viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

Telnic with SoHo

Telnic Eyes Opportunity in Enabling SoHo Businesses

By: Charles Laughlin 24 May 2012


London-based Telnic is carving out an interesting role for itself as an online enabler of small businesses. Telnic is the organization that offers the .tel top level domain, which for GBP 14.95 per year provides a simple Web presence that enables individuals and businesses to store all their contact information (email, Web address, social presence) in a single, searchable profile.

The company has developed this into an online presence product (branded Telnames) that is optimized for smartphones and is targeting (among others) the small-office, home office business.

Imagine the office manager by day, licensed hypnotherapist by evening and weekend, and there lies the SoHo opportunity. There are millions of these micro businesses around the world and they share some common traits. Most have only a crude Web presence, which is likely not mobile optimized. Many operate their businesses without a dedicated landline, and most are accustomed to using self-service, since they are too small or too hard to find to gain the additional of a live sales force. This is an area where Telnic is focused, for now in the U.K. Telnic has formed marketing partnerships, for example, with various small-business and professional societies in Britain in order to reach more of these small, independent businesses.

We recently caught up with Telnic CMO Ian Bowen-Morris. He believes the big shift to smartphone usage bodes well for a mobile-ready micro-presence product like .tel.

"Our view is that the huge growth in smartphone penetration and mobile searching presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to generate leads. What all businesses need is a simple place that they can point people to so they can be reached quickly from any device.

"A .tel name is very low cost. It's easy to use and can be updated with a few clicks at any time. It is valuable as a stand-alone Web presence or a mobile-friendly enhancement to an existing Web presence," Bowen-Morris said.

Bowen-Morris said he is in discussions with directory publishers in the U.K., and elsewhere, about using the Telnic API to build a custom branded environment for offering .tel as part of a presence bundle, or as part of a managed service, which could command a much higher price point for resellers. Through the API, publishers can register the .tel names and upload merchant business profile info. Bowen-Morris says next on the list for Telnic are apps that allow registry and management of .tel names via iPhone or Android.

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lunes, 21 de mayo de 2012

Telnames para los dominios .tel

Is your business ready for today's mobile world?

Ian Bowen-Morris, CMO at London-based Telnames, explains why you need to be asking the right questions when it comes to thinking about what your business really needs from online tools

Despite national awareness campaigns and Government-nominated online Tzars pushing the benefits of everyone getting online, almost half of UK small businesses still do not have any kind of website.  Many still rely on word of mouth, traditional local advertising like local press and yellow pages, but in today's connected world, things have changed. People have become used to searching for the services they need online or using social media to get referrals from friends and contacts. Much of this is happening locally and increasingly on smartphones.

The typical reasons that many businesses are not yet online are not because they don't think they need or want to be, but rather it involves  time, effort and cost and there are so many other priorities to focus on  when building your business.

Those that have ventured online have typically bought a domain name with a basic template-based website with monthly fees for hosting. Once their site is set up, it's often left idle because it's either too much hassle, too costly or simply because they don't have any fresh content. So many of these types of sites look and feel out of date and are therefore of little interest to search engines like Google. Often they look awful when viewed from mobiles as they were really designed for PC viewing. This has now become a real problem with the boom in smartphone adoption and usage   The UK also has a high penetration of smartphones (47% according to YouGov in May, heading for 55% next year) and, according to Google, 95% of smartphone users have searched for local businesses and services.  Crucially, 68% of local information seekers call or visit a business after finding information on their smartphone. It's clear that every small businesses needs to have a mobile-friendly web presence to grow in today's mobile world.

One mistake that many website owners make is thinking that they need to have all their website content available on mobiles.  In many cases this can't be done; in most cases it shouldn't be done! The mobile user has different needs for information and content from those of the computer user. They 're on the move and just need the essential stuff – enough information to help them decide that this is the right service provider for their needs and ease of use in making fast, efficient contact. They don't have time to wait for pages to load or to browse irrelevant content. So, as you build your online presence, ask yourself, "Is this content essential and relevant to my customers on mobiles?" Or perhaps the real question to ask before you start is, "Do I really need a traditional website?"

