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SERPS Position 1 contains phone number ?
If you are going to do Call By Voice, assuming you can get Apple to send the command to your software application, it seems unlikely that you will be able to just do a lookup based on that person's name and adding ".tel", since that will not always give you the site/page with their phone number on.

Some are approaching this by once they have got the name doing a search on Google and then picking up the phone details from SERPS Position 1.

If this approach is followed .tel has an inbuilt advantage since it's phone numbers are held in a structured way on the page, unlike other TLDs.

Just tried out some "phone firstname lastname" searches (without the quotes) on my own .tel search engine http://www.net-link.com/tel to see if the first result (P1) that comes up contains that person's phone number.

Here are the results (in alphabetical order):

phone christopher vanderhorst - P1 http://personal.van.tel contains phone number

phone justin hayward - P1 http://justin.tel contains phone number

phone mark kolb - P1 http://mark-kolb.corporate.kprobe.tel contains phone number

phone mike seaton - P1 http://mikeseaton.tel contains phone number

So a small sample, but all returned P1 of SERPS with the phone number in, even though 2 of 4 did not have a phone number listed in the home page.

Check out your own .tel at http://www.net-link.com/tel and see if your .tel page containing your phone number comes up at SERPS P1 for "phone firstname lastname" (without the quotes) - it looks like this could be a prerequisite for Call By Voice working OK for you !

Mike Seaton

martes, 25 de octubre de 2011

SIRI with the domain .tel

 obviously, "call/email/skype somebody.tel" is the ultimate SIRI application.
As soon as Apple opens up SIRI to 3rd parties via APIs the first thing I'll do is make such an interface.

But Apple didn't open SIRI up yet.
So I'm not going to waste my time talking about it until it's available

lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011

Venta de dominios .tel

¿Cómo ver las ventas de dominios .tel en SEDO?
Just found the site I was thinking of - http://www.dnsaleprice.com - you just need to remove the words "domain names" from Keywords and select the .tel extension from TLD.

The last 2 sales shown are http://Visit.tel (January 2011) and http://MNet.tel (June 2011) at 1,000 USD each.

The highest value sale so far is http://TelChina.tel (September 2010) at 4,992 USD.

sábado, 22 de octubre de 2011

Siri y lo que debería ser la gran oportunidad de los dominios .tel

Aussies first inside Siri's head

INSIDE SIRI'S HEAD: A Sydney app developer has become the first in the world to figure out how to get Siri to work outside of Apple's own apps.

Relevant offers

A Sydney app developer has become the first in the world to figure out how to get Siri to work outside of Apple's own apps.

Separately, Google's mobile boss has dimissed Siri at a conference, arguing he does not believe phones should be our personal assistants. This contradicts previous statements by Google engineers.

The Siri voice recognition/artifical intelligence technology, introduced with the iPhone 4S, has been tipped torevolutionise the way we interact with our portable devices, just like the iPhone did when it was first introduced. But so far Siri only works with Apple's own built-in apps, and Apple has yet to release a roadmap for opening it up to third-party developers.

Remember The Milk, a task manager app for the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms, is a natural fit for Siri. It is used to create tasks, appointments and reminders, among other features, and adding such information to the phone is much more efficient when done using voice rather than manual touchscreen input.

''It's just a really great way to do it - you're waiting around and you just remember something and you talk to your phone and it remembers it,'' said co-founder Omar Kilani.

''The difficulty was just trying to figure out what exactly was required on our end to do it, and how to configure the system so Siri will let you add directly into that list. It's not obvious stuff.''

Kilani said his team didn't have to hack or jailbreak the phone, and instead figured out how to interact with Siri by capturing network traffic. ''Basically it's just trying to figure out how it was working with the iCloud stuff and then doing it on our end,'' he said.

He said he had yet to receive a complaint from Apple but he hoped the company wouldn't mind him taking advantage of Siri before it was ready. Apple Australia declined to comment.

''I think everyone wants it to open up [to third-party developers] but I think the issue is it's actually a really hard problem to solve ... what if you  have two apps that do the same thing and they want to register for the same action word? How does that work?,'' said Kilani.

''I think they probably will at some stage but they have to figure out a way for third parties to actually be able to do it in an Apple-like way.''

