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Nos unimos a la propuesta para que Telnic saque a la venta los dominios de 1 y 2 caracteres, dominio .tel


Ahh... One and a Two


Ahh... one and a two

Today is the day that the newly repackaged .CO domain extension offers availability on a first-come first-served basis to the general public. At the time of this writing, in less than 3 hours, for about $25-$30 anyone can register a .CO domain from one of 10 pre-approved ICANN-accredited registrars and their respective resellers. This message is not about their new launch and how the .CO registry – Cointernet.co staged, and continues to stage a brilliant marketing campaign, it's more about taking a page from their strategy and developing a grassroots effort to see if we can assist Telnic to achieve some parallel results, results that may help to increase notoriety and acceptance of the .tel extension worldwide.

One of the marketing tools that .CO employed was to be pre-authorized by their ICANN charter to sell one and two character domains. I won't go into the obvious pros (there are no cons) of owning and using extremely rare one and two character domains because as we all know, unless you're in the porn biz of course, that shorter is better. Cointernet offered companies and organizations the ability to register one and two character domains where doing so would not only be consistent with their stated business objectives, but to also to create a ton of marketing buzz that would light up the blogospheres, the Twitter'spheres and the YouTube'ospheres of the world.

Well… it worked. Worked in spades.

First they held an auction for the single-character domain e.co. It attracted a final bid of US$81,000 and in another stroke of brilliance the proceeds were donated to charity. How's that for getting the 'greens', the tree-huggers and the philanthropically challenged on board? So the benchmark was set. Before a single .CO domain was made available to the general public, .Cointernet established a market value for their single character domains.

But it didn't stop there.

Twitter, currently taking over the world 140 characters at a time and the 11th most popular website in the world according to Alexa, (take it with a grain of salt) bought t.co as an URL shortening tool and a vehicle to control certain security aspects of Twitter tweets. Shurly shome smart people doing some smart thinking.

And now we hear tell…

That over at Overstock.com, that huge US-based recycling bin (revenue in 2009: $876 gazillion) has just purchased o.co for a whopping $350,000. That, my amigos is what Spinmeisters do best.

So the point of all of this?

Is to begin our own little TelMasters campaign to support Telnic so that they too might become authorized to sell one and two character domains. I can't think of a better, more cost effective way to help generate some new buzz and to help pump up the volume (and hopefully the value) on .tel domains.

Campaign for one and two character .tel domains

Use the following as a guide, or better yet if you have the time, add your own comments to support this initiative.

Email to: community@telnic.org

Gentlemen (and Nadya)

This is a formal request that Telnic take whatever measures necessary to be able to offer and support one and two character .tel domains, respectively.

Many other registries offer this option and aside from the obvious market value of the domains to both .tel owners and consumers, Telnic needs to be able to offer these options in order to compete on an equal, level playing field with other registries. Not having the ability to offer one and two character domains severely limits Telnic's competitive place in the market and the overall value as a domain extension.

Yours truly,
Mark and Scott

Our only other request is that if you can add your support, please do it NOW.
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