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Frequently Asked Questions

What are email identities?
Email identities are memorable email addresses that are used to forward email to recipients. Instead of using a non-professional email address like hibabe435@xmail.com, businesses and people can use an email address related to a generic word or community, eg karate@chatham.tel or toronto@paints.tel. Identity email address are different because they uniquely identify their user with the community they do business in, or with a product or service they sell.
Why use .Tel?
.Tel provides the only readily-available source of generic domain names for use with brandable, memorable email addresses. Great identities are available across the many owners of this gTLD. Like a small piece of real estate, your domain name is a valuable asset. Share it via an email address. We make things very quick and easy. After you get customers to use an identity, upsell them on landing pages, advertising, even geo-aware banners.
Using our platform, you can enable other owners to sell email addresses on your domain, at the commission levels you decide.
What are the end-user requirements?
Identity emails do not replace any email system, so your end user must have an existing email client such as MS Outlook®, Hotmail®, MS Live Mail®, Gmail®, Yahoo!®, AOL®, Thunderbird, Entourage®, etc. Identity forwaring is compatible with all computers and smartphones.
How to an identity for branding?
It's real easy. Just promote the possibilities with your domain by providing examples. Here are examples of branded @identities:
Which domain names are ideal for identities?
There are no specific criteria when offering your domain name for use as an identity. Consider length, memorability, popularity. Generally, the more generic and shorter your domain name, the more ideal it is for an identity. However, surname domain, geographic and job title domains are ideal too.
How do identities work?
Email identities forward email to the recipient. Your customer uses their identity to send emails. Our server forwards their email using the identity. The recipient sees an email using a generic term like "cars". No email is maintained on our server - it just sends email to the real email address.
What is community affinity?
Community affinity is a term used to help sell the concept of email identities. A community-centric email address helps identity a business as a member of its local community. You can use this to push the concept of community emails to get a business to use an identity with your domain.
What's an email server?
Our email server handles the forwarding
How much can I make?
How do I order?
Register as a Telmasters owner first then login. Go to My Account.
Can subdomains be used in identities?
Yes. Subdomains can be used, and best used with shorter domain names. Examples:
How do I share my domain?
Using our platform, you can enable other owners to sell email addresses on your domain, at the commission levels you decide. Use the Account Manager to set criteria and commissions. Everyone wins. Enable prepaid credits for sharing.
What's the generic fee breakdown?
Which domains qualify to lease identities?
Generic, geographic, surnames, jobs, "Yellow Page" ™ categories are ideal. Vanity domain names like @cool.tel work well also. In most cases, the short, the better in our opinion.
What are credits?
What terms of service should I provide?
As the domain owner, you need to clearly state your terms of service to your users. When you allow identities on your domain, you are responsible for maintaining a contractual obligation with yours users. As providers of the email forwarding service, our obligation is to ensure delivery of emails. Your obligation is continuity of service during the contracted period. However, in case you sell your domain, your users should know what to expect. 
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