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reglas para la compra de los dominios .tel de 2 caracteres

Short and numeric .tel domains

From 1st June 2011 you will be able to register a numeric-only or a short two-character .tel.

Who is it for

Companies with 2-letter or all-numeric brands or trademarks

Vanity number operators or those wanting to get keyboard-numeric versions of their names

Individuals who want to be known by their initials or with a penchant for lucky numbers

Businesses using shortcodes for marketing and support services

How it works

  • What: two-character (aa.tel or a1.tel) and numeric-only domains between 2 and 7 digits with or without hyphens
  • How: First-come first-served basis through any .tel accredited registrar or their reseller that is participating in Landrush. A list of registrars supporting the program will be published at http://telnic.org/get-started-buy.html prior to the launch date.
  • When: From 3 p.m. BST on June 1st for Landrush; from 3 p.m. BST on June 14th for general availability
  • How much: Landrush will be at premium pricing, while general availability at regular pricing to be set by ICANN-accredited registrars and their resellers


The following domains will not be available for registration in this program:

  • One-letter (from a.tel through to z.tel) and one-digit domains (from 0.tel through to 9.tel)
  • Two-character country code top level domains (ccTLDs, such as uk.tel)
  • Combinations of digits and/or digit and hyphen  strings that contain eight or more characters (for example, 12345678.tel or 123-5678.tel)
If you have any questions on the upcoming launch, please refer to the last section of the FAQ or send your questions directly at community@telnic.org.

Empieza la aventura de los dos caracteres, en los dominios .tel

Telnic anuncia el lanzamiento de los nombres de dominio .tel de dos caracteres y únicamente numéricos
jueves, 31 marzo 2011, 11:00
PRNewswireLONDRES31 de marzo de 2011

LONDRES, 31 de marzo de 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Telnic Limited (http://telnic.tel/), el Operador de Registro para dominios de nivel superior .tel (TLD), hoy anunció que la fecha de lanzamiento de los nombres de dominio cortos .tel y únicamente numéricos será el 1 de junio de 2011.

El lanzamiento consistirá de dos fases:

-- Landrush - Un periodo de dos semanas que se abre el miércoles, 1 de
junio de 2011, a las 3 pm hora británica, durante el cual cualquier
persona particular o empresa podrá conseguir un nombre corto .tel o
únicamente numérico a un precio de registro especial.
-- Disponibilidad General: Desde las 3 pm hora británica el martes, 14 de
junio de 2011, al precio de registro regular.

Durante esta ronda, no estarán disponibles para registro las siguientes secuencias:

Dominios cortos

-- todos los dominios de una sola letra (desde a.tel hasta z.tel
-- todos los dominios de primer nivel para códigos de países de dos
caracteres (ccTLD, tales como uk.tel, por ejemplo)

Dominios únicamente numéricos

-- todos los dominios de un solo dígito (desde 0.tel hasta 9.tel
-- Toda combinación de dígitos y/o secuencias de dígitos y guiones que
contienen ocho o más caracteres (por ejemplo, 12345678.tel ó

El método de selección de registros que se seguirá será primero en llegar, primero en ser atendido. Al igual que con los actuales registros de nombre de dominio .tel, el precio comercial será fijado por los Registradores acreditados por ICANN y sus revendedores. Los precios de Disponibilidad General según lo previsto se asemejarán a los actuales costos de registro .tel. Los registros se pueden solicitar con una duración de un año hasta diez años. Una lista de Registradores acreditados por ICANN está disponible en http://telnic.org/get-started-buy.html.

Información adicional sobre nombres cortos .tel y solo numéricos se encuentra en http://telnic.org/short-numeric-only.html.

Nota a los Editores:

Acerca de Telnic Limited - véase http://about.telnic.tel/

Contacto Principal: Justin Hayward, Telnic Limited: http://justin.tel/

Telnic Limited

Copyright (c) 2011 PR Newswire Association LLC. Tous droits réservés.

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Los dominios .tel se pueden integrar en google maps

.tel hotel directory integrates into Google Maps

March 10th, 2011

Today I made an interesting discovery on Google Maps – a link to a .tel directory from a Place listing for a hotel in Greece. Although King Minos Palace 4-star hotel in Hersonissos has its own website, the Google Maps listing shows http://crete-hotels.tel as the link for more information, going straight to http://king-minos-palace.heraklion.4-stars.crete-hotels.tel/. On the screenshot below showing results for a Google search "hotel Hersonissos", results D and E both link to the .tel directory. According to the developer of the directory, they are already seeing an increase in traffic coming into the directory from these Maps listings, although they have not manually submitted these Place listings into Google.