The vast majority of UK SMEs are service providers, great at converting a lead once they get a call and talk with the customer or client. For these a simple, cost-effective and smart place online that outlines clearly what they do and how they can be contacted is all that is required.  It doesn't need to be heavyweight, expensive or a hassle to build.  It simply needs to work well, look good and be easily accessible.

This is what the new service from Telnames provides.  With a .tel name, everything you'd expect to see on a directory profile page is there, all your contact information and business profile displayed in a smart, mobile-friendly way. Everything is included – a top level domain name to get found in search, a smart page and hosting – all for one small annual fee of just £14.95.  

It's easy to set up and update and can get your business profile online in less than 15 minutes.  As you own it and control it, you can make changes at any time e.g. adding a new mobile number or even a special offer or link to a video. You can then share your business profile and contact information from one place, to anyone anywhere. 

Our customers since launch have come from a wide range of independent businesses from shops, restaurants, pubs and kitchen fitters to consultants, freelancers and alternative medicine practitioners.  They all seem to like the fact that they are in control and that the Telnames service addresses the key obstacles to getting online – it's easy, quick and very affordable.

The list goes on, but to see further great examples, visit (which is, of course, listed on  We'd love to see your business featured there, so why not take advantage of the exclusive discount below and get online, get mobile and get found today?



Telnames have arranged with the B2 Business Hub to provide members with an exclusive code, enabling you to get the first year registration of a .tel name for just £9.95 instead of the normal price of £14.95.  Simply visit and use the code SMEHUB to benefit from what must surely be the most cost effective marketing for your business.
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domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012

crear directorios en los dominios .tel

With regards to, the folder "7seas" is created as a hidden folder in the ROOT. But it is a linked "folder".

hideout.mytown is also a hidden folder in the ROOT but not linked.
In fact, the link to the folder "hideout" is provided from a secondary tel domain which is visited regularly by major search engines. This secondary tel domain can have 300,000 similar links to you premium tel domains. All sub domains in your premium domain behave as single page domains (except for the "." between two words).

Hope this helps.

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Well, for the time being stick to the directory structure similar to what we tried to explain from time to time on this forum referring to Folders should be built in the ROOT directory as hidden folders. Create separate CTH accounts for each tel domain.

We are not going elaborate too much at this time but one may study how the is structured with best SEO. The page was indexed by in 3 days and other major search engines picked it up in 5-6 days. is a single page in domain. NOT linked internally
Similarly, any tel domain can have 2999 single tel pages without linking to one another.

We plan to produce at least half a million similar pages within the next few weeks.
This process is already underway.

Every single tel page we produce for rental (for communication contact records ONLY) will pave the way for three new tel registrations. For instance, is a unique single tel page.
It gives an idea for others to register single page "", "" and also "" (All the regs can have Title "Hideout Mytown" - good option for SEO.)

Our aim is to target all possible smartphone users.
Not very much interested in Desktops as very few use them for communication.


Will give more info by end of this month and again by mid June.

Cheers! - A Sample Geo Directory is a sample geo directory created to demonstrate our approach to maintain a nice n short telpage URLs.

Advantages of having short tel page URLs:

  • Nice and Short identity for the page user. Unique identity similar to an email address.
  • It can be printed on a business visitor card, because it is short and fits in.
  • It can be printed on a letterhead, because it is short and easy to remember.
  • It can be printed at the bottom of an email message, again because it is easy to remember.
  • It can be displayed on a "info window" of map markers, because it is short and fits in.

Disadvantages of this method to achieve short URLs

  • CTH loading is very slow when there is a large number of folders under the ROOT domain.
  • Breadcrumbs are no longer visible when navigating with short URL links introduced by our method. As a result end user has to use the "Back" button of the PC or Phone.

Solutions to overcome above disadvantages

  • We recommend to use TELcp powered or a similar method to bypass CTH if you need to create large number of folders under root domain.
  • Losing of breadcrumbs for navigation is not a problem for mobile phone users as most of them use back/fwd buttons as a habit. Pc users can use the "Back" button of the browser.

4 Step method we used to achieve short telpage URLs in is as follows

Following 4 step instructions explain how to create folders and sub folders under the root domain of a .tel domain maintain short URLs by hiding unwanted links to pages.

You may use either the CTH or TELcp at to carry out these tasks. However, please bear in mind that loading of the CTH will be delayed when you have a large number of folders created under the root domain.

