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Telnic Limited (, la organización que hay tras los reconocidos nombres .tel de comunicaciones, ha anunciado que su aplicación de gestión para nombres .tel, para Android, está ya disponible para descarga gratuita en el mercado Android y directamente desde

Henri Asseily, director de tecnología y jefe de estrategia de Telnic, dijo que Android comienza a percibirse como el sistema operativo no Apple al que dirigirse para teléfonos inteligentes y tablets en 2010. Henri Asseily indica que incorporando para Android a su base de aplicaciones de fuentes de fuente abierta y gratuitas, los propietarios de nombres .tel pueden gestionar su información de contacto en tiempo real utilizando una multiplicidad de dispositivos y factores de forma, adecuados a sus necesidades en ese momento. 

Un nombre .tel es el único dominio que puede establecerse y operarse totalmente desde un creciente número de teléfonos inteligentes. Actúa como un sencillo punto de contacto accesible desde cualquier dispositivo conectado a Internet, y los datos siguen bajo control y liderazgo del propietario del nombre de dominio .tel. Cientos de miles de nombres .tel se han registrado por personas y empresas, que ahora están aprovechando la presencia online fácil de utilizar y descubrible bajo su control, sin tener que tocar el tradicional PC, utilizar algún software de desarrollo web o pagar por alojamiento. 

Otras aplicaciones para iPhone y iPod Touch son y Superbook, el directorio .tel 'one-click-save' que también muestra la localización de contactos y su franja horaria. Adicionalmente, las aplicaciones que ofrecen alguna funcionalidad de gestión y consultas de información .tel están disponibles para dispositivos BlackBerry, Microsoft Outlook y Windows Mobile. El resto de aplicaciones son gratuitas y se lanzan bajo licencia de fuente abierta tipo BSD

domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

dominio .tel

The technical proceedings for renewing .Tel domains

All .tel domains are set as „autorenew" by default (automatic renewal), since registration.
And so, if the registrar doesn't make a request to delete the domain, it will get renewed automatically. In other words, you can find your self with a renewed NDD, without your wanting: But that would be a carelessness of the registrar, who would have to refund the costs.

The autorenew happens 45 days after the expiration date: During that time, the domain status within the Whois is „ok", and the domain remains accessable. That is the case, if the registrar has not set a shorter time frame for the delay. However the shorter time frame is more frequent case. And in case of the non-renewal within the shorter time stipulated, the access would be blocked (see further detailes, following below).

The registrar can execute the renewal anytime within those 45 days, OR just let the domain renew it self, automatically, at the end of the 45 days. The domain is renewed, as soon as the expiry date is adapted to the earlyer, respectively, the other date.

If the domain owner/holder informes a registrar that he does not want to renew the domain, he must send him a order / request for deleting the domain. That can be done anytime during the renewal time period (45 days). And so, there are many ways the domain can go, untill it perhaps finds its way to a public sale, or public availabilty (?).

If there is a delete-request, the domain will change its status, and will get the status „Pending Delete": From that moment, the domain won't be accessable anymore. The domain remanins „Pending Delete" during 30 days. - The owner/holder is able to reactivate/reposess/rebuy the domain for a additional fee, anytime within those 30 days. For example, at OVH they charge a penalty fee of 150 Euros, to recover the domain.
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At the end of the 30 days, there is a cancellation period for 5 days, where no one is able to reposess or buy the domain name. After the five days, the domain will be „freed", and available to a new registrant, which is a automatic procedure.

As you can therefore see and conclude: In theory, certain domains don't get available during 80 days after they expire (45 days periode for renewal, plus 35 days for cancellation) whereas others could be available earlier. This depends on the owner/holder, or on the registrar.

Please note, that, when you renew a NDD before the 45 days stipulated, it often happend, that within the first 21 or 30 days, providig your registrar agrees, two things can happen:
--> If the registrar plays the game: He informes Telnic and pays them: Your renewal appears in the Whois.
--> Or the registrar keeps the information for him self ... and his financial departement waits till the 44 day to pay Telnic: In that case your domain remains in the Whois as „not yet renewed".
The serious people like Gandi or OVH are to be found within the first group/example, but a lot of other registrars do „too much of a stretch". That means that a lot of NDD's that seem to be not yet renewed, will be miraculously renewed after more than 45 days.(!)
Also note, that if you haven't renewed within 21 (or 30) days, allowed by your regisrar, your domain is simply „suspended", and you can reactivate it till to the 44th day, without getting penalizised. Not untill the 45 day, where the domain will get deleted.

Source: Telnic. from English to French, and translated in English again.

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New Site Devoted Entirely to .Tel Domain Owners Goes Live

Fans of the .tel extension that was introduced in March 2009 got a new resource to draw on today when the website went live. The site was founded by Mark Kolb and Scott Smith, two early adopter .tel evangelists who saw a need for an exclusive .tel "domain

boutique" to address the unique requirements of the .tel community. As most of you know, .tel domains have different characteristics than other domains, one of the most notable being that all .tel pages have to be hosted on the registry's servers and there are restrictions on the kinds of content they can contain.

Smith said, "Our goal is simple - to help expand brand notoriety and to enable greater use and more creative ways to exploit .tel worldwide. Since March 24, 2009, over 275,000 .tel domains have been registered by individuals and businesses looking to create new channels of 

of communications and/or to enhance and broaden the distribution of their respective brands. During that same time there has been an explosion of trial and error activity by .tel owners attempting to find better and faster ways to add content to their domain properties and to monetize those assets."