Hotel with a link to .tel directory in Google Maps

Hotel with a link to .tel directory in Google Maps

This integration has become possible due to the support for the hCard microformat  built into .tel pages. All the relevant information you enter into your .tel is marked up with corresponding hCard format fields, such as geo position, name and address. Google's services support hCard as well as other microformats and rich data snippets in a bid to provide users with "the most useful and informative search results".
grupos electrogenos las palmas greenpeace covarrubias cuatro puertas valdeandemagico pirámides de egipto

martes, 22 de marzo de 2011

Un paso adelante de los dominios .tel

LONDRES, March 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Telnic Limited (http://telnic.tel), el operador de registro para el dominio de alto nivel .tel (TLD), ha anunciado hoy que el grupo de compañías The Al Wahda Express (AWE - http://www.awe.ae) ofrecerá dominios .tel a sus clientes como parte de una solución de marketing online integrada. Wayne Foster, consejero delegado de AWE, dijo: "En el entorno competitivo actual, la máxima exposición significa más clientes potenciales para nuestro negocio. Con .tel siendo parte de nuestra oferta online próximamente, nuestros clientes pueden estar seguros de que los servicios que ofrecemos son la vanguardia de las soluciones de marketing, independientemente de cómo quieran encontrarlos sus clientes".
diapositivas tdah videos tdah cuento tdah motivación tdah pautas tdah consejos tdah noticias tdah blogs tdah

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Los dominios .tel un puntito de avance mas, ahora con google analytics

 Medida para monetizar su .tel con Google Analytics

LONDRES, March 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Tras añadir Google(TM) AdSense y permitir los anuncios basados en imágenes para los dominios .tel, Telnic Limited (http://telnic.tel), el operador de registro para .tel, ha anunciado hoy que todos los propietarios de .tel ya podrán integrar Google Analytics para la medición y evaluación del rendimiento de sus nombres .tel.

"Los dominios .tel continúan indexándose de forma rápida en los resultados de los buscadores, mostrando un importante rendimiento en la clasificación", comentó Ian Bowen-Morris, responsable de marketing de Telnic. "Ahora, gracias al seguimiento integrado del principal proveedor de analítica, los propietarios de .tel podrán ver, descargar piezas individuales de la información de contacto o anuncios y saber cómo las personas interactúan con sus nombres .tel".

Todos los propietarios de .tel, ya estén funcionando a través de un directorio de pago local o por medio de los negocios que usan las diferentes plataformas de medios sociales para interactuar con sus clientes, podrán beneficiarse de Google Analytics. Un propietario de .tel podrá beneficiarse de las analíticas de medidas estándares existentes, además de algunos tipos de información personalizada de los que consta Telnic. Al evaluar el tráfico y utilización, los propietarios de .tel podrán conseguir una mejor monetización y ganar valor de sus nombres .tel.

El seguimiento de Google Analytics se puede activar de modo sencillo desde el panel de control .tel proporcionado por un proveedor de servicios .tel. No se necesita código, ya que los propietarios de .tel con cuentas Google Analytics tan solo deberán añadir el dominio al seguimiento y copiar y pegar el código necesario dentro de la herramienta del panel de control .tel.

Ya se utilizan más de 3.000 nombres .tel en más de 180 países de todo el mundo actualmente. Si desea más información sobre cómo las personas y negocios utilizan .tel visite http://ILoveMyTel.com o http://telnic.org.

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dominio .tel


Welcome to .telegraph, the monthly .tel community newsletter covering the latest news on .tel features, software and services, as well as useful tips and advice from .tel owners. Why not share this with someone you think may also be interested? For more resources, please visit http://telnic.org/community-landing.html.



Featured .tel domains


This week's winner



In this issue:

Quote logo

"I think anyone who wants to make themselves visible and readily available to people would benefit from a .tel, especially as people become increasingly aware of .tel domains."

Read the full interview with Martin Saxby


we are two

Now we are (nearly) two!

With our up-coming 2nd Birthday on March 24th, we'd like to thank all of our community members and are profiling just some of the people we've had the pleasure of meeting over the course of the past two years in a special website which can be found at www.ILoveMyTel.com (and of course at http://ILoveMy.Tel!).

