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if Telnic were to allow for dynamic style control via use of the .tsm record

Why we have 8 templates? I want only 1!

Post by Rambo on Mon 23 Jul 2012, 5:40 pm
I don’t understand the strategy of Telnic. Instead of providing 8 different templates 1 would be enough if this would provide all requirements from domain owners:

- Big pictures (only available for temple 8 )
- No limitation for number of pictures per sub domain
- No limitation for number of videos per sub domain
- Flexible and long text (only available at Telmasters)
- Text format (bold letters)
- Background pictures (only available at TelChina and Telnames)

Instead of providing an useable template Telnic have released 8 premature alternatives.
I look forward to the day when we get one which can be used for all purposes!

Re: Why we have 8 templates? I want only 1!

Post by kprobe on Mon 23 Jul 2012, 10:45 pm
Yes one is possible and in fact I do like much of template #8 as a base, but a single template would not satisfy everyone's needs. However, a single set of stock, customizable templates would be the better method and indeed possible if Telnic were to allow for dynamic style control via use of the .tsm record. The .tsm record is used to select templates, colours, styles, for all Tel sites and now even background images for Telnames. It is read each time a site is rendered. I believe extending .tsm for style control (not layout changes) would allow for gradual changes to fonts, caption control, width control and other design features to be implemented in the existing template themes. This requires much consideration but certainly is doable given demand. Certainly would be more effective in the long run than creating dozens of templates.

martes, 24 de julio de 2012

Hi to all,

A new service to mask your email addresses on tel pages.

Main site : www.telmailbox.com

Sample Masked web link : www.telmailbox.tel - "Mail Box"

How it works : How .tel Mail Box Works

How does an email message get delivered via telmailbox.com?

1. A visitor to a .tel page, who clicks the web link to www.telmailbox.com which contains the encoded data of the .tel page, arrives at the main page of telmailbox.com.
2. The encoded data of the web link will be proceessed to check if the .tel page is recorded in the database at telmailbox.com and is provided with an email address by it's owner.
3. If an email address is provided by .tel page owner, the visitor will be served with an online contact form to type and send an email message addressed to the addressee of the .tel page.
How does a .tel Owner configure email addresses?
1. A .tel Owner who wishes to provide the services of telmailbox.com must sign up as a registered user.
2. Registration is free for any .tel Owner.
3. Add your .tel domain and grant OAuth authentication by selecting the OAuth client "MailBox".
4. Your ownership of the .tel domain will be verified and if successful the database will be populated with .tel page links.
5. You can add more than one .tel domain from the same domain registrar or multiple .tel domains from different domain registrars.
6. Select the .tel page and insert an email address. 
How does a .tel page display more than one email address?
1. An email address created in telmailbox.com is unique to a single .tel page.
2. If one needs to display more than one email address on a single .tel page, more folders/sub folders have to be created first.
3. Select independent folders/sub folders to insert their designated email addresses.
4. Insert web links of www.telmailbox.com/xxxxxxxx manually on page by page basis by using CTH or third party service such as TELcp.
5. However, telmailbox.com control panel allows only one web link per .tel page

.tel Mail 

Mask your email address on any .tel page
• A .tel page provides a single point of contact for your communication needs.
• Our technique provides an extra layer of privacy for email address on any .tel page.
• Your actual email address will never be exposed to your visitors or web robots.
• Visitors will click the www.telmailbox.com link on the .tel page to send you email.

It's easy and FREE
• You must be an owner of the .tel domain to enable .tel Mail Box.
• Sign up as a .tel Owner to use our FREE services.
• The .tel Mail Box is a fully automated service provided for any .tel page.
• No technical jargon. It's easy to set up. See How it works.


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By Henri Asseily

People in the domaining business think of .tel primarily as a domain extension first and a service second. In fact, it should be entirely the other way around. And so people who haven’t bought domains before (and the companies that haven’t sold them before but are becoming registrars to be able to integrate their services into the .tel platform) are the very people who are getting very interested in this service, not because it’s a domain, but because of the features and functionality. .tel is a very simple proposition, but is essentially unlimited in its scope and ability to grow into something far more functional than a simple interactive business card.

