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In this issue:

.tel on phones

Smartphone .tel proxy

As part of our ongoing developments, Telnic will soon be launching a new look for .tel names on smart phone devices, such as the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

Here is a sneak preview of an example smartphone view with new fonts, background colours and icons to make it easier to use contact information with your .tel.

Your logo or photo will be shown as well – so make sure that you optimize your logos for mobile devices as they can significantly increase the page weight, load time and, if on pre-paid contracts, the cost.

Add New Logo dialogue box

".tel is a great domain for anyone and everyone as you don't have to spend a huge amount of money and time on creating a website to display the contact details on World Wide Web. There is no need for a website as .tel domain is dynamic and offers a control panel to feed in contact details. In addition to this, .tel is an inexpensive, hassle free and easy to use domain."

Superior IT Services, see interview below

Superior IT Services

Data portability for .tel domains

With hCard microformat and OpenID automatically supported on all .tel names, your .tel can now be used as your central online identity. hCard is a microformat for publishing and reading of contact information of people, companies or organizations by third-party technologies. OpenID is an open, decentralized standard for authentication, allowing .tel owners to use http://yourname.tel and their .tel username and password as authentication when signing in to the many online services that support OpenID.

In addition, Telnic has signed up for the Portability Policy initiative, as outlined in Telnic's portability policy.

"Telnic's support for these open standards enables true interoperability – companies can integrate their own products against Telnic's suite with minimal effort and maximum future-capability. By also adopting a Portability Policy, they are enabling clearer communication with their stakeholders as they evolve."

Elias Bizannes, Chairman of the Data Portability Project

Elias Bizannes

The dawn of the new .tel era

As the .tel community continues to grow, more independent projects appear with additional services for .tel owners to manage their resources, publish live updates, perform bulk operations, and monetize .tel pages with sponsored links.

With the recent addition of OAuth (open authentication) technology, these additional services can now be delivered in a more secure, simple and trustworthy way. With OpenAuth, .tel owners can benefit from additional services for their .tel domains, without sharing the login details or granting full access to the data.

Telnic has already received several OpenAuth applications from emerging and established .tel products and services, from helping people to manage their .tel names through to those wanting to enable .tel lookups using SMS on mobiles without internet connectivity. Hopefully, the .tel community will soon see the launch of the first applications of this new OpenAuth generation. Perhaps, in a few months, the .tel world will see a whole new era of applications and services that will enrich the .tel experience.

OAuth logo

Attention Developers: To benefit from OpenAuth, the service provider needs to implement a secure authentication mechanism, which .tel owners will be able to use to control access to their resources. If you have a service that can use this technology, please apply for OpenAuth credentials at dev@telnic.org.

Seminar: .tel as a marketing tool

On June 23rd, the first seminar dedicated to using.tel as a marketing and communications tool was held in Krakow, Poland, by StrategieTel.

The organizers were delighted by the numerous attendees representing major companies from different industries, as well as consultants from advertising agencies, investment firms and financial organizations.

The seminar focused on educating the audience about .tel technology and highlighting benefits of owning a .tel domain for businesses as well as individuals. Best known methods for populating and using .tel domains were shared, and the audience had time to raise questions and find out more about .tel.

The following topics were discussed in the seminar:

  1. Internet marketing using new technologies, including .tel
  2. Overview of .tel technology (competitive & complementary aspects)
  3. The products of .tel technology (overview, usage)
  4. The utility of .tel technology for:
    1. Individuals (telfriends, internet namecards, for ex. Justin.tel)
    2. Businesses (presence in catalogues, portals, con-tact with customer, marketing online)
    3. Social Media (social web portals, press info, sports bets)
  5. How to use your .tel domain- presentations and visualizations, tools and methods.

Due to the success of this seminar the StrategieTel team have already planned their next events in Wroslaw and Warsaw in September.

WorkLife HR

Who are you, where are you based and what do you do?

WorkLife HR, headquartered in Troy, Mich., U.S.A., is a professional employer organization (PEO) that provides administrative solutions to the workplace including human resource management, payroll administration, employment law compliance and benefits services.

Basically, we allow clients to focus on their core business, not the business of employment. In addition, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner in multiple competencies. We have a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) on staff as well as several technology evangelists.

How important is being discoverable on the internet or contactable by your clients to you?

With the Internet and Internet-capable devices becoming increasingly popular as ways to quickly access information and communicate, it is very important that our clients are able to find and contact us easily. One advantage of the .tel is the ability to make a phone call or send an email directly from the site – it's efficient and saves time, which is great for us and for our clients.

In addition, websites don't always display properly on older cell phones, making it difficult to navigate and find the information you're looking for. The .tel domain ensures that information appears properly on all cell phones and devices, making it easy to find and utilize the information you need immediately.

How do you enable your clients to reach you?

Clients are able to reach us in a variety of ways; the telephone, our website, our WorkLife HR Facebook page, and now, our .tel domains.

What's your experience been having used it for a while?

Since day one, the ease of use in setting up and maintaining our .tel domain has been fantastic. We are able to add as much or as little information as we'd like and can update our information anywhere, anytime due to the browser-based control panel. The
best part is how quickly changes propagate – almost

How does having a .tel help your business specifically/ What are the major benefits of having a .tel for your company?

A .tel domain truly is a digital business card. It provides our clients with various ways in which they can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. A .tel allows you to be out of the office but not out of touch.

