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We know you’re busy, so we’ll be quick. We’ve recently added some new functionality and services to your mobile-ready Telname that we really thought you should know about.

Early this month, we switched on the ability to link a PayPal account with a mini-store to help you take money online and on mobiles. You can now sell products, services or receive donations through PayPal at no extra cost to you.

We know the importance of generating new customers so we’ve created the Telnames Partner Network. When you create or change contact information in your Telname, your information is now automatically distributed to many of the UK’s leading local listings directories, including Yahoo! Local, Bing Local, 118 Information and 192 .com. So with Telnames, you can be confident that your business information is up-to-date and listed correctly, ready for customers to access.

You can now save up to three PDF documents on your Telname, so if you’ve got a variety of things that you want to share and which you can’t fit into one, easy-to-view document on a mobile device, you’ve now got more options to work with.

We're constantly watching the search engines and are working behind the scenes to make sure that your Telname is set up to get the best results it can when it’s well populated and being shared. When was the last time you updated your Telname? Click here now to give it a tweak and read our FAQs on how you can set your Telname up to get the best results it can.

In the next few months, we'll be looking at further tweaks and new services to help you get the best out of your Telname, so keep an eye on Twitter, Facebook or our blog, all of which can be accessed at

As always, thank you for being a Telnames customer and, if you have any questions, comments or requests, please do contact us using the information at

Kind Regards,

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Featured .tel of the week: Roast Events

Planning a wedding, birthday party, BBQ or special event? Then Nottingham-based Roast Events can provide the perfect catering solution. With over 20 years’ experience of catering, Roast Events specialise in hog and spit roasting for up to 300 guests. As well as supplying a qualified chef and assistant to cook your choice of locally sourced meat – including game birds and venison – they’ll also provide all the trimmings to your precise requirements.
What we love about this .tel
Want to find out where the team is appearing next? Roast Events are regulars at local markets, fetes and fairs and use their social media links to tell followers where and when they will have a stand, what they’ll be serving and their latest flavour theme!
Highlight mobile feature:
This Telnames .tel mobile friendly website is packed full of useful information. Discover all the locations the company covers and the types of events it can cater for. A helpful video provides a mouth watering demo of a typical hog roast!
You can find Roast Events at

Common mistakes in smartphone sites

Here are some common mistakes we see on smartphone-optimized websites and how to avoid them.

Unplayable videos

Many videos are not playable on smartphone devices. This can be due to requiring software or device capabilities that smartphones do not support or due to licensing constraints. We recommend using HTML5 standard tags to include videos and avoid content in formats, such as Flash, that are not supported by all mobile devices.
Regardless, try your best to offer smartphone users the best experience possible to make sure that the videos are playable on as many devices as possible. Also consider having the transcript of the video available on all devices as that may better serve your smartphone users.

Faulty redirects

Many sites have dedicated smartphone-optimized pages and redirect smartphone users based on the user-agent. A common error is to redirect a user trying to access a URL on the desktop site to an irrelevant URL on the smartphone site.
Some common examples:
  • Your desktop site's server is configured to redirect smartphone users to the smartphone site's homepage, regardless of which URL they originally requested, even if the mobile site has the equivalent page to the redirecting desktop page.
  • Desktop URLs with dynamically generated content and URL parameters that don't map well to the equivalent mobile URL. For example, if a user is looking for a train timetable on a specific date on the desktop site and gets redirected to the general timetable search page on the smartphone-optimized site instead of the actual search.
    We recommend that you configure the redirection correctly if you do have an equivalent smartphone URL so that users end up on the page they were looking for.
  • Redirecting some mobile devices but not others. For example, a site may redirect only Android users to the mobile site and not redirect iPhone or Windows Phone users.