Over the past two years, .tel has grown in its features and presentation. Following on from the template competition and addition of support for image-based ads announced in last month's .telegraph, this month we've also integrated Google Analytics into the control panel, so you can now easily start measuring the activity on your .tel and find out which keywords are really driving traffic from search engines. See the article later in this edition to find out how you can start working with Google Analytics from this Thursday. We're also pleased to share some statistics with you about the past two years and the growth of .tel. You can find .tel by the numbers later on in this edition.

News Flash!

The Al Wahda Express Group of companies (AWE) has become the latest yellow pages company to announce that it will be providing .tel domains to its customers in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. AWE has been a leader in advertising and contact solutions through its flagship products, the Yellow Pages and White Pages directories, in the region since 1986.

While maintaining a leading position in printed directories, the company has rapidly grown into one of the most prolific providers of online advertising and mobile advertising solutions. CEO Wayne Foster says: "In today's competitive environment, maximum exposure means more potential customers for your business. With .tel soon to be a part of our online offering, our customers can be confident that the services that we provide are on the cutting edge of marketing solutions, no matter how their customers choose to find them."


I Love My Tel

I Love My Tel Over the past two years we've heard some great stories of how people are using their .tel domains. From CEO's to celebrities, pilots to professional communicators, we've picked just some of these to show how their use of .tel helps them in their businesses, careers and hobbies.

To celebrate these, and to remind people just what can be gained from using .tel and how easy it is, we've put together a new site called www.ILoveMyTel.com. You can see hints and tips about getting the best out of your .tel name, how to better optimize it for great search engine results, and also check the status of your .tel name to make sure that you don't miss out on renewing it.

We'd like to thank all of the .tel community members who agreed to be profiled on the site and we'd also like to extend the offer to those others who have a great story to tell and would like to be included. We're always interested to hear about how .tel works for you and we'll try to feature you in upcoming editions of the .telegraph as well as on the community website. If you have a story that you'd like to tell the world, please do let us know at community@telnic.org.

Measure to monetize with Google Analytics

From this Thursday, .tel owners with Google Analytics accounts will be able to measure down to clicks and calls activity on their .tel domains. This functionality can be found in the control panel under 'Settings' in the top right-hand corner.

Google Analytics Google Analytics can provide detailed information on who is visiting your .tel and what they do while on the page. This information can be used to improve your promotion methods and modify your content based on which contact/web links your visitors are choosing to use. The process itself is simple. If you don't have one already, set up a Google Analytics account at www.google.com/analytics. Once you have a registered Google Analytics account, you can create a "Profile" for your .tel with Google Analytics as described on its site. If using an existing account, select "Add new profile" in your list of current "Website Profiles".

Simply copy the Tracking Code you are provided by Google Analytics at the end of the profile setup.

.tel control panel Log into your .tel control panel and click on the "Settings" link. Select the "Google Analytics" menu option and paste the Tracking Code in the space provided. Once saved, the code will be added to your .tel and ready to track all visits.

Verify that Google Analytics is displaying a green tick next to your .tel in your account. This means the setup is complete and tracking is operational.

That's it! Your .tel will now be analysed by Google Analytics and will start providing you with information about who is visiting your .tel, from where, which keywords are driving them to find you and also which pieces of contact information are most clicked or called. You can also measure image-based ads and Additional Information sections to see how effective these are.

.tel by the numbers

.tel stats

.tel directory integrates with Google Maps

.tel Google Maps Last week we made an interesting discovery on Google Maps - a link to a .tel directory from a Place listing for a hotel in Greece. Although King Minos Palace 4-star hotel in Hersonissos has its own website, the Google Maps listing shows http://crete-hotels.tel as the link for more information, going straight to http://king-minos-palace.heraklion.4-stars.crete-hotels.tel/. On the screenshot showing results for a Google search "hotel Hersonissos", results D and E both link to the .tel directory. According to the developer of the directory, they are already seeing an increase in traffic coming into the directory from these Maps listings, although they have not manually submitted these Place listings into Google.

This integration has become possible due to the support for the hCard microformat built into .tel pages. All the relevant information you enter into your .tel is marked up with corresponding hCard format fields, such as geo position, name and address. Google's services support hCard as well as other microformats and rich data snippets in a bid to provide users with "the most useful and informative search results".

