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¿Por qué el Pay-Per-Call es vital para poder vender algo? Fácil, fácil de integrar en el dominio .tel

What is Pay-Per-Call Advertising?


In performance marketing, we operate under the premise that if we can track it, we can optimize it and we can ultimately make more money. When it comes to tracking, tracking the sale and what drove the sale is key. Essentially, consumers make purchases via three different channels: online, in person or via the phone. For years, marketers have been highly successful at optimizing the online channel. Clicks are pretty easy to track on a CPA basis. In store purchases are a little harder to track in terms of the campaign that drove the sale, though there are many mobile applications that are looking to change that. Tracking phone calls has been historically a little bit more tricky to accomplish. Direct-to-consumer marketers using TV, Radio and print have used call tracking for years to see how ads are performing, but the technology hasn't made it easy to understand real results on a CPA basis for these media types. For online marketers, tracking phone sales back to online campaign spend has been nearly impossible and in the affiliate channel even created a point of friction between Advertisers and Publishers.

"Leakage" is a term used in the affiliate channel to refer to sales that occur via the phone but were ultimately driven by a publishers promotional efforts. When a consumer picked up the phone to complete a purchase, get a quote for insurance or so forth, the publisher driving that call via a banner ad, search campaign or other promotional method would not get credit for the sale. This has become such a prevalent issue between advertisers and publishers, that in many cases, advertisers end up removing or demoting the display of their phone number at the request of their publisher partners.  

While this reduces the problem associated with leakage, unfortunately it creates a bigger problem. Customer satisfaction. A recent poll by Harris Interactive found that 54% of consumers want human interaction before making big-ticket purchases, 77% want more live assistance when making online purchases and 53% abandon their shopping cards due to lack of human interaction.

Removing phone numbers or making them hard to find creates a poor consumer experience.  

So how do we solve that problem and create a win-win for advertisers and publishers?  

Pay-Per-Call.  Here's how it works for Advertisers:

How PayPerCall Advertising works

With RingRevenue's Pay-Per-Call platform, advertisers have the ability to create call-based campaigns just like they would click based campaigns. Advertisers set the targeting, call quality and payout criteria. Publishers apply to promote those campaigns using unique phone numbers and get credit for sending qualified calls through to the advertiser. 

And because phone numbers are ubiquitous and easy to track, promotions can be run anywhere.  Not just online. Publishers can take advantage of new promotional methods and media types, while advertisers benefit from increased distribution.  See what I mean about a win-win?  And by the way, both advertisers and publishers benefit from the fact that phone sales typically convert at 30-50%, compared that to clicks at 1-3% and carry an average order value of 1.5-2 times online orders.  Who wouldn't want more phone calls? 

RingRevenue's Pay-Per-Call platform is available on the leading affiliate networks. It is easy to get started. Contact us today or check out our latest newsletter for links to sign up with some of our partners.

El pay-per-call tiene que ser vital para los dominios .tel

RingRevenue Pay-Per-Call Ringing Up Great Performance in 2011


Coming off of a successful Affiliate Summit and LeadsCon in New York last week, there is a ton of buzz around call performance marketing, pay-per-call and how advertisers and publishers are earning more revenue and more commissions with call-based campaigns. At RingRevenue we are busy keeping pace with the rapid growth in the market and the increasing demand from networks, agencies, advertisers and publishers for call-based campaigns. This month marked the launch of the first of our UK-based partners (Commission Junction UK and Epic Media), bringing pay-per-call programs to UK advertisers and publishers in a big way.

We reported last year that advertisers generated millions in new revenue and that publishers were earning millions in commissions. Since the beginning of this year we've more than doubled the number of partners using our call performance marketing platform and doubled the size of the RingRevenue team. We've also tripled our revenue and more than tripled the number of calls driven to advertisers through the platform over the same period last year and introduced many new features including Loyalty Managment, RingPools, program performance emails, geo-location routing, publisher rankings, campaign syndication, some new APIs and a bunch more.

When it comes to growth, our Customer Development team certainly deserves the credit. Led by Drew Thorne-Thomsen, the team has been training new partners, advertisers and publishers on how to best leverage the platform to generate revenue. At Affiliate Summit and LeadsCon we heard praise from numerous partners and platform users about how RingRevenue team members like Lorelei Curt, Anna Taylor, Greg Resin and Vu Ngo have helped them with optimizing their campaigns, recruiting new advertisers and publishers and defining pay-per-call best practices. Their efforts are paying off in a big way for us and our partners. We appreciate the continued support and all of the great feedback!

Amidst all we have been keeping busy with, we found the time to put together this fun two-minute video that explains what we do at RingRevenue. Check it out.

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TELcp una ayuda muy importante para los dominios .tel

La principal funcionalidad de TELcp es que cada pagina puede tener un usuario y password diferente, por lo que un dominio puede ser actualizado por muchos usuarios. teniendo cada uno solo acceso a su parte.
Hi to All,

A touch optimized version of TELcp has been completed successfully.
However, due to lack of functionality in certain web technologies at present, few functions of the current version have been modified.

Our next version will be touch optimized for handheld devices (across multiple platforms) as well as for desktops and hoping to release sometime during August (exact date depends on beta testing duration) with multi language selections.

.tel is looking good.
Just to let you guys know that we will try our best to release the Mobile version of TELcp (With TELcpV3.0 Beta) sometime during the next week. We have a fully functional mobile version at hand but needs little bit more tweaking for the low end touchscreen/smart phones (latest multiple OS/platforms but having low memory at least 256 MB) as they have become very popular globally.

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