
P.O. Box 803638
The resources on this site are not endorsed in any official capacity and are provided as a mobile ready information service to citizens of the United States of America.
This Mobile Ready TelPowered Directory of Resources and Information for President Barack Obama are provided by The Alliance. Contact The Alliance today via email at or (800) 435-3005 for sponsorship opportunities or questions about this directory.
What we do right now will determine the course of this election. It is that simple.
Make a donation today and build the grassroots organization it will take to win.
Professional rendering of the official photo for display in your home or office.
Get Yours While Supplies Last.

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The interview with Ian Bowen-Morris starts at minute 43.
He starts with his career, tells about the challenges at, the product Telnames is offering, the differences of .tel to other domain extensions and the competition and differences compared to Yellow Pages.
He is especially very pleased to have cracked online self-service for small businesses and the long-tail of small businesses Telnames is attracting.
He continues about how Telnames attract new customers and future activities like entering all English speaking areas and the European market in 2013 and upcoming apps for interaction with Telnames.
He points out the market shift to mobiles and finishes with how easy it is to integrate customer videos into Telnames.
Nice job!

Go West – Focus on Bristol

Telnames has launched its first ever radio advertising campaign and is proud to be debuting its new ad spots across the city of Bristol right now.
With a strong university base and a global reputation as a hub for innovative start-ups, Bristol has long been associated with the very best that new technology can offer, so it’s an appropriate launch pad for Telnames’s inaugural radio campaign, as we bring the message “go mobile in minutes” to small businesses across the UK.  Over the next few weeks, listeners to Bristol station Heart FM will be able to hear how Telnames .tel websites are boosting business for local boiler specialists Combiline, beauty salon Aura Hair and Beauty and decorating services firm Scott Feltham.
You can listen to our radio advertisements in full using the links below, and we’ll be posting customer stories on all the featured Telnames .tel owners over the coming days.  If you’re a Bristol-based business and want to tell your Telnames story, we’d love to hear from you.  Here are all the ways you can get in touch with us:
Telnames – 30 second advert
Telnames – recap
Aura Hair and Beauty
Scott Feltham
Bristol in bitesize facts
  • Population of 428,100 – the largest city in the South West
  • 7th largest city in England outside of London and one of England’s eight ‘Core Cities’
  • Green Capital, the UK’s first Cycling City, and also a Fairtrade City
  • Home to 17,500 businesses, including Airbus (UK), Rolls-Royce, BBC, Hewlett Packard, Toshiba Research Europe and Orange
  • More than a third of UK-owned FTSE 100 companies have a presence in the Bristol area
  • Birthplace of Ribena, Wallace and Gromit, the Plimsoll Line, Tarmac, Concorde, Schweppes and the motorbike sidecar
  • Over 25% of the world’s natural history films are made in Bristol, most of these at the BBC’s Natural History Unit
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Ver el tiempo en un dominio .tel

Weather Widget for .tel domain - First of its kind

The .tel has the power to accommodate lot of new ideas. However, they are developed within the available options for developers. A  sample weather widget we created for .tel domains is available here at

Above are two screenshots of the weather widget we have provided for We can provide similar weather widgets for any geo position in the USA at present. Weather forecasts for other cities/towns anywhere in the world can be provided on any .tel page as shown above.

If you have a geo domain, then you may allocate a separate tel page (there 3000 tel pages or sub domains that comes with every .tel domain) dedicated for weather forecast.

Similar widgets for Stock market quotes, Forex rates, Auction updates, Bargain Sales, Lottery results etc can be designed and displayed on any .tel page.

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The power of personal branding – an interview with Thomas Power