The founders said TelMasters is offering new .tel registration services, aftermarket .tel sales and leasing, news, updates and is especially pleased to introduce "Mark's Tools" - tools designed exclusively to help manage and maintain .tel domains. Traffic counters, bulk up loaders, guest books, color and logo managers and quick updates are just a few of the current offerings that are free for TelMasters members.

Kolb said, "We've been .tel ambassadors since before the Sunrise period in late 2008. We maintain and manage a portfolio of over 800 .tel domains and have extensive experience in building tools and .tel sites for our own account and for our growing list of satisfied clients. We've established strong relationships with many international .tel domain owners with portfolios ranging from a few domains to those with several thousand domains. Those associations will continue to help guide us in the types of new tools we build and the features we incorporate into TelMasters."

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On Tuesday June 15th 2010, Telnic will start offering registration of internationalized domain names (IDN). The policies that govern IDN registrations are listed below. These policies are subject to amendment pending final approval. For more information about IDNs, please refer to the FAQ.

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COMUNICADO: para Android ya disponible en el mercado Android

-- Gestione su .tel totalmente desde su dispositivo Android

Telnic Limited (, la organización que hay tras los reconocidos nombres .tel de comunicaciones, ha anunciado hoy que su aplicación de gestión para nombres .tel, para Android, está ya disponible para descarga gratuita en el mercado Android y directamente desde

"Android comienza a percibirse como el sistema operativo no Apple al que dirigirse para teléfonos inteligentes y tablets en 2010", dijo Henri Asseily, director de tecnología y jefe de estrategia de Telnic. "Incorporando para Android a nuestra base de aplicaciones de fuentes de fuente abierta y gratuitas, los propietarios de nombres .tel pueden gestionar su información de contacto en tiempo real utilizando una multiplicidad de dispositivos y factores de forma, adecuados a sus necesidades en ese momento".

Un nombre .tel es el único dominio que puede establecerse y operarse totalmente desde un creciente número de teléfonos inteligentes. Actúa como un sencillo punto de contacto accesible desde cualquier dispositivo conectado a Internet, y los datos siguen bajo control y liderazgo del propietario del nombre de dominio .tel. Cientos de miles de nombres .tel se han registrado por personas y empresas, que ahora están aprovechando la presencia online fácil de utilizar y descubrible bajo su control, sin tener que tocar el tradicional PC, utilizar algún software de desarrollo web o pagar por alojamiento.

Otras aplicaciones para iPhone y iPod Touch son y Superbook, el directorio .tel 'one-click-save' que también muestra la localización de contactos y su franja horaria. Adicionalmente, las aplicaciones que ofrecen alguna funcionalidad de gestión y consultas de información .tel están disponibles para dispositivos BlackBerry, Microsoft Outlook y Windows Mobile. El resto de aplicaciones son gratuitas y se lanzan bajo licencia de fuente abierta tipo BSD.

Para más información sobre los dominios .tel y las aplicaciones y software gratuitos disponibles, visite Acerca de Telnic Limited - consulte

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Los .tel en al cola, cola

Queria saber cuantas visitas naturales puede recibir un dominio aparcado, segun la extensión. He hecho un calculo rapido a ojo, viendo la media de visitas de los 10 primeros dominios de juegos en sedo, en ingles.
En porcentajes ha resultado.
COM - 100
NET - 20
ORG - 9
INFO - 5
ES - 4
BIZ - 1
US - 1
Me ha sorprendido la enorme diferencia del .com con las demas extensiones. :shock:
Segun esto, en proporcion a visitas, un dominio .com vendido por 1.000€, el .net valdria 200€, el .org 90€, el .info 50€, el .es 40€, y el .biz y .us 10€.

He probado con Estibot - Valuate el valor que le da a un mismo dominio, en inglés, segun la extensión, y luego lo he clasificado, de manera que resulta proporcionalmente asi el valor de las principales extensiones, por orden de mas a menos :
com - 100 - 14
net - 12
org - 7.5
ca - 4.3
in - 2.7
us - 2.3
info - 2.2
eu - 1.7
tv - 1.4
ws - 0.95
mobi - 0.95
me - 0.65
biz - 0.45
cc - 0.30
asia - 0.15
name - 0.1
tel - 0.1

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Buy your .tel domain

The following list provides the names of companies offering .tel domains worldwide. Different companies offer different prices and service. Please feel free to compare and choose. You do not necessarily need to buy a .tel domain from within your country.