Smartphone-only 404s

Some sites serve content to desktop users accessing a URL but show an error page to smartphone users.
To ensure the best user experience:
  • If you recognize a user is visiting a desktop page from a mobile device and you have an equivalent smartphone-friendly page at a different URL, redirect them to that URL instead of serving a 404 or a soft 404 page. Also make sure that the smartphone-friendly page itself is not an error page.
  • If your content is not available in a smartphone-friendly format, serve the desktop page instead. Showing the content the user was looking for is a much better experience than showing an error page.

App download interstitials

Many webmasters promote their site's apps to their web visitors. There are many implementations to do this, some of which may cause indexing issues of smartphone-optimized content and others that may be too disruptive to the visitor's usage of the site.
Based on these various considerations, we recommend using a simple banner to promote your app inline with the page's content. This banner can be implemented using:
  • The native browser and operating system support such as Smart App Banners for Safari on iOS6.
  • An HTML image, similar to a typical small advert, that links to the correct app store for download.

Irrelevant cross-linking

A common practice when a website serves users on separate smartphone-optimized URLs is to have links to the desktop-optimized version, and likewise a link from the desktop page to the smartphone page. A common error is to have link point to an irrelevant page such as having the smartphone pages link to the desktop site's homepage.
If you add such links be sure sure that the links point to the correct equivalent page.

Page speed

Optimizing a page's loading time on smartphones is particularly important given the characteristics of mobile data networks smartphones are connected to. Here are some starting points:

Changes in rankings of smartphone search results

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 6:03 AM

Webmaster level: Intermediate
Smartphone users are a significant and fast growing segment of Internet users, and at Google we want them to experience the full richness of the web. As part of our efforts to improve the mobile web, we published our recommendations and the most common configuration mistakes.
Avoiding these mistakes helps your smartphone users engage with your site fully and helps searchers find what they're looking for faster. To improve the search experience for smartphone users and address their pain points, we plan to roll out several ranking changes in the near future that address sites that are misconfigured for smartphone users.
Let's now look at two of the most common mistakes and how to fix them.

Faulty redirects

Some websites use separate URLs to serve desktop and smartphone users. A faulty redirect is when a desktop page redirects smartphone users to an irrelevant page on the smartphone-optimized website. A typical example is when all pages on the desktop site redirect smartphone users to the homepage of the smartphone-optimized site. For example, in the figure below, the redirects shown as red arrows are considered faulty:
This kind of redirect disrupts a user's workflow and may lead them to stop using the site and go elsewhere. Even if the user doesn't abandon the site, irrelevant redirects add more work for them to handle, which is particularly troublesome when they're on slow mobile networks. These faulty redirects frustrate users whether they're looking for a webpage, video, or something else, and our ranking changes will affect many types of searches.
Avoiding irrelevant redirects is very easy: Simply redirect smartphone users from a desktop page to its equivalent smartphone-optimized page. If the content doesn't exist in a smartphone-friendly format, showing the desktop content is better than redirecting to an irrelevant page.
We have more tips about redirects, and be sure to read our recommendations for having separate URLs for desktop and smartphone users.

Smartphone-only errors

Some sites serve content to desktop users accessing a URL but show an error page to smartphone users. There are many scenarios where smartphone-only errors are seen. Some common ones are:
  • If you recognize a user is visiting a desktop page from a mobile device and you have an equivalent smartphone-friendly page at a different URL, redirect them to that URL instead of serving a 404 or a soft 404 page.
  • Make sure that the smartphone-friendly page itself is not an error page. If your content is not available in a smartphone-friendly format, serve the desktop page instead. Showing the content the user was looking for is a much better experience than showing an error page.
  • Incorrectly handling Googlebot-Mobile. A typical mistake is when Googlebot-Mobile for smartphones is incorrectly redirected to the website optimized for feature phones which, in turn, redirects Googlebot-Mobile for smartphones back to desktop site. This results in infinite redirect loop, which we recognize as error.
    Avoiding this mistake is easy: All Googlebot-Mobile user-agents identify themselves as specific mobile devices, and you should treat these Googlebot user-agents exactly like you would treat these devices. For example, Googlebot-Mobile for smartphones currently identifies itself as an iPhone and you should serve it the same response an iPhone user would get.
  • Unplayable videos on smartphone devices. Many websites embed videos in a way that works well on desktops but is unplayable on smartphone devices. For example, if content requires Adobe Flash, it won't be playable on an iPhone or on Android versions 4.1 and higher.
Although we covered only two types of mistakes here, it's important for webmasters to focus on avoiding all of the common smartphone website misconfigurations. Try to test your site on as many different mobile devices and operating systems, or their emulators, as possible, including testing the videos included on your site. Doing so will improve the mobile web, make your users happy, and allow searchers to experience your content fully.
As always, please ask in our forums if you have any questions.