  • Domain name:
    planned categories: 25planned sub categoeies: 75.

  • Step 1 - Create visible folders on ROOT:

  • Step 2 - create visible sub folders:


  • Step 3 - Create hidden folders on ROOT:

  • Step 4 - Create following links from folders or sub folders:

















































- end -

A short URL for telpage is very easy to remember, less complicated than an email address.

name + city(town/village) + .tel !

martes, 8 de mayo de 2012

El dominio .tel es muy util

.tel address can be useful

by jayone

I was browsing the web when I came up on a site that was selling the .tel domain name. At first, I was skeptical on the benefits of having a .tel address, but the more I thought about it, it made sense to me. The whole purpose of the the .tel address is that it provides you with a online directory reference that is sorta cheap(Depending on domain registrar)

The reason that it makes sense to me is that it provides you with a simple way to give out your information about you. Unlike a regular website, you could only put basic directory information. Now that is not bad if you think about it. Lets say that you want to show a client multiple sites that you created, many people  would get annoyed by telling them to go to multiple sites. Instead you just give them one link with all the information that you want them to know. This is important because lets say if you give them a test/blog site like this one where you are constantly changing things in order to test out new technologies, well this can prove to be disastrous if you break the site like I do on a weekly basis. With the .tel you are limited with what you can do since it is meant to serve as a directory. But this is good because like that you only have to give them one site and it will have all the info that you would want to give them. This includes social media addresses, websites, phone numbers, location information, and a short summary about yourself or what it is for.

mess CC telnet site


For example in this picture, it is the directory for mesa community college, it shows there information on how to contact them. now lets say that you are a city or any other person or business, what you can do it put the contact  information that you see valuable. this way if you have multiple web site addresses or telephone numbers that you want to make public, now you can give the people a easy way of finding the information that you want them to find without the hassle of having an automated system tell them press 1, press two. This way they can find what they need fast. This is the only reason I find it useful.

I personally have put the .tel address on my business cards. That way if they want other sites or phone numbers about me, they can just go to one simple site and find anything they want about me with less hassle. For businesses purposes,  it think that it is a great idea.

If you go to, you can get one right now for 10 bucks. network solutions currently wants 50 for it. For ten bucks it is not that bad for a simple SEO boost.

Heck many people get a regular site just for the purpose of putting their basic info online. This can be a cheaper alternative if your whole purpose is just to put your info online.
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lunes, 7 de mayo de 2012

Telnames vs prior .tel

TelTalk wrote:
gobigcity wrote:I was curious if anyone knew the difference between the new Telnames offering and the old .tel platform

The main difference is simply that Telnames designed its own control panel and its own design for .tel domains.
Other registrars for .tel domains can't use the template from Telnames - and Telnames is not using the common templates other registrars are using.

I guess the main purpose is the strategic orientation on SMB in the UK: Simplicity seems to be the highest target (slim design, no IDNs and only one login for domain registration and customizing).
The new offer seems to me only an addition to the old distribution channels which includes a wider spectrum of customers, e. g. directories, customers with different languages and advertisers.

If you can't make a decision what platform you like better, then do it just like their director of customer services from Telnic:



But I doubt it's a good idea to run 2 domains with different design, but the same content!

Actually we could use the new theme on other registrars, as .tel domains are allowed to be forwarded and render out data, telnames don't need to give us access to subdomains to enter data for staff they could just let us render out the data on phantom sub domains that aren't indexed?

Aka on telnames has Technical Director on a different registrar that is likely in his local currency and that he might 'pay in' too for upto 10 years that also might provide different services to him on how he want's to represent himself to others, and the same goes for the other staff member who is linked too by their brand on telnames with the new .tel logo icons displaying they're linking to another .tel site and tagged as staff.

So a visitor interested in your brand clicks these links to check out and contact the staff and usually it would forward you to a registrar and might display them with a background that is not good representation for a brand to link to or makes it too personal so telnames should actually render it on a 'created on the fly' sub domain redirect that would be part of our allotted allowance and feed into the grandfathering policy of those who came first get a few more forwarder than those who come after the 10,000 sign up mark etc, this is to maintain branding across to staff profiles who likely would join and leave a company randomly as professionals do, so why be stuck paying for their .tel on telnames? and why not have some control over forcing branding on them from anyone who visits them from your 'branding perspective'?

