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Video Testimonials of .tel

Video Testimonials

See how some of our customers have created their mobile-friendly .tel websites in just a few minutes!

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Los dominios registrados en networking4all pueden tener redireccion

Los dominios registrados en networking4all pueden tener redireccion

This domain name is registered for a client of Networking4all

All domains that have been registered with Networking4all B.V. can be managed in our online registration portal.

DNS Management (free)

If you want to change your DNS settings please login in to or website and go to "My domain names" here you can find a list of your registered domain names.

URL Forwarding (free)

For each domain you have registered you can use our free url forwarding system.

Mailforwarding (free)

All domain registrations include default mail forwarding solutions like aliases or distributions lists.

Register or move your domain name(s)

Register one or more domain names at once.

With Networking4all you are able to register each extension. If you want more than one domain name, enter the names and extensions below each other and click check.

Dominios de Novaltel

I like the shopping module very much:

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Aurora Ontario Deals on the Map

Aurora Ontario Deals on the Map

The ability of Telnames owners to add coupons on their .TEL sites has allowed me to create an “app” that showcases local deals on the map. As part of local advertising, this should create additional awareness to my local customers. The mapping app is broadcast via Facebook and Twitter and will be part of a small ad campaign.
Aurora Deals
Visitors get to interact with the map and coupons, explore and learn about local business.

domingo, 14 de julio de 2013

Blooming Marvellous!

Based in Lincoln, Jon Bonney uses his Telnames .tel name to ensure that time-pressed garden enthusiasts can get all the help they need to keep their grounds in tip top condition.

For the past 10 years Jon Bonney and his small team of experienced gardeners having been taking care of gardens and grounds on behalf of residential and commercial customers in Lincoln and the surrounding area. Now, thanks to Telnames, customers using their smartphone to search for a local gardening and grounds maintenance service can find out all about Greencoat Gardeners at and get in touch to schedule a visit. What do you do?
Greencoat Gardeners will tackle any kind of garden maintenance task. They’ll revitalise and cut lawns, tackle seasonal pruning, plant up flower beds, and can even pressure-wash hard standing areas such as paths and block paving.
Working in Lincoln and the surrounding areas, this mobile team of gardening experts take-on one-off sessions designed to get a garden in tip top shape or undertake a regular schedule of visits designed to relieve time-pressed home owners who simply want to relax and enjoy their gardens at the weekend.
As well as responding directly to calls from domestic customers, Greencoat Gardeners also undertake grounds maintenance for a number of businesses in the area.
.Tel us: Why do you use a Telnames .tel?
In recent years Jon Bonney has been marketing his company’s services to the commercial sector in a bid to grow and sustain his business. To win new grounds maintenance contracts he needs to promote his business to the widest possible local audience of potential business clients.
“Getting visibility on local online business listings is a priority, and I needed a mobile friendly website to ensure that anyone searching for a local garden maintenance company can instantly find out all they need to know about Greencoat Gardeners,” explains Jon.
Using his new Telnames .tel mobile friendly website, Jon has been able to produce a concise online business profile that’s perfect for placing in local online search engines. All of which should help to boost enquiries, and provide an instant snapshot of the services he offers.
.Tel us: How has your Telnames .tel helped your business?
“All our contact details are visible on our mobile-ready website,” explains Jon. “Anyone searching for a garden or grounds maintenance service can visit my .tel and view my details. They can even click through to my full website where a detailed overview of the service options plus sample costings is available to view.”
The Greencoat Gardeners Telnames .tel mobile website contains landline and mobile contact numbers, a click-to-email option together with images of the gardens the company currently maintains and details of the company’s geographic area of service coverage.
“This year we’re undertaking a big marketing push to local businesses and management companies, and we see our new Telnames .tel as a key part of our promotional mix,” confirms Jon.
“A Telnames .tel makes it fast and easy for a small business venture like ours to get a mobile friendly website that’s perfect for local online search listings.”
Jon Bonney, Owner, Greencoat Gardeners

Which TLDs have the most popular web sites?

Another way to evaluate the success of a top level domain.

As new top level domains start rolling off the assembly line in the coming months, there are a number of metrics we’ll consider to analyze how well they’re doing.

Domains under management (total domains) will be a key metric. The registries will care more about revenue, particularly if they charge more than other domains or sell a lot of premium domains. For some domains, fuzzy numbers around how well they serve the community will be considered.

Another way to look at the overall health of a TLD is to see how many registrants are creating successful sites using the TLD.

A ready source of data for this is Alexa’s list of top million sites. I cross-referenced the number of domains in yesterday’s Alexa top million list with the number of registered domains across the 12 TLDs that report monthly numbers to ICANN and have more than 50,000 registrations.

The numbers are interesting:

The middle column shows the number of sites for the top level domain that rank in Alexa’s top million. The right column shows how many domains per 1,000 registered for the TLD are in Alexa’s top million.

Yes, there are a bunch of holes you can poke in data like this. It’s not very meaningful for .tel since you can create web sites on .tel, for example. Perhaps the gross number of domains in the top million is more relevant, although that doesn’t take into consideration the niche nature of some TLDs.

Nonetheless, I think it’s another interesting way to cut the data.

ccTLDs are a bit harder to track

Report names and shames most-abused TLDs

Informe completo
Newish gTLDs .tel and .xxx are among the most secure top-level domains, while .cn and .pw are the most risky.
That’s according to new gTLD services provider Architelos, which today published a report analyzing the prevalence of abuse in each TLD.
Assigning an “abuse per million domains” score to each TLD, the company found .tel the safest with 0 and .cn the riskiest, with a score of 30,406.
Recently relaunched .pw, which has had serious problems with spammers, came in just behind .cn, with a score of 30,151.
Generally, the results seem to confirm that the more tightly controlled the registration process and the more expensive the domain, the less likely it is to see abuse.
Norway’s .no and ICM Registry’s .xxx scored 17 and 27, for example.
Surprisingly, the free ccTLD for Tokelau, .tk, which is now the second-largest TLD in the world, had only 224 abusive domains per million under management, according to the report..
Today’s report ranked TLDs with over 100,000 names under management. Over 90% of the abusive domains used to calculate the scores were related to spam, rather than anything more nefarious.
The data was compiled from Architelos’ NameSentry service, which aggregates abusive URLs from numerous third-party sources and tallies up the number of times each TLD appears.
The methodology is very similar to the one DI PRO uses in TLD Health Check, but Architelos uses more data sources. NameSentry is also designed to automate the remediation workflow for registries.