jueves, 1 de julio de 2010

Causa probable de la caida de los dominio .tel

Google has definately changed the search algorithm to the detriment of .tels. However, I don't honestly believe it has done so as a deliberate move. Bing is a far bigger threat than Telpages. It does seem to have altered what it assumes are keywords on our .tels, it is returning a different descriptive text under the header in the serps.

I'm seeing a lot of pages with the header and the words "this", "all", "search.tel" and then if it's a sub-folder, the breadcrumbs. Now I now google has expressed it's new liking for the breadcrumb trail, but more importantly it appears to be giving importance to the text from the on page search. According to some tools, the word "this" appears almost as important as H1 tags and well above the H3 tags (used by sub header).

I'm going to remove the search box from some of my .tels to see if it has any effect.

None of the keyword free text appears anywhere. I think it needs to be inside an H2 tag.

My web related sites, appear long before my .tel sites, even for the url without the suffix, but they always have done.

It will be interesting to see if PageRank drops for .tels. Dialaroom dropped from PR3 to PR2 after the last google dance.

I'm not jumping ship yet, but it's hard enough to sell the .tel idea now, if they can't find us on Google, it won't matter how good you think your .tel is, for any sort of directory or business, you'll be dead in the water.

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