Martin Saxby, the digital Dean of Rugby

Martin Saxton Who are you, where are you based and what do you do? I am Martin Saxby and I live in Rugby where I am Vicar of the parish of m2o - St. Matthew's, St. Oswald's and Overslade churches. I am also Rural Dean of Rugby with oversight of over 30 other parishes.

How important is being discoverable on the internet or contactable by members of your parish to you? Being a Vicar, I am in the communications business like Jesus was, sharing the good news about him. So I am always on the look-out for new ways to communicate. It is important that people can get in touch with me whether it is to find out more about Christianity or simply to arrange a wedding.

How do you enable members of your parish to reach you? In the old days the Vicar used to visit everyone. That cannot happen today with larger parishes, so I try to keep in touch with people and enable them to reach me in as many ways as possible. Our web site, www.m2o.org.uk, has become increasingly important and email and the phone are both vital tools.

When did you hear about .tel domains and what were your thoughts? I heard about .tel domains from a friend who had one, I have always been interested in technology and new developments so it was inevitable that I would want one myself and I could see its potential as well as its novelty.

Who might benefit from a .tel? I think anyone who wants to make themselves visible and readily available to people would benefit from a .tel, especially as people become increasingly aware of .tel domains.

How does having a .tel help you specifically? Having a .tel means that it is easy to update my contact details and I now have one single "signature" for my emails regardless of whom I am emailing and which account I am sending it from.

How would you explain to a friend what a .tel is and what the benefit would be to them? .tel is a presence on the internet which enables people to find you and have access to your current contact details.

What do you think the future holds for .tel? .tel will come into its own as increasing numbers of people become aware of .tel domains and start to use them to contact others and to have their own.

Find Martin at http://martinsaxby.tel

Capturing the moment - in a .tel!

Doug My name is Doug Goodwin, and I am a professional photographer specializing in both Portrait and Landscape photography.

I am located in central Missouri right next to Ha Ha Tonka, the 3rd most popular park in the state, a great resource for my business and my sanity!

I have found that the internet is the "contact point" for the future, with the old yellow pages (on paper) going the way of the dinosaur. Almost ALL of the good, qualified clients that come my way arrive at my door by way of the internet. I have been "on line" since the early 1990s, and have expanded my presence through the years. I publish my email and phone numbers (of course), including land line, cell, toll free, and Google Voice numbers. I now have the .com, .tel, .info, and .biz extensions, including one that forwards to an e-commerce site, goodwinphoto.biz, where customers may view and order my scenic and landscape images and portrait images. I am a late arrival to the Facebook fad, but I now have a personal page as well as a business page at http://facebook.com/goodwinphoto. I only wish I had begun the FB journey a few years back.

When I first heard about .tel extensions a few years back, I thought it was a cool idea. Smart phones were only beginning to take hold, and I could see the potential advantage of having a "stand alone" site which offers the consumer ALL my published contact information in one easy, mobile compatible site. Perhaps the best part is that the .tel sites include the hosting service with the registration, simplifying the whole process and making it even more attractive.

I think that anyone who currently has a .com or other internet presence should seriously consider the simplicity and beauty of the .tel site, and try to secure the same internet address with the .tel extension. I am glad I have the IBDG.tel secured, but I still think it needs more publicity and promotion to truly be effective.

I would also like some tracking tools built into the site administration so I could track the effectiveness of the .tel realm. I truly believe that the .tel universe will continue to expand, and that the proliferation of mobile devices along with the simplicity of the .tel site and the convenience of updating it and supplying the consumer with current contact information provides significant benefits to any business looking to expand and refine their internet presence.

Editor's Note: Thanks Doug, and as an additional thank you and in celebration of our upcoming anniversary, we hope you like the addition of Google Analytics!

Did you know

Copyright © 2011, Telnic Ltd.

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Primer dominio .tel usado en España con uso empresarial

Buscando en Internet, he descubierto el que posiblemente sea el primer dominio .tel usado en España con motivos exclusivamente empresariales, hablamos del dominio http://aguado.tel , empresa Canaria, expecializada en grupos electrógenos en las Palmas

Animamos a dicha empresa Canaria, en su futuro.

Cada uno de nosotros debemos ser nuesra propia marca, es decir tener nuestro dominio .tel , o moriremos.

BRAND OR DIE: The Downfall of the Institution and the Rise of the Personal Brand

BY FC Expert Blogger Nick Nanton & JW DicksTue Mar 16, 2010
This blog is written by a member of our expert blogging community and expresses that expert's views alone.