  Sort by Name Sort by Country
1 Network Solutions United States
2, LLC United States
3 Mesh Digital, Ltd. D/B/A United Kingdom
4 Tucows, Inc. Canada
5 Gandi France
6 Key-Systems GmbH Germany
7 Easyspace, Ltd. United Kingdom
8 Regional Network Information Center JSC D/B/A RU-CENTER Russian Federation
9 OVH France
10, Inc. Canada
11 DOTSTER, Inc. United States
12 Arsys Internet, S.L. D/B/A Spain
13 EPAG Domainservices GmbH Germany
14 Directi Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. D/B/A India
15, Inc. Canada
16 EuroDNS SA Luxembourg
17 Cronon AG Germany
18 Dynadot, LLC United States
19 eNom United States
20 1API GmbH Germany
21 Corp. United States
22 Online SAS D/B/A France
23 Ascio, Inc. Denmark
24 InterNetWire Communications GmbH Germany
25 Advantage Interactive t/a LCN.COM, LTD. United Kingdom
26 InterNetX (PSI-USA, Inc. D/B/A Domain Robot) Germany
27 Realtime Register B.V. Netherlands
28 Digitrad France
29 DomainContext, Inc. United States
30 OnlineNIC, Inc. United States
31 Regtime, Ltd. Russian Federation
32 DomainPeople, Inc. Canada
33 Own Identity, Inc. Italy
34 CSL Computer Service Langenbach GmbH D/B/A Germany
35 Moniker Online Services, LLC United States
36 Netfirms, Inc. Canada
37 Blacknight Internet Solutions Ltd Ireland
38 Internet GmbH Germany
39 Web Commerce Communications, Ltd. Malaysia
40 Namebay Monaco
41 10dencehispahard, S.L. D/B/A CDmon Spain
42 INDOM France
43 InterNetworX Ltd. & Co. KG Germany
44, Inc. China
45 Gratis DNS d/b/a Larsen Data Denmark
46 Instra Corporation D/B/A Domain Directors Australia
47 TierraNet, Inc. D/B/A DomainDiscover United States
49 XinNET China
50 Dinahosting, S.L. Spain
51 EnCirca, Inc. United States
52 Gabia, Inc Korea (South)
53 101Domain Inc. United States
54, Inc. Poland
55 Centrohost CJSC Russian Federation
57 IP Mirror Pte D/B/A IP MIRROR Singapore
58 Net 4 India Limited India
59 CORE Internet Council of Registrars Switzerland
60 Todaynic, Inc. China
61 YesNIC, D/B/A Whois Co., Ltd Korea (South)
62 United States
63 Center of Ukrainian Internet Names D/B/A UKRNAMES Ukraine
64 Inames Co., Ltd. Korea (South)
65 Interdominios, Inc. Spain
66 MarkMonitor Inc. United States
67 Register.IT SPA Italy
68 35 Technology Co., Ltd. China
69 BB Online UK, Ltd. United Kingdom
70 Domain The Net Technologies, Ltd. Israel
71 French Connexion D/B/A France
72 Melbourne IT Digital Brand Services Australia
73 Netlynx, INC India
74 Nordnet France
75 CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. United States
76 HiChina Zhicheng Technology, Ltd. China
77 Interlink Japan Japan
78 Mailclub SAS France
79 Secura GmbH D/B/A Germany
80 Total Web Solutions, Ltd. D/B/A Total Registrations United Kingdom
81 Domaininfo AB Sweden
82 GMO Internet, Inc. Japan
84 Namesbeyond United States
85 Net-Chinese Co., Ltd. Taiwan
86 Nom IQ, Ltd. d.b.a Com Laude United Kingdom
87 SafeNames, Ltd. United Kingdom
88 Variomedia AG D/B/A Germany
89 0101internet Hong Kong
90 AB NameISP Sweden
91 Arctic Names, Inc. Canada
92, Inc. United States
93 CPS-Datensysteme GmbH Germany
94 Domain Registration Services, Inc. D/B/A United States
95 DotAlliance, Inc. Canada
96 DotArai Co., Ltd. Thailand
97 Dotname Korea Corp. Korea (South)
98 Entorno Digital, S.A. Spain
99 Gal Communication (CommuniGal), Ltd. Israel
100 Globedom Datenkommunikations GmbH Austria
101 Imperial Registrations, Inc United States
102 iWelt AG Germany
103, Inc. Korea (South)
104 PakNIC Private, Ltd. Pakistan
105 Porting Access B.V. Netherlands
106 PSI-Japan, Inc. Japan
107, Inc. Turkey
108 Canada
109 Rockenstein AG Germany
110 srl D/B/A Italy
111 Visesh Infotecnics, Ltd. D/B/A India
112 Wooho Technology Co., Ltd. D/B/A Korea (South)
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  • What are IDNs?
    IDN stands for Internationalized Domain Name. An internationalized domain name (IDN) is an internet domain name that contains at least one character that is displayed in software applications such as web browsers, in whole or in part, in a language-specific script or alphabet, such as Chinese, Russian or the Latin-based languages with diacritics, such as German.
    An example would be Jö or 李.tel. These names will be seen in software applications such as web browsers. IDN-aware applications translate these names into traditional ASCII-only strings such as, for example, As a result, IDNs are displayed in their internationalized form in the user interface, while internally applications and servers communicate using ASCII-only forms of the same domains.
    Every registered IDN must be associated with a specific language. For more information on IDNs, please see
  • What languages will domain names support at launch?
    Sixteen languages will be supported at launch. Those languages are Chinese, Danish, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.
  • Why is my language not supported in IDNs?
    IDN policies are a product of a collaborative work of technical, legal and linguistic experts. Telnic believes that the best avenue for developing IDN policies for a given language is through the countries and communities that use that language. The reasoning for Telnic's choice of languages is therefore based on how close a given country or community is to a consensus in regards to what rules must govern their local language IDNs.
  • Will further languages be supported in IDNs?
    IDN policy development is an ongoing process. Telnic will be considering the introduction of new IDN languages based on the results of the discussions within the respective communities.
  • What characters are allowed in domains?
    Generally, all characters that are used in the language an IDN is associated with are allowed. For more details, please refer to the policy document for the corresponding IDN language. IDN policies will be published on Telnic's web site closer to the launch date. Each of the policies contains a character table that lists all the characters allowed for an IDN in a given language. To be informed of the release of these policies, please email
  • What characters are not allowed in domains?
    Any characters that are not included in the character table for a given language, are not allowed. For example, one cannot register münché as a German language IDN, because letter "é" is not part of the German language character table.
  • How can I register an domain? domain names can be registered through a sub-set of our ICANN-accredited Registrar partners. A list of those selling .tel domains and IDNs will be found at Those that support domain name registrations will be marked with an asterisk.
  • When can I register an domain? domain names will be open for registration from Tuesday June 15th 2010 at 3.00 p.m. BST.
  • What restrictions are there on purchasing domains?
    Apart from the restrictions on the types of characters that can be registered and the languages supported, there are no further restrictions on the registration of domain names and 1 and 2 character IDNs are available.
  • What software applications support IDNs?
    Most modern browsers, such as Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 7.0 and Safari support IDNs. More details of IDN support in other applications are available at
  • Can I set up an e-mail address using an domain name?
    The part of an e-mail address that appears to the left of the @-sign is subject to different rules than the ones that govern the domain name part of the address, which appears to the right of the @-sign. Some modern e-mail clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, allow use of internationalized domain labels to the right of the @-sign. Protocol for full internationalization of e-mail addresses is currently being developed. More information is available at
  • Can I purchase a one or two character domain?
    Yes, if it is available and conforms to the character sets and language tables available.
  • Is there a restricted period for purchasing domains?
    No, domain names will all become available at the same time for registration from 3 p.m. BST Tuesday June 15th 2010.
  • Do domains cost more than standard .tel domain names?
    Exact retail pricing will be decided by our participating registrars, and so will vary from company to company. However we do not anticipate that Internationalised .tel will cost any more than regular .tel domain names.
  • Do you take measures against homographic attacks?
    Yes, .tel employs a variant blocking mechanism so domain names in different scripts that look confusingly similar cannot be registered. For example, if the domain name is registered, will not be available for registration in Russian. Prior to launch, Telnic will publish IDN polices on its website that will provide more details on variant name blocking mechanisms
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    Primer año de vida de los dominios .tel

