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December 2012 Telegraph

Updates on functionality and template options
We’d like to extend our warm wishes and seasonal greetings to you and provide some quick news to you regarding functionality recently updated.
Large images across all templates
We’ve now extended the ability to support a large image in all of the templates, not just the single competition template released in July, after comments from the community.  This can be created using our APIs or through third party service providers.
Promoting .tel pages in adverts

We have also changed the way in which adverts pointing to other .tel pages are handled at the request of some members of the community who wish to promote sub-folders or other .tel domains within their directory services.  Therefore, if a .tel domain owner specifies a .tel address within the image advert banners, instead of opening in a new window as is the case with any other extension, it will instead open within the same window, as a normal .tel link would.
Extending the template choices
Over the past few months we’ve been hearing your feedback on the new templates that were introduced and we’re pleased to announce that there will be some additional options to use with your .tel name, which we anticipate will be available at the end of this month or beginning of January. These provide further choices of narrow versions of Template 8 as well as the ability to utilize darker text on a light background and vice versa.
How do you use yours?
Here are just a few of the ways in which .tel community members are using their .tel domains that we’ve spotted over the past year.  Click on the images to visit the sites directly.
We’d love to hear from you
We are always happy to hear from you.  If you have any questions, would like to find out more from us or have any comments or suggestions, please do continue to contact us at or join the tel community forum at We also continue to enjoy hearing your stories and seeing your .tel domains in action, so please do feel free to send us any news you?d like to share.
Thanks again for being part of the .tel community, and we look forward with you to 2013.
Telnic Limited

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miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2012

Ian Bowen-Morris, Chief Marketing Officer at Telnames, explains why it pays to have a mobile website

If, like many of us, you’ve got a smartphone, you’ve probably used it to find directions to a shop you couldn’t locate, looked up train times, or Googled the phone number of a local taxi firm. And the chances are that your target customers are doing something similar every single day.

In today’s connected world, consumers have become used to searching for the services they need online. Indeed, according to Google, 95% of smartphone users regularly search for – and, as a result, get in contact with – local service providers online. What’s more, Google’s research reveals that when people use mobile search they tend to take action immediately, with one in five making an instant phone call (source: Google Research, September 2012).

But here’s the shocking part. Google’s research also reveals that less than 10% of small businesses currently have a mobile site. That means that, every day, a vast number of small companies are missing out on a major opportunity to grow their business.

So, what’s the problem? Well, for many small companies and local businesses, it’s all about time, effort, cost and perception. Because many companies think you need a heavyweight site that’s complicated to build and a hassle to maintain.

But, unless you’re selling a lot of stuff online, most people who want to find out about your business probably don’t want much more than your contact information and a basic overview of what you do.

All of which means it’s probably enough to just ‘mobilise’ your ‘contact us’ or ‘about us’ page of your traditional website (if you have one). And if you’re in the restaurant business, for example, you may want to make your menu available too. Or you may want to feature the opening hours of your business, include a map, offer customers the opportunity to follow you on social media, or promote a special offer.

That’s exactly what a new service from Telnames makes possible. In just minutes you can create a mobile-friendly .tel site that looks good and gives people all your essential contact information in one easy-to-view location. Everything is included – a top level domain name to get found in search, a smart page where you can upload all your contact information and a business profile and hosting – for one small annual fee of £14.95. A site works in parallel with your existing site (if you have one), so you really can have the best of both worlds and ensure that your online presence is covered – whether customers are searching on the move or from their desktop.

Now any small business can create a mobile-friendly website that displays perfectly on a smartphone – making it easy for mobile information searchers to find you and make that all-important call. For some great examples of a number of independent businesses are using the Telnames service, just visit

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