I (Nick) was sitting in a sushi bar in Los Angeles, thousands of miles away from my hometown of Orlando, FL. Having found a table, I asked the waiter to assemble my usual selections which included one order of Maguro, one order of Yellowtail, and one Steamed Shrimp, Cucumber and Cream cheese roll with a drizzle of eel sauce (the Nick Roll, as my friends have come to call it), and then I began to do what I do most of the time when I'm alone - I took out my iPhone to occupy myself.

I checked emails, read and posted a few tweets, and checked my newsfeed on Facebook to see what my friends were up to. I also engaged in a newer activity, "checking in" via geotargeted apps and games like Loopt and Foursquare (If you don't know what these are, you should! Just google them!). This particular meal was during a period of time several months ago, before Foursquare had been brought to the iPhone, so I checked-in via Loopt. Much to my surprise, I noticed that a friend that I went to law school with and who also lives in Orlando had also checked in on Loopt and was just a few miles away from me in Los Angeles. I immediately texted him to say hey and to tell him I was just a few miles away. This prompted us to try and coordinate a chance to say hi; the meeting would be for the sake of novelty, if nothing else.

This occurrence prompted us to take stock of what many of us do to bide our time (check-in, tweet, post on Facebook), and how it was not only becoming second nature, but what that means for the way we are going to conduct business in the future. Based on these hyper-connected, entertaining, and informative ways of passing information from person to person, we are really leaving behind a trail of everything we've ever done, everywhere we've ever gone, every opinion we've ever had, and, thanks to some less than scrupulous folks who tend to overshare and take pictures with their phones, everything we've ever eaten. You might be wondering where this trend is headed and what it all means.

Well, in the context of "The New Economy", this trail is essentially a "Personal Brand Map". It's a record of our thoughts, feelings, and experiences, all mapped out in chronological order, from which anyone in our networks (or increasingly, even someone who we haven't allowed in our networks yet) can review and form an opinion about us.

In the New Economy, some might say that our Personal Brands are increasingly important. We'd go further, saying they're all we've got left.

Think about it. The internet and technology have brought about the following changes:

♣ Removed the barriers of information flow, allowing us to find anything we want, anytime we want it

♣ Made transparency a way of life, allowing the general public to piece together a story even if you aren't telling it yourself (you can't hide most things anymore if you wanted to!)

♣ Leveled the playing field by giving everyone on Earth an instant platform to publish anything you can think of, including thoughts, muses, obsessions, hobbies, photos, videos, business ideas, invitations to social events, collaborative efforts, and more.

We've seen this technology bring about the rise of the Personal Brand, while we have simultaneously witnessed the downfall of the institutions that we grew up believing in.

We've seen the banking industry fail us through credit crises and mortgage meltdowns. We've seen over-inflated real estate prices which are due, in large part, to the previous bottleneck on real-time information flow. In the past, we'd have to wait for all the data from real estate sales to drip down from title companies and city and county records in order to get a gauge on what was happening. Even worse, we might have to go to a physical location to view the records. Now you can find that all online, from anywhere in the world, with the click of a mouse. Simply revolutionary.

We've witnessed many a corporate meltdown due to lowered barriers to entry. For instance, it is now a very acceptable practice for any business person to schedule a meeting at a Panera Bread or Starbucks location. No formal office is needed, just a place to meet. We've also seen the increase in shared spaces replacing the more traditional executive suites and even some less traditional solutions like existing businesses renting out offices that aren't being used to new businesses. We have seen increased international competition from countries like China and India, who are in a venerable race to bring their high-talent, low-cost human capital to America, with no plane tickets needed, using nothing but Skype and email. And, finally, we've witnessed those willing to compete and incur lower overhead in order to gain market share that previously would have seemed untouchable. This accumulation of corporate meltdowns has left many unemployed and without the pensions, retirements, or the security we always thought would be there.

This is a major shake up. In spite of the fact that many are calling it a "lost decade" (2000-2009), we instead look back and see a time of painful discovery and major shifts in the way information is shared, received, and processed. No longer do we look to journalists in last Friday's newspaper to determine what movies we want to watch or what restaurants we should try out; rather, we look to social networks to see what our friends think and where they are right now.

There has been a shift of power. Power is now at all of our fingertips - in the hands of the many, not in the hands of the few.