    Los dominios .tel se enfrentan a su primer año de vida, encrucijada a partir de la cual se va a saber si los registrantes renuevan sus .tel o no. De acuerdo con las estadísticas de la ICANN, el número de dominios .tel registrados puede no ser suficiente para soportar la inversión de 35 millones de dólares realizada por Telnic:

    Fecha Dominios Variación
    Marzo 2009 129.562  
    Abril 2009 182.093 52.531
    Mayo 2009 201.303 19.210
    Junio 2009 214.065 12.762
    Julio 2009 221.616 7.551
    Agosto 2009 227.724 6.108
    Septiembre 2009 234.405 6.681
    Octubre 2009 242.862 8.463
    Noviembre 2009 255.289 12.417
    Hay que recordar que Telnic como Registro está obligado a presentar informes periódicos detallados a la ICANN, que debe mantener la confidencialidad de los mismos durante tres meses, antes de publicarlos.
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    .tel Birthday

    Welcome to .telegraph, the monthly .tel community newsletter covering the latest news on .tel features, software and services, as well as useful tips and advice from .tel owners. Why not share this with someone you think may also be interested? More resources are at



    In this issue:

    TelPages Live!

    The first user-defined global directory is now active at Set up your .tel today to enter and be found by TelPages users all over the world.


    High rankings can be gained by well-populated pages with good-quality content, including descriptions and keywords.

    This powerful search directory indexes all active .tel domains, and provides advanced search capabilities with Who / What / Where fields that allow you to search for people or services in specific areas. TelPages 2.0 is already in development with richer features.

    Large companies and directories will soon be able to integrate the TelPages search bar into their .tel resources, while developers will be able to use the new interface for custom searches and embedding TelPages into websites and client apps.

    Add New Logo dialogue box

    "What's great with the .tel is you can say goodbye to large phonebooks and useless paperwork. The information is quickly accessible. It is very practical for someone like myself who is constantly on the move. The technology is environmentally friendly and practical."

    Pascal Dufour, Quebec, Canadian Singer

    Add New Logo dialogue box for Android 1.0 for Android is now available from Telnic's website or on the Android Market. Simply search for "tel" from your device, and "" application should be at the top.

    From the very first version, for Android can:

    • Edit text, keywords and contact information, including private data
    • Switch and manage profiles
    • Set your location to the GPS position or another location of your choice
    • Navigate and manage folders
    • Manage privacy and friend groups
    • Keep logs of your activity for debugging

    Monetize your .tel with Google AdSense

    You can now increase your revenue through pay-per-click adverts, sponsored links and announcements. Easily setup Google AdSense for your domain via Settings in your control panel. You only need to do this once to add adverts to all folders of your domain.

    You can also use the same advert ID twice to get two ad blocks. Google de-duplicates content, so you won't get identical adverts on the same page. For greater flexibility in placing the adverts and adding static TelAds, use system interfaces or 3rd party tools.

    Please check with your .tel provider whether the AdSense feature is available for you today.

    Examples of .tels with adverts

    How to improve your directory structure

    A .tel resource can be as simple and nimble as a personal business card, or as complex and multi-faced as an online directory service. However, many large organizations and directories have difficulties fitting everything into one .tel, and instead integrate multiple .tel domains into a framework.

    Feedback from directory builders shows that shorter lists and navigational paths score highest with visitors, so More isn't always Better. Ultimately, users want to find the phone number they're looking for in only a few clicks. The simplicity and speed become especially important when browsing on a mobile device due to screen limitations and costly traffic.

