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.tel Birthday

Welcome to .telegraph, the monthly .tel community newsletter covering the latest news on .tel features, software and services, as well as useful tips and advice from .tel owners. Why not share this with someone you think may also be interested? More resources are at http://telnic.org/community-landing.html.



In this issue:

TelPages Live!

The first user-defined global directory is now active at telpages.com. Set up your .tel today to enter and be found by TelPages users all over the world.


High rankings can be gained by well-populated pages with good-quality content, including descriptions and keywords.

This powerful search directory indexes all active .tel domains, and provides advanced search capabilities with Who / What / Where fields that allow you to search for people or services in specific areas. TelPages 2.0 is already in development with richer features.

Large companies and directories will soon be able to integrate the TelPages search bar into their .tel resources, while developers will be able to use the new interface for custom searches and embedding TelPages into websites and client apps.

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"What's great with the .tel is you can say goodbye to large phonebooks and useless paperwork. The information is quickly accessible. It is very practical for someone like myself who is constantly on the move. The technology is environmentally friendly and practical."

Pascal Dufour, Quebec, Canadian Singer

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My.tel for Android

My.tel 1.0 for Android is now available from Telnic's website or on the Android Market. Simply search for "tel" from your device, and "My.tel" application should be at the top.

From the very first version, My.tel for Android can:

  • Edit text, keywords and contact information, including private data
  • Switch and manage profiles
  • Set your location to the GPS position or another location of your choice
  • Navigate and manage folders
  • Manage privacy and friend groups
  • Keep logs of your activity for debugging

Monetize your .tel with Google AdSense

You can now increase your revenue through pay-per-click adverts, sponsored links and announcements. Easily setup Google AdSense for your domain via Settings in your control panel. You only need to do this once to add adverts to all folders of your domain.

You can also use the same advert ID twice to get two ad blocks. Google de-duplicates content, so you won't get identical adverts on the same page. For greater flexibility in placing the adverts and adding static TelAds, use system interfaces or 3rd party tools.

Please check with your .tel provider whether the AdSense feature is available for you today.

Examples of .tels with adverts

OxfordStreet.tel HomeTours.tel FotoKonkurs.tel

oxfordstreet.tel      hotele.tel

How to improve your directory structure

A .tel resource can be as simple and nimble as a personal business card, or as complex and multi-faced as an online directory service. However, many large organizations and directories have difficulties fitting everything into one .tel, and instead integrate multiple .tel domains into a framework.

Feedback from directory builders shows that shorter lists and navigational paths score highest with visitors, so More isn't always Better. Ultimately, users want to find the phone number they're looking for in only a few clicks. The simplicity and speed become especially important when browsing on a mobile device due to screen limitations and costly traffic.

When developing your .tel, think about the optimal navigation paths and the presentation of information on each page. Speed and accessibility are key differentiators when promoting a .tel resource, so keep thinking about usability and the mobile market while building your .tel structure. And whatever you do, don't leave empty folders – there's little worse than hitting a dead end after 5 or 6 navigational layers.

Ultimately, as a .tel builder, you need a "secret formula" that will take into account the overall amount of information you wish to publish, the target audience of your project, their goals and browsing habits, the devices (mobile or PC) that they will use, and the amount of time and effort they will be prepared to spend on your .tel resource. You will also need to cater for the potential growth of your project and the hosting limitations in place.

Practical Examples

To avoid excessive navigation, multiple .tel domains can be used to make up a project. This can be illustrated with mind maps. In our examples below, arrows outline the navigation flow, and numbers 1 to 3 show levels.

Example 1: Talfen.tel links to individual resources like LebanonCinemas.tel. The overarching project Talfen can still get the most marketing, and can serve as a hub for the mass of new entries, while niche .tel domains host specific information and can be used independently for subsequent queries.


Example 2: MaVille.tel by Richard Desjardins (see interview at page 5). In this setup, "My City" project relies on several town .tel domains, each working as an independent directory.