Shopaholics and tourists, plan your summer with .tel!

We have seen a number of innovative uses of .tel domains, even in this issue—from mobile-friendly corporate sites to live currency exchange services. Another way that a .tel may be of use you is as a shopping destination. One of the leading .tel service providers & domain portfolio management companies, DotTelAds.com, is well renowned for its mobile phone friendly City, Shopping, Tourism & Wellbeing directory services.

So Shopaholics - you'll be pleased to know that you can use .tel domains to assist you with all your shopping needs.

By visiting the relevant .tel you can access all the latest information you need to plan a day out. You can browse by category, store name and even street number to find out about all the famous and popular shops. With additional services like money saving shopper coupons and latest news in the area accessible on the go, shopping will never be the same again.

An added benefit is all this information is available quickly and cheaply through your mobile phone, so if you're out and about you can still access the .tel and have all the important location and contact information that you need.



For details on Oxford Street in London, the most famous shopping street in the UK you can visit Oxfordstreet.tel and find all the information you need about store details, restaurants and entertainment in the area to plan a day full of shopping and fun.

With summer sales in full swing it's a fantastic way of having access to all the latest news in the area! After a long day of shopping you can visit Oxfordstreet.tel through your mobile, look at the many restaurants available to you in the area and choose a restaurant to dine and relax in for the evening.



Recently DotTelAds.com added Southall.tel to their portfolio. Southall known to many as 'Little India', is located in West London and has a lively and diverse community. The main shopping area is along Southall Broadway where there are lots of different things on offer, ranging from food stalls, restaurants, Asian clothes and electronics.

The area is also renowned for its regular street festivals, bringing together locals of every nationality and culture. All these elements make it a great tourist spot in London which is what makes it such a is a fantastic directory that displays Asian restaurants, beauty salons, gyms, coupons and much more. With such a diverse area Southall.tel can help you plan your day or night out in the famous Southall Broadway.

Virendra Sharma, Ealing Southall Member of Parliament commented, "Southall is an immensely popular destination for both tourists and UK residents looking to sample the best in Indian Cuisine or purchase authentic Asian fashion wear. I am very excited to see the launch of http://Southall.tel, ensuring Southall takes its rightful place amongst the ranks of other famous UK mobile phone friendly directory services appearing in today's digital world".


Robson Street

Another fantastic directory is Robsonstreet.tel. Robson Street is Vancouver's busiest and most popular shopping street also known as Robsonstrasse. RobsonStreet.tel showcases all the popular shops, hotels, and restaurants as well as much more such as car rentals, dry cleaners and beauty salons. Shoppers and tourists can simply access the information they need within seconds, on the go with all phone numbers clearly presented and clickable direct from the site.

Planning a day out has never been easier thanks to .tel!

Superior IT Services

Superior IT services (SIS) is a London based IT solution provider managed by a team of 8 professionals. The company formed in 2007, and is proud of its young, fresh and dynamic culture. SIS provide hardware and software reseller solutions, support network management, web design and SEO (search engine optimization) services.

Robson Street

Tanveer Singh, the project and online marketing director at SIS says: "For SIS, .tel domains are very important, as they understand the value of this technology and share it with their clients."

SIS is running multiple .tel projects aiming to offer people an electronic directory to make their searches easy and more accurate. SIS believes that .tel domain is one of the vital and useful tools that can be used to deliver accurate and up to date information electronically.

"Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other online search engine provide very limited relevant information and sometimes irrelevant search results. We are aiming to create several directories which will help people finding an accurate contact information and GEO location of a desired business. In addition, SIS believe that not everyone needs an expensive website for an online presence, we believe in giving clear and honest options to our clients.

.tel is one of the options that we always give to our clients who want online presence but have very limited budget.

It's a great domain for anyone and everyone. Why? Because you don't have to spend huge amount of money and time on creating a website to display the contact details on World Wide Web, there is no need of a website as .tel domain is dynamic and offers a control panel to feed in contact details.

Superior IT Services

No technical knowledge is required as it is a straight forward process. There is no need to pay any money to a website developing company to integrate Google map for GEO location. It is all easily doable in .tel domain. Also there are no maintenance charges whatsoever, only a small fee for registering the domain name. .tel is an inexpensive, hassle free and easy to use domain.

.tel is also a very friendly tool for mobile users; now people with pre-paid mobile phones don't have to worry about big internet bills when browsing .tel domains for information."

To read up on more of our .tel stories visit: http://telnic.org/community-stories.html.

Live currency exchange rates on .tel

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, you can now find out what the conversion rate is from US dollars to Indian rupees, Icelandic krones or Ugandan shillings at usd.tel. All the latest conversion rates are published automatically on a .tel domain in easy-to-use folders; for example, eur.usd.tel gives you the ratio of Euros to Dollars. The development team of www.i7.ru who is behind this innovative service, has also launched the Russian rubles converter at rbl.tel, and is gearing towards even more innovative projects on the .tel platform.

Ilya Poyarkov, owner of USD.tel (on the right), comments:

"From the moment I first read about .tel, it was clear to me that the idea is bound for success. Telnic has contributed something useful to the Internet, something that has never been done before.

I am always telling about .tel technology to my friends, I've created my own personal .tel business card, as well as one for my business, one as a directory for my local area, and now a new online service. In the long run, I'll be very happy if everybody has a .tel domain so that I can call, write and see my friends using only .tel!"

Superior IT Services

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