domingo, 15 de agosto de 2010

2 X 1 en los dominio .tel

Dot .tel market in panic – Dynadot offers 50% discount

It's just like any liquidation sale – only this is not about a shoe store, it's the .tel prices getting slashed.

Sort of.

Hit by numerous reviews disclosing the lack of usability on the world wide web, the TelNIC product known as "dot tel" is suffering a major drop in domain registrations.

Despite its introduction of IDN .tel domains, the total number of .tel registrations counted 243,000 by August 1st – all while .tel ended 2009 with 230,000 domain registrations.

Now that both .me and .co leapfrogged dot tel, registrars are attempting to increase the number of .tel registrations artificially.

Dot .tel market in panic - Dynadot offers 50% discount

Dynadot is having "2 for 1 offer" for .tel domains – in that sense any registrations of .tel domains will be automatically doubled. It's not the same as if Dynadot or TelNIC had dropped prices by 50% because that would only increase the .tel count by the number of actual registrations.

By offering a "2 for 1 offer" through Dynadot , TelNIC will be able to claim a sudden increase in the number of .tel registrations which will offset the real number by a factor of two!

This practice shows desperation to retain a slice of the market that has not been kind to .tel – already known as being the only TLD to have left the ICANN production stables while in pre-beta

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