lunes, 17 de junio de 2013

On Call 24 x 7

All-United Cars uses Telnames .tel to help people get from A to B safely and quickly
Established in 1968, today All-United Cars is a Manchester-based taxi and private hire business that’s fast becoming one of the city’s leading cab companies. Covering the Greater Manchester area, the company offers taxi cars, mini bus hire and airport transfers. To give passengers complete peace of mind, the All-United fleet of over 70 vehicles are fitted with meters and GPS vehicle tracking, and all drivers are fully licensed and insured.
Today All-United Cars uses to ensure customers can contact them any time of the day or night by using their smartphone when they’re out and about on the town. What do you do?
Two years ago Harry Sharif took over All-United Cars. His vision was to create a highly responsive and professional private-hire taxi company that is fast, friendly and safe.
“Our operations are fully computerised and all our cars are metered and tracked – which means we can assure passengers they are in safe hands, whatever the time of day or night,” explains Harry.
Today the company is proud of the fact that 98 per cent of all customers who ring their booking team will be getting into an All-United Cars taxi within 10 minutes of placing that initial call.
“Our mission statement is ‘All-United, All-Efficient, All-Professional, All of the Time,’” confirms Harry.
The company has built a local reputation for reliable service. Customers regularly pre-book their holiday transfers to and from Manchester airport, and a number of local wedding organisers use All-United Cars to ensure the bridal party and their guests get to the venue in time and safely back to their hotel or home at the end of the celebrations.
.Tel us: Why do you use a Telnames .tel?
With more and more people searching for information online using their mobile phones, Harry knew it was important that the phone number for All-United Cars can be found quickly and easily, even when customers are on the move.
“Many of our customers are younger people who enjoy being a part of Manchester’s vibrant night life. They are smartphone savvy when it comes to searching local listings, which means we need to ensure our contact details can be found online in an instant,” he says.
The company’s mobile friendly website contains all the company’s essential contact information plus click-to-visit links to its Facebook page and Twitter feed.
“This is a competitive market and at the end of the day brand awareness is all. We want to be the first company that comes to mind when someone needs a taxi – then all they have to do is find our number online and place that call. We’ll do the rest.”
.Tel us: How has your Telnames .tel helped your business?
Creating a .tel online directory has made it even easier for people in Manchester to find out about All-United Cars and get in contact when they need a taxi.
“We’re using our Telnames .tel in conjunction with our Facebook and Twitter feeds to boost our SEO ranking and spread the word about special deals and offers,” explains Harry.
Located near Central Manchester University Hospital, All-United Cars offers discounted fares for NHS staff and students and promotes this and other offers via its social media links. It also regularly prompts people about key upcoming dates in the diary and the benefits of booking ahead of the crowds.
“We’ve run campaigns to encourage people to pre-book their transport in preparation for Mothering Sunday and the city’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations,” explains Harry. “We’ve also put out messages on big event days to remind people that even if they are out of minutes on their mobile phone, they can still Skype our booking line direct when they’re ready to go home.”
“In this day and age when all your customers have a smartphone, you’ve got to have a mobile friendly website that ensures anyone can find your number and make that call.”
Harry Sharif, Managing Director, All-United Cars

jueves, 13 de junio de 2013

Paypal y telnames



PayPal Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where does the payment made go?