    When developing your .tel, think about the optimal navigation paths and the presentation of information on each page. Speed and accessibility are key differentiators when promoting a .tel resource, so keep thinking about usability and the mobile market while building your .tel structure. And whatever you do, don't leave empty folders – there's little worse than hitting a dead end after 5 or 6 navigational layers.

    Ultimately, as a .tel builder, you need a "secret formula" that will take into account the overall amount of information you wish to publish, the target audience of your project, their goals and browsing habits, the devices (mobile or PC) that they will use, and the amount of time and effort they will be prepared to spend on your .tel resource. You will also need to cater for the potential growth of your project and the hosting limitations in place.

    Practical Examples

    To avoid excessive navigation, multiple .tel domains can be used to make up a project. This can be illustrated with mind maps. In our examples below, arrows outline the navigation flow, and numbers 1 to 3 show levels.

    Example 1: links to individual resources like The overarching project Talfen can still get the most marketing, and can serve as a hub for the mass of new entries, while niche .tel domains host specific information and can be used independently for subsequent queries.

    Example 2: by Richard Desjardins (see interview at page 5). In this setup, "My City" project relies on several town .tel domains, each working as an independent directory.

    Example 3: contains some information under its own navigational tree, but also relies on other .tel services, such ("weather") – which is shared among a number of local city directories, such as and Unlike the previous examples, this model has more than one master project—one for each city and service.

    Summing it up, city directories often use multiple .tel domains to organize their data by category or geographical area, and generate additional cross-links for search engine optimization. Thus, a joint .tel model improves the experience for customers, and brings more traffic and usage through search engines.

    And cities are not the only aspect where this model can help. From portfolios like to associations and local groups like, multiple .tel domains cross-linked to each other make up successful resources.
    So what's next – a pan-American directory of accountants? A worldwide network of carpet manufacturers? A galaxy reunion for saving the green Earth?

    .tel in Quebec, new French revolution

    Richard Desjardins
    President, Maville .TEL INC

    I was first introduced to .tel through a registrar in Europe who sent me an advanced notice that this new TLD extension was going to hit the market some three or four months beforehand. At first I brushed it off as just another extension without even reading the details of the product, but something about .tel must have been harassing my subconscious because I decided to go back to my office and read up on it the same night. WOW, what I had just read was mind blowing. This was going to take mobile applications, particularly directories to a whole different level.

    I called a corporate friend of mine, Roland Lessard, who is now a partner and together we formed a new corporation called MaVille Tel Inc. The following week we met and I let him in on the secret. Working in the computer industry he was immediately excited by the product and it's potential. We got together and waited for the Sunrise period, you should have seen how hard it was for us not to tell anybody what we where up to. At Sunrise, we hit the .tel market and both invested about 40,000.00$ worth of .tel domains. Between Roland and I, we purchased over 1000 .tel domains. It was the best investment we ever made.

    Needless to say, we wasted no time in putting together a strategy to use the extension to its maximum potential. We have 7 major projects we are working on with the .tel., French for MyTown, is our priority and we have been meeting or talking on the phone between 2 to 6 times a day since this project began in February 2010, to confirm adjustments and tweaks necessary to the project. We have since had newspaper articles, produced high quality pamphlets which are at this moment being modified to accommodate the different explanations to educate the Quebec public as to its use and how businesses can benefit from its use.

    At first people here were surprised when they heard about the .tel extension, but when they understood it, a minute later they were also very surprised to have never heard of it.

    We have now hired a telemarketing company with 23 years experience and which is very excited about the project to promote and meet with different companies to discuss and sell the service.

    We also have representatives working with territories, our own contracts, door stickers for all who sign up. We have already signed up businesses under contract.

    MaVille groups all of the businesses in their particular town, so if you're in a given town and want an Italian restaurant, you go to click the town you're in, click the category Restaurant and what type of restaurant and there you are, use the GPS to bring you there. Even the best directories are not as efficient as the .tel extension in this category.

    The customers will recognize that anyone who has the MaVille sticker on their door can automatically be found at the .tel domain for their particular town. I have even created an iPhone icon for quick access to which can be downloaded right from the .tel domain.

    For our telecommunications corporation my partner and I envision bigger things. MaVille is but the tip of the iceberg. Like I said earlier we have other projects already on the drawing board and we are anxious to get them going. My partner Roland and I already envision a project that will, in the next five to seven years, dominate the directory industry in the French language, worldwide. We consider ourselves the real live pioneers of .tel here in Quebec.

    How do you use yours?

    Use your .tel to drive all your communications, serve as your brand, and generate revenue with advertising. Dan Meyer, President of Sword-Swallowers Association International, uses to share his up-to-date contact details and information about upcoming shows and events. Dan has been kind enough to allow us to create a little advert about him. Tell us how you use your .tel, and you too may be featured in future.


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    miércoles, 14 de abril de 2010

    Los expertos parecen que no confian en los .tel, NOSOTROS SÍ TENEMOS ESPERANZA Y FE. Lógicamente no tenemos ni idea de como funciona ésto, pero si sabemos que cuando vamos a dar de alta un dominio, luego nos clavan por el alojamiento, y luego tenemos que diseñar una web, con la cual metemos la pata y no somos capaces de optimar nada, por lo que se hunde en google, sin embargo para nosotros los novatos, vemos que los .tel lennnnnntamente van facilitando la labor, y que tienen una visión de futuro distinta... El resto de dominios son más de lo mismo. La diferencia entre un .es, .be, .eu, .net, .lechesenvinagre es ninguna, solo determina a un manipulado genérico, o una aprovechada zona geográfica... SOLO VEMOS ALGO DIFERENTE DE FUTURO EN LOS .TEL, por eso a pesar de todos los expertos, seguimos confiando en ellos.

