lunes, 12 de julio de 2010

3000 directorios por 100 registros cada uno, en total 300.000 registros en un

The Dot Tel Domain is a new top level extension that has been available to the public for just over one year. This domain operates from the internet's Domain Name System and requires no hosting.

A control panel is available to the registered owner of a Dot Tel Domain who is the only authorised party to make changes to the information and contact records on it.

The control panel which is called a Telhosting Panel allows the creation of different kinds of records which include phone numbers, email addresses, websites, text and more.

However, there are some real problems when the owner tries to create a directory with their domain. Directories, by their natures, require a lot of time to populate. The information and contact records must be sourced and then added to the Dot Tel Domain for sometimes thousands of people and organisations.

The information and contact records are arranged in folders to make access easier for users of the directories. However, at least two major problems exist that make building a directory much tougher than it should be:

1) Folders can not be moved. If the owner wants to change the folder structure of a Dot Tel Domain they must create the new folder structure on the domain and then manually move the contact records and information. Although more than one record can be moved simultaneously, the extra work involved in moving the records is enormous for a large directory.

One solution would be software that makes the updating of the Dot Tel Domains easy and quick. There are professionals that can upload from databases and spreadsheets but these services are not cheap and the databases and spreadsheets have to be created which is very expensive if it is outsourced. Another option is for Telnic, the promoter, to permit and enable the moving of folders around the domains.

2) The allowable folder number is too small. A Dot Tel Domain owner can have up to 3,000 folders. Each folder can have 100 records. This gives an approximate total, at first glance, of 300,000 contact records which can be stored. However, no one will scroll down as far as the 100th record in a folder because it is too far, especially on a mobile phone. The maximum, in my opinion, should be around 15 to 20 records per folder for scrolling purposes on a mobile phone. Users would not want more than this on a mobile phone for a single folder otherwise it becomes quite labour intensive for them.

This would give a maximum number of records of approximately 45,000 to 60,000 for a single domain rather than the 300,000 currently promoted. Consequently, the number of folders should be increased to compensate for the practical number of records per folder.

If these problems are addressed the tasks of building and editing a directory built on this platform will be much much easier.

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