Strangely, despite Google's early development of voice recognition software for Android, its senior vice president of mobile, Andy Rubin, thinks it is a little weird for people to be talking to their phone.

''I don't believe your phone should be an assistant ... you shouldn't be communicating with the phone,'' he said, adding ''we'll see how pervasive it gets''.

Kilani started Remember The Milk with Emily Boyd in 2004 and they launched their first app in 2005. Kilani said the pair are now married after developing a romance while running the company.

They've never had any investment funding and now employ about 10 people using revenue generated by people who pay a small yearly fee to get the premium version of the app.

jueves, 20 de octubre de 2011


5 Huge Trends in GeoDomains Now


What are the first few things you do after you acquire the best domain name for any geographic city or area? That's what I wanted to know when I decided to register for and attend the GeoPublishers.com Expo in Chicago, Illinios, which took place over the last two days.

Fred Mercaldo, president of GeoPublishers.com and publisher of over 60 geodomains including Scottsdale.com, did not disappoint with a comprehensive program including presentations from Ron Jackson, editor of DN Journal, Don Jones from NewOrleans.com, and the Castello Brothers (Michael and David) of CCIN.

What follows are five of the biggest takeaways and trends in geodomains right now. Each is influencing what domain names we buy, develop and publish in significant ways. (Facebook photo album of GeoPublishers.com conference)

5. Owning the Brand Is Only the Beginning

For domain investors, the domain name can be – and often is – the ultimate goal. But for anyone developing and publishing content on geodomains, it's only the beginning of the journey. During the GeoPublishers.com Expo, it became painfully clear (to me) that there are many aspects to consider: gathering email addresses for your audience, building engagement through Facebook, immediately communicating deals via SMS text messaging, apps with push notifications, consultative meetings to determine potential advertisers' needs before offering solutions. As Alisa Cromer from Local Media Insider put it, "There's a time to be quick, and a time to be strategic. Now is the time to be strategic." Google and Facebook are racing to control your local audience, but it's not too late – you need to determine a strategy now and begin executing against it.

4. Build the Brand, Not Just the Domain Name

Geodomain names are fantastic assets. Don Jones from NewOrleans.com stated, "They're immediately recognizable, intuitive brands on the web." But just launching a website for your city is not enough. Sara Mannix of Mannix Marketing, an Internet marketing services and website design firm that operates many geodomain sites including Albany.com, Saratoga.com and LakeGeorge.com, suggested integrating the brand with your community through offline marketing tactics such as utilizing billboard displays, sponsoring an in-person event, and providing pro bono marketing seminars to Chamber of Commerce members in your city.

3. Grow Where Others Are Declining

While Internet advertising is growing by leaps and bounds every year, not all advertising channels are feeling the love. One great way to find new customers is to look for your competitors' disgruntled customers. According to many attendees at GeoPublishers, current advertisers of Yellow Pages and direct mail are places to start looking. Being able to discuss how user behavior is moving online and how many hotels are removing phone books from their rooms highlights the benefit of directory listings on your premium brand geodomain websites.

2. Traffic Is Increasing…and It's Mobile

While most of your traffic is coming from the web browsers of desktop or laptop computers today, it's going to shift. Paul Wagner, CEO of Forkfly – an online service offering coupons and discounts from restaurants and other businesses to publishers, noted that "30 percent of site traffic is mobile, and it's going to increase to 50 percent within the next two years." If you're not thinking about reformatting content for the small screen – with larger fonts and smaller graphics – your readers are going to be disgruntled. But don't stop there. Wagner also suggested making sure you stay abreast of Facebook, push notifications on apps, QR (quick response) codes, NFC (near field communication) and any other technologies that could impact your advertising customers.

1. Get Feet On The Street

"Feet on the street," "boots on the ground," "dialing for dollars" – however you refer to it, proactive selling must be part of your plans if your geodomain is going to be successful. According to Gordon Borrell, CEO of Borrell Associates Inc., "your average salesperson should bring in about $250,000 per year in sales; perhaps half of that for smaller markets. Four salespeople should bring in $1 million in revenue." Given that the average revenue per sales representative should be three to four times their salary, it's an investment every geodomain publisher can afford to make.

lunes, 17 de octubre de 2011

TELcp el panel de control de los dominios .tel

Share your .tel Domain with others !