    Entrevista a Tim Schumacher Ceo de

    Escrito por javierf - 14 de April de 2010

    Tim SchumacherAntes de Todo gracias por su tiempo y por acceder a esta entrevista.
    Se habla mucho de la baja en el pago de los clicks. Algunas empresas dicen que es por la crisis, "que las ganancias han bajado". Pero otras empresas de parking dicen que es mentira que muchos de los parkings están depurando aquellas carteras que dejan poca ganancias, cual es su opinión de todo esto?
    Ciertamante las ganancias han bajado y son varios los factores que contribuyen a ello.  Primero,  el precio del click ha bajado,  las companías han reducido sus presupuestos de marketing y están pagando menos por click. Segundo, el CTR de las páginas de parking también bajó, las personas no están haciendo la cantidad de clicks que solían hacer antes. Tercero, los dominios están recibiendo menos tráfico, lo cual es parte natural del ciclo de vida de una página de parking.
    Algunos años atrás existía cierto tráfico cuestionable en las páginas de parking debido a que en aquel entonces no existían herramientas adecuadas para prevenir fraudes.  Ahora, tanto las companías de parking así como las companías proveedoras de anuncios de Internet poseen herramientas sofisticadas para prevenir este tráfico cuestionable que en el pasado hubiera sido usado para inflar los números.  El tráfico no-orgánico, como es de esperarse, no era apreciado por las companías que se anunciaban en las páginas de parking. Hoy en día estas companías pueden estar seguras de que el dinero que están invirtiendo para anunciarse en páginas de parking es dinero bien invertido con un tráfico que realmente convierte muy bien.
    Nosotros no estamos tratando de depurar portafolios, en Sedo valoramos a todos nuestros clientes y todos son bienvenidos, desde el cliente que está monetizando un dominio hasta dueños de grandes portafolios.  Por supuesto que contamos con nuestro galardonado programa de SedoPRO para aquellos clientes que cuentan con portafolios con tráfico de alta calidad. Dichos clientes cuentan con ejecutivo de cuenta dedicado, ellos pueden probar nuestros nuevos productos antes que los demás clientes y tienen más opciones de optimización, entre otros beneficios.

    En el 2007 en un Newsletter de Daily Domainer , usted había recomendado que había que vender los dominios .tv, .biz,. cc, .ws . Comprar .info, .us, .IDNs , ccTLDs y por ultimo mantener los .eu, .com y los .net. ¿Hoy después de 3 años que recomendaciones sugiere para el futuro?
    Mi recomendación sería aún muy similar a la que di hace tres años; aunque con los cambios que recientemente ha hecho la Registry de .TV, cambiaría mi perspectiva sobre esta extensión. Anteriormente, la Registry de .TV solía cobrar tarifas Premium de renovación cada año en los dominios Premium, esto ya no es así y esta nueva medida hace a esta TLD mucho más atractiva.

    ¿En cuánto tiempo cree que veremos los dominios de LATAM y .es a la altura del los .de hoy en día en el mercado de ventas? ¿En qué extensiones de LATAM invertiría usted mismo?
    Es difícil señalar una fecha exacta, pero yo diría que de 4 a 5 años algunas de las ccTLD de Latino América podrían estar al mismo nivel que hoy se encuentra el .de. Todo dependerá de cuán agresivas sean las Registries en este período. La Registry de .de es una de las más agresivas en cuanto a su política de precios con una tarifa de renovación anual de €2 Euros.
    Yo invertiría en las ccTLDs que tengan una Registry estable con precios decentes que tengan una población significante así como una creciente tasa de penetración de Internet, como México, Argentina, Brasil o Colombia. Más que nada invertiría en los dominios de segundo nivel en los países donde ya están disponibles como por ejemplo .mx, .cl o .co. Los dominios de segundo nivel son a los que debemos prestar atención.
    Me gustaría saber su opinión sobre los nuevos TLD y sobre las que ya existen tipo .travel, .pro, .mobi
    Estas posibles nuevas TLDs van a crear mucho movimiento en el mercado; sin embargo, no afectarán el valor de las extensiones ya existentes. Extensiones como .travel, .pro o .mobi tienen cierto valor y ciertas ventas, pero estas extensiones nunca podrán ser un substituto de un ccTLD o de un .com o un .net. Si tú quieres tener tu empresa en México o en Alemania la extensión que debes buscar es un .mx o un .de y si quieres una extensión global entonces la que debes buscar es .com.

    Por allí he escuchado que Sedo tiene ya buen tiempo trabajando en su laboratorio de investigación en alternativas de página parking, por ejemplo "minisitios' o sitios de una página con buen contenido, que hay de eso? Alguna novedad sobre ese tema?
    Sedo invierte mucho dinero para mejorar la monetización de dominios así como para la mejora de nuestra plataforma de compraventa. Como parte de estos esfuerzos estamos constantemente probando varias alternativas, hemos encontrado algunas que funcionan y otras que no funcionan. Estamos haciendo pruebas constantemente y vamos a dar a conocer algo tan pronto como haya terminado el período de prueba y tengamos la certeza de qué solución funcionará en gran escala. Por lo pronto, hemos lanzado nuevas herramientas que mejoran los resultados de parking, tales como los enlaces relacionados automatizados y la auto-categorización de dominios.
    A un año del lanzamiento de los dominios .tel ¿cómo se encuentra el mercado actualmente en función de ventas?
    Desde el lanzamiento del .tel hemos visto un insignificante volumen de ventas de esta extensión.