If you maintain a professional online profile – such as a LinkedIn page – or if you’ve done any business networking on the web, the chances are that you’ve come across the name Thomas Power. A renowned author, speaker and C-level gun-for-hire, Thomas has worked in the technology industry for over 30 years and, true to his name, is widely known as a power networker extraordinaire. With his wife Penny Power, Thomas was a founder of business networking website Ecademy, and is now focused on what he describes as “internet business development” – helping CEOs and business owners to harness the latest social media platforms and online tools to grow their business. With a reputation as an early adopter and a passion for the latest and greatest online technologies, Thomas – of course – has a Telnames .tel profile, so we spoke to him about his work and asked for his thoughts on his. tel as a business tool…
Tell us about what you’re working on right now…
We sold our business networking website Ecademy in July of this year, which is actually our third successful exit as business owners. I now sit on half a dozen boards as a non-executive director, chairman or as an investor. Penny has a new group of companies focused on the education sector and the youth unemployed, so we’re already reinvesting our money in other companies.
How much time do you spend managing your social media presence?
It never ends. Everyone knows that I try every system until I get bored with it. Right now, all of my time is being spent on Google+. If you roll forward another five of six years, I think Google+ will be dominant. I think its success will mainly be down to the clever integration with elements such as Gmail, which is delivering major benefits for my personal productivity. It really is light years ahead of any other platform out there. And the more effort you put into Google+, the better your search results and served adverts get, so it’s a very powerful system. I also currently have a big focus on cloud computing, since this is the largest driver of the next draft of new businesses being born in Silicon Valley.
In terms of social media in general, I’ve worked hard over the years to maintain a major online presence. I’m a member of 700 networks, I currently have 80,000 followers on Twitter, I’m number one in the world on LinkedIn, I have more than 30,000 followers on Google+, and I manage a massive email database of 45,000. As a result, my online “authority” is well-ranked, with a high Klout score, Kred score and Peer Index score. So, as you can see, I’m a hugely active networker. This isn’t about ego or online “status” though – I invest the time to learn how all these systems work so that I can advise directors and the boards that I sit on. As a former plc director, I empathise with how difficult it is to run a company and keep up with constantly evolving technology. So I try to position myself as a digital non-executive director, a companion for the CEOs as they climb up Mount Everest. I’m trying to be the porter – the one who carries the bags and cooks your food and pitches your tent up when you’re scaling the mountain.
I’m always looking at new technology and when Ian Bowen-Morris [Telnames’ Chief Marketing Officer] showed me Telnames, I was immediately interested.
What drew you to Telnames?
Firstly, I love HTML5 because it saves you the burden of having to develop an iPhone app, an Android app, and a Windows app – you just create one version and it works seamlessly across all the platforms. The implementation by Telnames is excellent, including your Twitter details, Facebook page and YouTube videos. So, I was really keen to set up It looks terrific, many people have commented on it, and contacts are already phoning me on my mobile straight from my Telnames .tel profile, which is perfect. It’s just a really convenient mobile profile and keeps everything in a single location. It’s useful for anyone who wants to contact me on the move and, because it’s a top-level domain name, Google indexes it within 24 hours. That’s really significant. I’ve also added to my Twitter profile – it’s such a neat user experience when you click through especially for mobile Twitter users. Now I’m looking to include my .tel in all my online profiles.
Twitter to Telname
What type of businesses and professionals would benefit from a .tel?
The Telnames .tel product is a simple, clean mobile profile without all the complicated interaction of “likes” and comments. It’s totally functional and so it’s a perfect entry point for having an online presence – it works well for businesses taking a first step online as well as those that have a website but realise it doesn’t display nicely on mobile phones. Also, from a personal point of view, we all do many different things and have many part-time jobs, so having a single profile for your own “brand” – your name – is key, in fact an important part of managing your online reputation. I’ve built my personal Thomas Power brand online over 15 years, so having my own .tel is a natural step for me.
It’s a simple to use yet very effective product, so I think it has very wide application for businesses and individuals looking to get noticed online. It looks great on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. When I show it to people they invariably say “That’s cool, what’s that called?”. And I’m happy to tell them it’s my .tel name, my smart digital profile.
You can find Thomas online at and, of course, at And don’t forget to secure your personal .tel name here. Personal brand building starts here!

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The Team at Telnames We’re delighted to be winners of the Innovation Challenge
 by the EIDQ, the Association for the Directory Information and Related 
Search Industry in Europe when we presented at their conference in 
London this week

We’re delighted to be winners of the Innovation Challenge by the EIDQ, the Association for the Directory Information and Related Search Industry in Europe when we presented at their conference in London this week

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TELcp TELcp is online now
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2009
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TELcp is on a distinguished road
Default TELcp Open Source


We are pleased to announce that we will be providing open source scripts (php5.3 + MySQL + JQuery + JQuery Mobile) similar to that of TELcpV3+ in one bundle or in modules (i.e. 1.Manage Records 2.Manage Ads etc).

These will be in the form of web applications that can be hosted in most of the hosting companies in the world.
Also you will be able to host them in your own computer (We will explain you how to do this, including how to install a self signed SSL certificate in your own computer which will enable you to maintain a secure connection to the CTH).
However, these apps will not require OAuth, and will be limited to manage your own .tel domains only (as they will be using your own log in credentials)

If successful, we will work on FREE iphone, android apps too.

Please stay tuned or send pm if you wish to be inform back to you by pm.
Also follow us on twitter just to make sure that you will not be missing the launching date etc.

Hoping to start this very soon.

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sábado, 29 de septiembre de 2012

Call Your Tel Domain Call a Business or a Person by Voice using .Tel DNS Contact Data

This application demonstrates how a consumer with a smart phone could potentially make a call
to a business or person just by voicing the related .tel domain or service into their phone.
With location-aware GPS, local results can be delivered first.

Click the microphone icon, say the domain or keyword(s) you are interested in and wait for the results.
This app finds the contact info from the DNS data for the associated tel domain. Additional, location-sensitive topical information is retrieved from Telpages.
Mobile phone manufacturers should embrace this evolving technology to make even smarter smart phones. Intelligent, local hands-free calling.
StatCounter - Free Web Tracker and Counter
Include .tel Nearest Me: Only First .tel:       Show Phone Numbers: Emails: Websites:
Don't see a microphone? Use the Chrome browser to run this HTML5 app.
Speech input is not enabled in your browser.
Try running Google Chrome with the --enable-speech-input flag.
I emailed Apple a year ago. Just got a reply that they are always looking for ways to improve products and services and was forwarded to the appropriate group for review and consideration.
Bug ID #: xxxxxxxx
Bug Title: SIRI and .Tel Domains
mark kolb:
Summary: SIRI not recognizing .tel domains andd contextual information within.

Steps to Reproduce: say ""
Expected Results: goes to Actual Results: varies, sometimes goes to or tries

Steps to Reproduce: call ""
Expected Results: finds Apple's phone number and calls Apple support.

Steps to Reproduce: email ""
Expected Results: finds Justin's email and launches email app.


Tel domain DNS records contain formatted contextually-accurate contact information. Apple itself has .tel domains that should be taken advantage of ... (RIP)

Tel domains are merely rendering DNS information, so at, the DNS contains DNS NAPTR records for your phone number and website.

Apple through SIRI needs to be a leader in exploiting contextual information in DNS via .tel domains. No need to parse a website to find a phone number or email. It's right there in the DNS waiting for a killer app.

See an example of SIRI simulation at using Chrome (HMTL5 voice object) and direct DNS lookup. Say "apple" and see what happens. This is what SIRI needs to replicate.

It would be ideal for someone at Apple to contact, the .tel domain registry, and support DNS lookups for contextual information. This has huge potential for being the only voice-activated web and call-by-name solution.