TELcp .tel control panel has made it possible to share your .tel domain with others. TELcp control panel has all the features to grant the OpenAuth Access Authentication from the Registry Operator. With the OpenAuth Access token, the .tel Owner will be able to manage the contents of telpages, .tel page Users and allow the .tel Users to manage their telpages on their own. The system allows a tel owner to maintain seperate sub accounts inorder to maintain multiple tel domains with multiple accounts from any Registrar. A .tel domain owner with a single account can manage multiple .tel domains and multiple .tel Users within the same system.

A .tel domain owner can send an invitation email to anyone through the TELcp control panel and request to register as as .tel User to start managing a .tel page of the domain.
A .tel User who can register only on an invitation from a .tel domain owner, may continue with one User account and manage multiple .tel pages belonging to different .tel domains.
Developer of the TELcp aplication believes that this innovative method of sharing a tel domain will make the .tel an easy and reliable way to contact the right person at the right time.

TELcp provides three different .tel User access levels for corporate customers through which the corporate .tel administrator can limit the features of a .tel domain to the users.
Similarly, a private .tel domain owner can select the best personal access level for the guest .tel Users.

TELcp.comprovides the following for .tel Domains

  • FREE tel Owner Registration.
  • FREE tel User Registration.
  • FREE manage up to 1000 tel pages.
  • FREE manage up to 10 commercial or private tel Users.
TELcp.orgis exclusively for NPOs & NGOs.
  • FREE tel Owner Registration.
  • FREE tel User Registration.
  • FREE manage up to 2999 tel pages with or without .tel Users.
  • Available for .tel domain(s) of any Rotary club or of any non-profitable and non-governmental organization dedicated to search & rescue operation services.


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Coupons with .tel

Visualize your Local Coupons and Offers with .Tel

With the recent ability to insert images into your .tel domain, small business owners have been able to include coupons and offers for the past couple of months. These are generally displayed as banners.

With TelView, owners now have the added capability to have their coupons show up on the map. Although there is yet to be a standard set for the discovery of coupons, we can still show them in TelView. The big advantage to the .tel owner is that there is NO ADVERTISING COST and in addition, you control when you place offers – in real-time. The push is near-instant, taking less than 5 minutes to propagate the DNS (internet). The community learns about offers in minutes.

Here's a live example as found via TelView. It's just an experiment as there is no standard yet for storing coupons. This might just be one implementation – many are possible, as are display formats.

Dot Tel Coupons On The Map

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Call a .tel

Call a .tel while driving?

Wouldn't it be nice if while you were driving you could quickly call that memorable (.tel) website you just saw on the back of a truck or sign on the road without taking your hands off the wheel?

Well, necessity is the mother of invention, and with that in mind, I present to you TEL CALL ME, the beginnings of that dream.

TEL CALL ME is a prototype geo-aware, HTML5 application that shows you how you can literally tell your cell phone to call a local .tel website. Interesting you say? Well the reality is that it is still very much a desktop app, however the potential for widening the impact of DNS dialing is enormous. Voice recognition and contact dialing features are already built in to today's iPhones, Blackberries and other smart phones. Extending IVR to support intelligent, local DNS dialing seems rather simple and the logical next step.

Imagine a day when every telco operator can provide instant web calling to your local taxi company or pizza delivery or your friend. Call a tel domain, call your friend's tel by voice.

With .tel contact data floating around in the DNS, the ability for Apple or RIM or Nokia to enable their smart phone users to call a website, product or service exists today. Just wide-spread use of .tel is the only impediment to awaken this technological solution to hands-free driving.

Fire up TEL CALL ME in Chrome and talk to it. Examine the results and the potential.

Give www.TelCall.me a try and see if we can find a way to get some big player to embrace it.
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Dootel and the future

My personal view on Dottel!
  • For domainers it is very hard to possess .tel domains!
  • Since the registration numbers are far away from a wide market penetration, it is not easy to earn any money with them.
  • As you can see from the low rate of published .tel domains, there is no strong activity from the side of .tel domain owners.
Why .tel is not successful so far?
  • .tel domains still look very simple and not attractive to visitors.
  • So far people cannot understand what they can do with .tel domains. Therefore nobody is registering them.
  • The main purpose of .tel domains is not visible and not known by the public.
What does this mean for the future?