Payments are made directly through PayPal into the PayPal account that you specify. The information passed to your Paypal account with the payment will be the Title that you have set, along with the currency and the price.

2. Is the payment secure for my customers?

All payments are made on and through PayPal’s website and payment system. You can read more about the safety of PayPal transactions at

3. How many PayPal items can I have on my .tel name?

You can have up to 5 PayPal items on each .tel name. They can be ordered from within your Telnames management console.

4. What are the differences between each of the four types of payment?

You can set your PayPal payment to be one of four types. The type of payment chosen does not affect the way the payment is made to your PayPal account. It will also not be displayed in PayPal when the payment is made. The main difference between each is the type of button shown on your page and if the customer can update the price shown:
  • Buy Now – A fixed price for the product or service with a “Buy Now” button displayed
  • Donate – A suggested price is shown on your .tel name, but the customer can replace this with a donation of their choice. A “Donate” button is displayed
  • Voucher – This can be used for the online purchase of a voucher which you can send or give to the customer. The price is fixed for a Voucher and a “Buy Now” button is displayed
  • Payment – This can be used if the payment can vary, for example as a result of the hours worked or the services provided to the specific customer. A standard or default price is shown, but this can be overwritten on the .tel name to submit the actual price. A “Buy Now” button is displayed.

5. I’ve set the Item to be a Voucher/Payment but the button on my .tel name shows “Buy Now”

PayPal have specified the “Buy Now” button for use with Vouchers and Payments in addition to the standard “Buy Now” option.

6. Do I have to set a “price” for donations?

The price set is only a suggestion for the customer. They can change this to any amount they wish.

7. I would like to offer different versions of my product for sale (e.g. different colours/sizes).

Up to five PayPal items can be added to a .tel name. You can also request that your customer specifies their preference in the “Note to seller” field of PayPal when they complete their purchase

8. What should I do if I have any problems with a payment?

All payments are made on the PayPal payment platform and through PayPal. As such any issues or queries regarding payments need to be raised with PayPal. Telnames support PayPal payments through .tel name, but are in no way affiliated with PayPal nor do we resolve any issues regarding PayPal accounts whatsoever. The use of PayPal is at the .tel owner’s own discretion.
More details on each of the fields that need to be populated when creating a PayPal Item on your .tel name can be found here.

Get online and reach new mobile customers within minutes

Telnames are single page websites, packed with features and designed to display all your essential information perfectly on all devices.
  • Easy: choose name, add content and publish
  • All-in: domain name, template and hosting
  • Ideal: as a first step online, or as a mobile friendly addition to your existing website
  • Dynamic: make changes anytime, anywhere
  • Reach: free distribution on the Telnames Partner Network NEW
From Accountants to Zumba teachers, join the thousands of businesses going mobile in minutes. Don’t miss out,
choose your name today.

Telnames website features

  • Telnames enables you to create a mobile-friendly website in minutes
  • Includes the essentials that people on the move need to find your business and make contact – click to call/email buttons, opening hours, address/map
  • Includes a .tel mobile domain for your business, template and hosting
  • Single page mobile-friendly template designed for the best user experience
  • Your .tel mobile site can link to your existing website e.g. .com, or stands alone
  • Add further content to showcase your business such - Youtube video, images, special offers
  • Optimised display on all smart phones inc. iPhone, Android, Blackberry
  • Full tracking of visitors to your mobile site with Google analytics
  • Professional customer support to help you make the most of your mobile website

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Life’s a Cabaret – an interview with Chris North