    A casi un año del lanzamiento beta de SedoMLS cómo ha evolucionado en este tiempo? Por otra parte para aquellos que no conocen me gustaría que nos comente sobre este servicio?
    Es muy prometedor. Hemos visto un gran incremento en el volumen de ventas de los dominios listados con un precio fijo. Yo definitivamente recomendaría listar los dominios a la venta con un precio fijo, ciertamente se van a vender más rápido.  Por ejemplo, el dominio estaba listado con la opción de "hacer oferta" desde Mayo del 2009; en este período sólo recibió tres ofertas siendo la más alta $3,500 USD. Después en Marzo del 2010 fue listado con un precio fijo de $19,000 USD y fue vendido tan sólo tres semanas después. Además si los dominios también califican para SedoMLS podrán contar con varios canales de distribución para llegar a usuarios finales.
    Sedo provee a las Registrars participantes y a sus usuarios acceso a dominios listados con un precio fijo de entre más de 14 millones de dominios listados en Sedo. Mediante la conexión con los Registradores Sedo puede ofrecer a los vendedores una exhibición adicional para sus dominios listados con un precio fijo.  Es muy sencillo, los solicitantes de registro (compradores) realizan una búsqueda en el website de la Registrar. Una consulta de búsqueda por palabra clave es enviada a SedoMLS y nuestra optimizada tecnología de búsqueda devuelve una lista de dominios con precio fijo relevantes a dicha búsqueda, los cuales están disponibles para su compra inmediata a través de la plataforma de Sedo. Los dominios sugeridos son desplegados directamente en la plataforma de la Registrar sin mostrar la marca de SedoMLS y el solicitante de registro puede adquirir el dominio en ese momento tan sencillo como registrar un domino.

    ¿Qué proyectos tienen pensados en el futuro para

    Nos hemos comprometido a cerrar la brecha entre los propietarios de dominios y la comunidad mundial para ayudar a todos a encontrar su voz en la web mediante la utilización de una sofisticada tecnología, un servicio personalizado y la especialización local.
    Estamos enfocados en incrementar las ventas y mejorar la monetización de dominios. No puedo dar detalles específicos en este momento pero en este segundo trimestre pueden esperar una herramienta de búsqueda realmente mejorada, la cual estamos desarrollando con nuestra companía filial

    Quiero su opinión como persona de negocios y no como CEO de ¿Qué opina de Sabemos que no es una empresa de Parking, sino más bien un análisis sofisticado y solución de optimización que admite diferentes programas de parking como DomainSponsor, NameDrive, Parked, Sedo, etc.

    Bueno, es difícil separar estos dos roles pero haré mi mejor esfuerzo. La gente de son unas personas inteligentes con un servicio inteligente. Es importante analizar y comparar, pero una vez que ya has analizado y comparado tienes que elegir la mejor opción y trabajar directamente con esa companía. Ellos ofrecen una buena herramienta de optimización de parking para un corto plazo, sin embargo, esta no es una estrategia de negocios viable en el largo plazo. Ya hemos visto estos meta-servicios anteriormente, tales como TrafficClub, por ejemplo, que existió por un corto período hasta que fue adquirido por Pero Sedo no es sólo parking, Sedo es una solución integral que te brinda todas las herramientas y servicios que necesitas para maximizar las ganancias de tu portafolio de dominios. Si realmente quieres sacarle el máximo provecho a tu cartera de dominios, tienes que analizar más allá de sólo parking y crear la estrategia correcta y seleccionar cuáles dominios debes mantener, cuáles debieras listar con un precio fijo, qué dominios aparcar y cuáles desarrollar, qué dominios deben ser negociados por un experto, etc. Si creas una estrategia inteligente más allá de sólo parking, al final del año tus ganancias totales debieran ser mayores y, ésta es la ventaja única que Sedo Provee.

    Por último quiero agradecer públicamente a Luisa Fernanda Villa y Battenberg Regional Manager – Latin America y a todo el personal de por el trato profesional y el apoyo en el 2º encuentro de Domainers Hispanos en Punta de Este (Uruguay). En nombre de todos los asistentes les hago llegar el agradecimiento.


    Interview with Tim Schumacher

    First of all thanks for your time and for agreeing to this interview.

    There is much discussion on the decrease on the amounts paid for clicks. Some companies say "earnings are down" because of the crisis, But other parking companies say it is a lie and that many of the parking portfolios are debugged because they leave little profit, what is your opinion on this?
    Certainly earnings are down and there are many factors that contribute to this. First of all, the click price went down, companies reduced their marketing budgets and are paying less per click. Secondly, the CTR on parked pages went down as well, people are not clicking as they used to. Thirdly, domains are receiving less traffic, which is part of the natural lifecycle of a parking page.
    Some years ago there was some questionable traffic on parking pages since adequate tools to prevent fraud didn´t exist. Now, parking companies as well as ad provider companies have sophisticated tools to prevent this questionable traffic that in the past used to inflate the numbers. Non-organic traffic of course was not appreciated by the companies which advertised on parking pages; nowadays companies can be sure that the money they are investing to advertise on parking pages it is well invested and it is traffic that actually converts very well.
    We are not trying to debug portfolios, in Sedo we value all of our customers and everyone is welcome from the customer who is monetizing one domain all the way up to domain portfolio holders. Of course we have our awarded SedoPro program for those customers who have high quality traffic portfolios. Those customers have a dedicated account manager, they can try our new products and tools before other clients and have more optimization options among other advantages.