So to recap this means they can pay for their own on a cheaper alternative with their own background maybe? then when link to them as 'staff' it grants them to be a phantom sub profile that's rendered under the brand schema with the company background, this as long as on their other .tel it says they're staff in the directory information section and match the tag.

So with phantom sub domains telnames can keep its almost 'one' page but allow it to expand to render branding across multiple data sets of variant registrars without having to grant everyone the new theme or a cut down version. Or a company forcing someone to maintain 2 or more .tels just for work etc.

Or telnic could allow data sets that we store in 'profiles' to be rendered in the phantom brand sub domain of telnames, aka say adds that hes 'in the office' it stores that under his hidden 'work' profile that we would usually switch to display but when links to and render's him with the brand design and background (without effecting his main domain style for anyone who visits him direct) the personal information is pulled out from the hidden data set from his at 'work' profile with stored status updates, so that his work and personal life don't get mixed and can stay separate, while displaying what ever he wants on his main profile .tel page.

If you didn't understand links to staff .tel sites, so like we can redirect one of our .tels to another .tel we own, telnames could allow us to not forward someone to their staff .tel that we link too but render their data under a phantom 'none indexed' sub domain of our telnames aka or that maintains the theme, branding without making things complex or companies forcing staff to use telnames.

viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

Mejor método para crear un directorio global con los dominios .tel

We have been doing few research projects to achieve better SEO for telpages through various methods.
The subdomain "hideout" in "" is one of them. was created as a hidden subdomain.
All other sub domains in except "hideout" have direct links to hidden sub domains from a different sub domain of

The examples below explains this better:
1) "natglobal"
The sub domain "natglobal" is a hidden sub domain of "".
But the linking is provided from (where "atm" is a DISPLAYED subdomain of "").
Therefore, search engine indexing of natglobal is done via
You can find "natglobal" either by navigating through or just typing "natglobal" in the search box of (or

2) "hideout"
The sub domain "hideout" is a hidden sub domain of "".
There is NO linking to the page "" provided from or any of its subdomains (hidden or DISPLAYED).
Then we created a link to "" from "" where "demo" is a DISPLAYED sub domain of
The "" is now indexed through "" and is available for searching at the search box of "".

Our experiment is successful.

Now what do you achieve by doing this?
Well, our aim is to create a ROOT page of "" without any links to its own subdomains.
Something like landing page
Then create links to its sub domains from another tel domain.

This method creates "neat & tidy" landing pages for tel domains which may be having too many sub domains you can not DISPLAY on a single page. Or an ideal visitor card for "";

And also make life easier for crawlers of

3) How to Search

Type keyword "hideout" in search box at OR type keywords "hideout mytown" in search box at

Plantilla de facebook en los dominios .tel

Facebook is supposed to begin trading this month under the stock symbol FB
on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange here in the U.S.

The Initial Public Offering (IPO) will value the company at around $100 Billion USD,
and Mark Zuckerberg is set to become wealthier than Microsoft's Steve Ballmer by June.

Facebook will continue to get hit with positives and negatives, and will continue
to be in the public spotlight.

IF you are trying to sell your .TEL domains, it is possible that a Facebook style
could draw interest and sales during the next several months or longer.

Try this template style if you just have the "Plain White" and use Mark Kolb's bulk
update tool at to do a few, who knows, it could make a difference in sales.

Use option 4 template and then:

1 - 3A5695
2 - 3B5898
3 - EBEEF5

Search ON

Here are a couple of examples and the link for comparison:

Could get a few million people to at least consider the .TEL idea from their current habits !

Maybe they will see the light and realize that .TEL ownership beats a Facebook page !

(And it beats the "Standard" look of a .TEL default anyway)

martes, 1 de mayo de 2012

Logo/Image on each page

Logo/Image on each page

To: All tel Owners at

Through your tel Owners acct, now you can add/delete/update Image/Logo & page Title on each tel page.

Image/Logo links are allowed only from an external source.
Image hosting service at is discontinued w.e.f. 1st/May 2012. 

General TOS & tel Owners\' TOS have been updated w.e.f. 1st/May 2012.

FREE service to manage up to 3000 tel pages through your tel Owner\'s account will continue.

TELcp Administration.
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