So, how do all of these powerful cultural and economic shifts affect you? You, as an individual, have become your own brand, whether you like it or not. You can control your brand to your own advantage or you can let your personal brand be run by others who comment on what you are doing. In fact, whether you choose to document your life and your business or not, chances are someone around you is going to document it for you. You don't have to post photos of yourself on Facebook or videos of yourself on YouTube for such photos and videos to end up there. You don't have to post your thoughts on a particular concept or issue online for them to end up on Twitter, as those around you are doing it, for you sharing for you whether you like it or not. So, the real choice you need to make (before someone does it for you) is to control your personal brand.

The good news is, if you learn how to effectively control your brand, you can also control your life in ways that were never before possible.

Think about it this way: in the past, if you were a superstar employee, you still got paid what your employer thought you were worth. Now, you can take your brand as a superstar employee to the internet, sharing your knowledge and building a following of people who are interested in your ideas and the projects you are working on. You can become an "internal evangelist" and a thought leader for your industry - all while working for someone else. This buzz about you in turn raises your profile and credibility, which then gives rise to the notion that no longer will you be an employee with limited options. You will now be a free agent operating no differently than the sports stars who are able to offer their skill to the highest bidder.

This new free agent marketplace is already occurring in limited scope through the use of social media sites like LinkedIn that are dedicated to connecting people for business, as well as through sites like Facebook that allow you to share text, video, audio, and even create custom apps to let people know what you do. Not to mention, we are just now in the early stages of internet platforms and tools to make those kinds of connections work to your advantage. The future will give rise to more of what one of our clients, Chuck Boyce, calls the "Independent Executive". This label applies to someone who takes their knowledge from previous employment and sets out to create their own destiny, lifestyle, and income on their own terms. This philosophy takes personal branding to the next level, because it is not just important for the professional or the entrepreneur, but it is now very important for employees who are happy to work in someone else's environment but who want to be recognized, both financially and emotionally, for their very real contributions.

In the past, an unhappy employee had limited choices:

♣ Do nothing but complain (with increasing disgruntlement)

♣ Quit and go look for a new job (which has no guarantee of being any different)

♣ Beg the boss for a change in circumstances (power, money, responsibility) without having any real say in the process

Now, in the new "Branded Economy", you are all allowed to play the role you want in building your brand and building your value. If you don't take control, you will risk becoming irrelevant and relegated to the position of a cog in someone else's wheel. You will be at the mercy of a third party whose self-interest will always outweigh our own - just like the players in the sitcom The Office and the comic strip "Dilbert".

You have the choice to BRAND OR DIE

Our purpose in this blog is to uncover strategies, technologies, and case studies that will help you build your personal brand as a successful employee, entrepreneur, professional, or free agent, so you can thrive in any way you choose. Your motive may be increased profits, better lifestyle, more time to give back, or anything else that allows you to take control of your life. What you want is not for us to decide, but our insights will help you succeed in gaining control over your own destiny. We'll be revealing the strategies that will help you build your personal brand so that you can achieve whatever it is you desire. So, bookmark this blog, share it with your friends, and stay tuned!

Grupos electrogenos las palmas Roque nublo Tdah  libros arte caleruega ofertas casa rural asociaciones tdah famosos tdah

domingo, 6 de marzo de 2011

Roadmap de los dominios .tel, para ver que sigue su lenta evolución

Future .tel features and applications

Over the coming months Telnic will be releasing a number enhancements and applications, as described below. For latest information on released features, please see What's New.

.tel Control Panel
Image TelAds - done
Support for image-based adverts on .tel pages
Google Adsense for mobiles
Rendering adverts on smartphone devices
Streamlined user journey for novice .tel owners
Customization of .tel pages
Simpler and more diverse template options for your unique .tel feel
Free calls
Easy "call me for free" button on .tel pages for VoIP service integration
Control panel redesign
More intuitive control panel with easier access to frequently used tasks
Folder management
Easier navigation and management of folders within the control panel
TelAds and vouchers
Managing advertisements within the control panel, including image adverts
Privacy and friending
Much simplified model for private data sharing
Improved management of profiles for quickly switching between preset views of your .tel
.tel Services
Superbook for Android - done
A new application for your interactive dynamic Contacts
Improved statistics for .tel domains through Google Analytics

This page will be updated on a regular basis with more announcements.

* Please note, Telnic may make changes to this roadmap in terms of the feature set, estimated delivery dates and deliverables.