    In 2007, in a newsletter of Daily Domainer, you recommended to sell the domains .Tv, .Biz, .cc, and Buy .Info, .Us, .IDNs, ccTLDs, and ultimately keep .Eu, .Com and .Net. Now 3 years later, what are your recommendations for the future?
    My recommendation will still be pretty similar to the one I gave three years ago; although with the changes that the .TV registry recently made I would change my perspective on this extension. Before, the .TV registry used to charge premium fees every year for the renewal of premium domains, now that has changed and this new measure makes this TLD more attractive.

    In how much time do you think we will see the LATAM Domains and .es domains at the same level as there are the .de today? And in which LATAM domain would you invest yourself?
    It is hard to say an exact point in time. But I would say that probably in four to five years some of the ccTLDs in Latin America could be at the same level that the .de is today. It will depend on how aggressive the registries will be in this period. The .DE registry is one of the most aggressive in terms of pricing with a yearly registration price of €2 Euros.
    I would invest in ccTLDs that have a stable registry with decent prices that also have a significant population and increasing Internet penetration rates such as Mexico, Argentina, Brazil or Colombia. I would invest in the second-level domains in the countries where they are available like for instance .mx, .cl or .co. These second-level extensions are the ones we really need to pay attention to.

    I would like to know your opinion on the new TLDs and the existing type .Travel, .Pro, .Mobi
    These possible new TLDs will create a lot of movement in the market; however they would not have an effect on the value of the current extensions. Extensions such as .travel, .pro or .mobi have some value and some sales but these extensions can never be a substitute for ccTLDs or .com or .net. If you want to have your business in Mexico or Germany you would prefer to have the .mx or the .de and if you want a global extension you would prefer the .com.

    There are many rumors, that SEDO is working in its development laboratory on parking alternatives, such as "mini-sites" or sites of pages with good content, can you tell us more about this? Any news on this subject?

    Sedo invests a lot of money to improve domain monetization as well as to improve our marketplace. As part of these efforts we are constantly trying various alternatives out there, we have found some that work and some that do not work. We are constantly testing and we will release something when we finish the testing period and we are sure of what solution will work on a grand scale. So far, we have released new tools that improve parking results such as the auto-related links and the auto-categorization.

    A year after the launch of the .Tel how is the market today in terms of sales for this extension?

    Since the launch of the .Tel we have seen an insignificant volume of sales in this TLD.
    Almost a year after the beta launch of SedoMLS, how has it evolved in this time? And secondly, for those who do not know this term I'd like you to please comment on this service.
    It is very promising. We have seen a great increase in volume of sales on domains listed with a fixed price. I would definitely recommend to fix-price domains, they certainly will sell faster. For instance, domain was listed for sale as "make offer" since May 2009, in this period of time it only received three offers being the highest $3,500 USD; then in March 2010 it was set at a fixed price for $19,000 USD and was sold three weeks after that. And also if fixed-price domains qualify for SedoMLS they would have many distribution channels to reach final users.
    SedoMLS provides participating registrars and their customers access to fixed-price domains from over 14 million domains listed on Sedo. By connecting with registrars, Sedo can offer sellers additional exposure for their fixed price domains. This works pretty simple, registrants perform a domain search on registrar's website. A keyword search query is sent to SedoMLS and our optimized search technology returns a list of highly relevant fixed price domain names, which are available to purchase instantly through Sedo's secondary marketplace. The suggested domains are displayed directly in registrar's online marketplace without any SedoMLS branding and registrant can acquire the domain right there as simple as registering a domain.
    What projects are designed in the future for

    We are committed to bridge the gap between domain owners and the global community to help everyone find their voice on the web by utilizing sophisticated technology, personalized service and local expertise.

    We are focused on increasing sales and improving monetization. I cannot give specific details at the moment but watch out this Q2 for a greatly improved search tool that we are developing with our daughter company

    I want your opinion as a business person and not as CEO of What do you think about, we know that it is not a parking company, but rather a sophisticated analysis and optimization solution that supports various parking as DomainSponsor, NameDrive Parked, Sedo, etc.
    Well, it is hard to separate these two roles but I will do my best. The people from are smart guys with a smart service. It is important to analyze and compare, but once you have analyzed and compared then you have to chose the best choice and work directly with them.  They offer a good short-term parking optimization tool, however this is not a viable business strategy for the long run. We have seen these meta-services before, like TrafficClub for instance, that existed for a short period of time until it was acquired by But Sedo is not only about parking, Sedo is a one-stop-shop that gives you all the tools and services you need to maximize the earnings of your domain portfolio. If you really want to make the most out of your domain portfolio you have to analyze beyond parking and create the right strategy and select what domains you should keep, what domains should be set with a fixed price, what domains to park and what domains develop, what domains should be brokered, etc. If you create a smart strategy beyond just parking at the end of the year your overall profits should be higher, and this is the unique advantage that Sedo provides.
    Finally, I want publicly thank Luisa Fernanda Villa y Battenberg, Regional Manager – Latin America and the entire staff of for the professional support in the 2nd meeting of Hispanic Domainers in Punta del Este (Uruguay). On behalf of all the participants I extend my appreciation.