Using his finely tuned skills as a mind reader and mentalist, Chris North has built a reputation as one of the most creative professional entertainers on the circuit today. Having begun his showbiz career as an illusionist and magician – he first appeared in the TV talent show New Faces in 1978 – today he wows audiences in a variety of settings. He regularly performs at cabaret clubs, has made numerous television appearances worldwide, and has entertained on all the world’s major cruise liners. He’s also in demand as an ‘up close and personal’ performer at corporate events, trade shows and private functions. As you’d expect of someone who understands the power of communication, Chris has a Telnames .tel profile, so we spoke to him about his thoughts on how important it is for talented artists to get noticed and get recommended when it comes to keeping those work bookings coming in.
Tell us how social media has changed the way you reach audiences
When I first started out, it was all about sending your photo out to agents and waiting for the ‘phone to ring. But social media and digital communication has changed everything – today people want information fast, with no delays. They won’t leave a message and wait for you to call back. It’s why I created my website where visitors can view videos of my performances and download all the promotional materials they need to make a decision about taking things to the next stage – booking my act. It’s also why I use Facebook and Twitter to promote my touring shows and boost ticket sales.
What attracted you to Telnames?
Having been in the business for many years, most agents know all about me. But I was really keen to set up because it gave me an online performance CV that brings all my contact details together in one easy-to-access location. Now new and existing contacts can get an instant snapshot of all my online and social media links. With one click they can find out what I’ve been up to recently, get more details on my act, or simply get in touch with me direct. It was simple and fast to set up – and a real bonus as far as I’m concerned. Telnames makes it easy for any visitor to my .tel mobile website to share my details with other interested parties.
What tips do you have for others working in the entertainment business?
Keeping your name in the frame is the key to maintaining a regular stream of work. Recommendation is essential, especially when it comes to corporate gigs, so it pays to keep promoting your work and be visible and easy to find online. In the current economy, people working in the entertainment world have to keep chipping away at their own promotion – and make it easy for agents to tap into that promotional flow. From my perspective, social media is an easy and low cost way of creating a promotional wave that in the past would have cost a lot of money. It sounds obvious, but with a little creative thinking and effort you can control your professional profile and put your details in front of potential new audiences anywhere in the world.

Featured .tel of the week: Learn with Adam

Need a driving instructor? If you live in Wrexham, Oswetry or Llangollen, then why not learn with Adam? This fully qualified and experienced instructor offers value for money tuition for learners and drivers looking for refresher training, motorway tuition or Pass Plus.
What we love about this .tel
This information packed .tel mobile website details all of the locations Adam covers, how to pay and details of how to get in touch and book a lesson. Links to social media and Adam’s full website provides access to additional helpful resources – like how to perform basic car maintenance and checks.
Highlight mobile feature:
Adam’s mobile friendly .tel website has two standout features – a super fast click through to Adam’s prices, plus a great promotional offer voucher.
You can find Learn with Adam at

Sell Goods, Services and Take Donations With Your Telname

LONDON, June 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --
PayPal™ account integration helps small businesses take mobile payments simply and quickly
Telnames ( today announced at The Business Startup Show that customers will shortly be able to connect their PayPal™ ( accounts simply and quickly with their Telname in order to set up mini pop-up shops, receive payment for services and take donations.
"With the ability to simply and quickly take payments from customers visiting their mobile website on a smart phone, Telnames has removed pretty much every barrier to small businesses generating revenue and growing customers with a simple but effective website that works across all devices," said Khashayar Mahdavi, CEO of Telnames.
Small businesses can easily integrate their PayPal accounts using the web dashboard, provided as part of the Telnames service.  They can then sell up to five different products or services, or take donations, with Telnames taking no commission on the sales (standard PayPal commission applies).
Thousands of businesses have gone mobile in minutes with the award-winning Telnames service, which launched in the UK one year ago at The Business Startup Show.
The all-inclusive Telnames service and one-year .tel domain registration is just £24.95 per year. For more information and to check availability, please visit
About Telnames -
Media contact: Nicky Denovan, Evoked Set -