Example 3: Praha.tel contains some information under its own navigational tree, but also relies on other .tel services, such asPocasi.tel ("weather") – which is shared among a number of local city directories, such as Brno.tel and Luberec.tel. Unlike the previous examples, this model has more than one master project—one for each city and service.


Summing it up, city directories often use multiple .tel domains to organize their data by category or geographical area, and generate additional cross-links for search engine optimization. Thus, a joint .tel model improves the experience for customers, and brings more traffic and usage through search engines.

And cities are not the only aspect where this model can help. From portfolios like Promoting.tel to associations and local groups like KentSchools.tel, multiple .tel domains cross-linked to each other make up successful resources.
So what's next – a pan-American directory of accountants? A worldwide network of carpet manufacturers? A galaxy reunion for saving the green Earth?

.tel in Quebec, new French revolution

Richard Desjardins
President, Maville .TEL INC

I was first introduced to .tel through a registrar in Europe who sent me an advanced notice that this new TLD extension was going to hit the market some three or four months beforehand. At first I brushed it off as just another extension without even reading the details of the product, but something about .tel must have been harassing my subconscious because I decided to go back to my office and read up on it the same night. WOW, what I had just read was mind blowing. This was going to take mobile applications, particularly directories to a whole different level.

I called a corporate friend of mine, Roland Lessard, who is now a partner and together we formed a new corporation called MaVille Tel Inc. The following week we met and I let him in on the secret. Working in the computer industry he was immediately excited by the product and it's potential. We got together and waited for the Sunrise period, you should have seen how hard it was for us not to tell anybody what we where up to. At Sunrise, we hit the .tel market and both invested about 40,000.00$ worth of .tel domains. Between Roland and I, we purchased over 1000 .tel domains. It was the best investment we ever made.

Needless to say, we wasted no time in putting together a strategy to use the extension to its maximum potential. We have 7 major projects we are working on with the .tel. MaVille.tel, French for MyTown, is our priority and we have been meeting or talking on the phone between 2 to 6 times a day since this project began in February 2010, to confirm adjustments and tweaks necessary to the project. We have since had newspaper articles, produced high quality pamphlets which are at this moment being modified to accommodate the different explanations to educate the Quebec public as to its use and how businesses can benefit from its use.

At first people here were surprised when they heard about the .tel extension, but when they understood it, a minute later they were also very surprised to have never heard of it.

We have now hired a telemarketing company with 23 years experience and which is very excited about the project to promote MaVille.tel and meet with different companies to discuss and sell the service.

We also have representatives working with territories, our own contracts, door stickers for all who sign up. We have already signed up businesses under contract.

MaVille groups all of the businesses in their particular town, so if you're in a given town and want an Italian restaurant, you go to Maville.tel click the town you're in, click the category Restaurant and what type of restaurant and there you are, use the GPS to bring you there. Even the best directories are not as efficient as the .tel extension in this category.

The customers will recognize that anyone who has the MaVille sticker on their door can automatically be found at the .tel domain for their particular town. I have even created an iPhone icon for quick access to MaVille.tel which can be downloaded right from the .tel domain.

For our telecommunications corporation my partner and I envision bigger things. MaVille is but the tip of the iceberg. Like I said earlier we have other projects already on the drawing board and we are anxious to get them going. My partner Roland and I already envision a project that will, in the next five to seven years, dominate the directory industry in the French language, worldwide. We consider ourselves the real live pioneers of .tel here in Quebec.

How do you use yours?

Use your .tel to drive all your communications, serve as your brand, and generate revenue with advertising. Dan Meyer, President of Sword-Swallowers Association International, uses DanMeyer.tel to share his up-to-date contact details and information about upcoming shows and events. Dan has been kind enough to allow us to create a little advert about him. Tell us how you use your .tel, and you too may be featured in future.


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