.tel is about simplifying communications (or, in more PRish words, reducing friction in communications). It has a clear focus – exposing all the ways you can contact an individual or a business. People will quickly discover what a .tel means to them – instant access to interaction. You set it up easily as you’ll have seen from the beta and it’s immediately accessible from any device. The amount of information is so small, it’s much cheaper and quicker to access over a mobile device than regular html sites (and over PCs too). We don’t do content (although you can dynamically generate your site’s “contact us” page with the .tel automatically) and no, you can’t put PPC ads on the page.

So what does that mean to domainers?

Personally, I see the general dependence on Google/Yahoo sponsored links as the main (if not only) revenue generator for domainers to be a very weak achilles’ heel for the whole domainer industry. Many in the domainer business are so focused on what they see as the Holy Grail of monetization (Google and Yahoo ads) that they’re convinced that there’s no monetization in the .tel.

What are the PPC revenues from mobile devices which is where the major growth is in the future?
Certainly not in web advertising. For mobiles, which are primarily communications devices, PPC actually means “Pay Per Connection”. When you look at it in this light, there are a ton of ways domainers can create revenue through affiliate programs, premium rate numbers for competitions, signposting to content-specific sites, etc. Some of our beta testers (sign up for free) are having a great time thinking of other ways to make money. The content IS the advertising, the marketing IS the product. Andrew Allemann hit the nail on the head when he likened it to a yellow or white page service. We all hate the inflexible way that these are run online today, but that didn’t prevent Yell earning over $1.5B in the past six months.

Monetizing your .tel if you’re a business is about making the phone ring (or email or website ping, facebook page increase in fans, twitter avatar get more followers, and so on) in exactly the same way – but being in control of how they do so and providing a really strong service at the same time. You can even use your .tel to list all of the domains you have for sale (especially the .mobi ones!). Let’s please get rid of the “Click” in PPC and transform it into the more general “Connection”.

Of course, the way we’re doing this with the DNS is pretty cool too, as others have already acknowledged, but we’re only using this because it’s the unique way to deliver a service that anyone can use which is 100% under their own control. I strongly believe that the only way a global, dynamic, decentralized, infinitely scalable yellow/white pages directory can work is when each person (moral or physical) owns its little piece of the directory. Dear reader, you’re never going to invest in publishing a single point of communications for yourself if you’re not absolutely certain that you’re in charge of it for the length of your (hopefully long) life.

Finally, indeed there are no auctions, it’s first come, first served, no premium names and only a reserved list of names that allow Telnic to conduct its business. I guess this might be a threat and an opportunity to the domainer community. A threat, as more people can invest at a level they can afford, increasing the gene pool. An opportunity, because your money will stretch further and the opportunity for another globally effective piece of real estate online that is so completely different from anything that’s been before, with huge consumer appeal, is an affordable gamble, I would assume. And personally, I'm a big fan of the K.I.S.S. principle, and in my experience as a general rule the simpler systems such as first-come-first-served tend to win in the long run.

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For $20 per year, all inclusive, your small business can have an instant web presence with a dot tel domain name. Provide all your contact information in one easy-to-use package that tells your customers and prospects exactly everything about what you do or provide.

Replace that hard-to-remember phone number on your vehicle or signage with an easy-to-remember .tel domain name. Mobile click-to-call connects your prospective customers to you instantly.

Save money by minimizing your Yellow Page directory advertisements.

With a .tel domain, there are no hosting costs and no need for a web programmer or designer. Build it all yourself literally in minutes - guaranteed.

New Templates Now Available

Three new templates are now available both through the .tel CTH control panel and also the API.

Within the control panel these can be selected in the same way as the current templates and appear as numbers 6, 7 and 8.

A couple of things to note, these have no effect on the smartphone and standard mobile templates which continue to display as previously. As currently, images (other than the logo), such as the larger image on template 8 are only available to be added programatically.

Thank you for your patience with regards to these new additions. 
You can take a look at some examples (and I'm sure many here can do a better job) at:

Template 6 - http://largeco.tel/
Template 7 - http://aled.tel/
Template 8 - http://justin.tel/
With regards to the API, we have avoided any changes, so the templates can be set using the IDs 6,7 and 8 in the same way as the current templates.

The large image on template 8 uses the same image record as the other images at the top of the templates, just different dimensions (468x351)
Quick Update supports the large image for template 8.
If you have more than one top image, then only one will appear at random.
eg www.babyproducts.tel
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