  • .com needed at least one decade to become successful!
  • 2,5 years after launch .tel has much more registered domains than .com within the same time frame!
  • .tel offers services the world has never seen, but will bring a huge benefit to the market!
  • .tel offers the only reasonable Dial-by-name solution in the world! No other idea can compete with these advantages!
  • .tel is in a very early stage! After the product gets developed properly, the success will come!
So just stay patient! In 10 years this invention will have started to grow!

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lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

Important people who use .tel domains.

Important people who use .tel domains.
Last week there was a forum post about http://piuswilson.tel who is a director at google.

Today doing some searching for things that I'm working on I found this:

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
LBNL Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Computational Research Division - Visualization Group One Cyclotron Rd - Mail Stop 50F 1650 U.S.A. 94720-8139 CA ...

I thought it was interesting that both a Google director, and an LBNL scientist are using .tel

jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

En diciembre un nuevo panorama se acerca en los dominios .tel

Wow! From December on all my .tel domains will look like the following screenshot which includes:
  • Great font for the domain headline
  • Embedding pictures at several positions
  • 2-color-text in the header section (by accentuation the text from the domain headline in the following section)
  • Improved icons with nice styling and with colors (e. g. for subfolders, e-mail addresses, websites, Skype and Facebook)
  • Smart sectioning (without separation space between contact types)
  • Headlines for sections
  • Flexible display or hide effect for sections
  • Multiple entries for contact types (= aggregation of several entries under one contact type)
  • Flexible color arrangement (e. g. colors for headlines and different colors for several ad sections)
  • Adjusted .tel icon (and better font for "powered by")
  • Improved functionality of Google Maps (including interactive hotspot)
  • Flexible positioning of free text (between sections and not only at the bottom like before)
If Telnic realizes all the promised improvements from this project, it would be really a revolution for .tel!
If this will be the case, for the first time in history I could proudly show my .tel domain to my friends and contacts!

Now I am waiting only for embedding videos and I will become happy!

Imagina tu dominio .tel

If you promise not to tell anybody, I give away a secret here!

The year 2020:
  • If you want to call somebody, you will type in on the keyboard of your cell phone the name of that person (without starting an app first). You won't even necessarily know his number.
  • Whenever you want to call your contact, you don't care if he is in his office, at home or on the road. Also you don't care if he relocated recently or not. You just dial his .tel out of your phone book to reach him wherever he is at this moment.
  • Since everybody owns a .tel you will always find all your contacts via TelPages and / or TelFriends.
  • Nobody will know your phone number without your permission.
  • If you want to visit a friend (for the first time), you tell your navigation system to plan the route to the location of the .tel owner without searching first.
  • You are registered at 100 websites, but you never lose overview about it, because all your data are stored securely in your .tel control panel.
  • You don't care if your friends have changed their e-mail addresses. You just type in the .tel domain into the address bar of your mailing system. The mailing system looks for the updated address.
  • If you are new in a city, you can always call the people which are close in your area according to their location.
  • Do you know more reasons why .tel is irreplaceable?
Can you imagine a world without .tel?

Search to the iPhone

Search and Social Sharing comes to .tel Superbook for iPhone

We're pleased to announce the latest version of .tel Superbook for iPhone, which can now be downloaded from the App Store. As well as a complete overhaul in terms of look and feel, some key elements have been added to make this app even more user friendly:

  • Telpages search: Now, you can search for .tel information from within the app, rather than having to type in a known .tel name. As well as delivering back search results, a confidence bar is provided highlighting the results that Telpages thinks are the best fit for your search
  • Recently Visited .tel Names: In order to save time, and in case you forgot to save previous searches, a cached version of recently visited .tel names is provided in a list.
  • Pull down to quick refresh: Whether recently visited or saved contacts, up-to-date information can quickly be accessed by a simple swipe down and re-saved with one click to your contacts
  • Share: As well as saving to your address book, you can also quickly share a discovered .tel name, a business recommendation or a new contact by email, twitter, facebook and other services (if you're following @rikkles or @justinhayward on Twitter you may have seen us testing this). This is yet another great way of easily sharing .tel information with anyone you want
We hope you enjoy the new features on the .tel Superbook and please do leave a review on the App Store if you do use it. You can find it here or visit http://superbook.tel.
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