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.TEL will change the world!

Of course I’m aware about how difficult it is selling a disruptive technology (like .tel) to established global players.
For this reason I would like to give some supporting arguments why it is so important for Telcos to join the .tel project.
In the very near future Telcos have to be afraid of losing their main sources of income, e. g.:
1.) Landline network:
What is the advantage of using the fixed line network? Can you do anything with it you can’t do with cell phones even better?
Even in companies it’s much wiser to provide your employees just a cell phone, so they will be reachable anywhere and anytime.
The traditional phone network will die!
2.) SMS:
Everybody who is using push e-mails knows that SMS is an old-fashioned technology: messages are too short, too uncomfortable to write and too expensive.
Instead push e-mails are unlimited in length, comfortable to write and cheap (respectively for free).
So why anybody with a smartphone should write SMS in the future?
At this moment we see the peak in amount of SMS appearance. As soon more people will switch from dummy phones to smartphones the amount will decrease dramatically until the service for SMS will disappear completely.
3.) Mobile phone connections:
If my partner and I have a smartphone with fast internet connection, we can just use services for free (like Skype) which offer us much more options (e. g. visibility of availability) than just calling each other.
This doesn’t work at the moment because of the following situations:
  • Too many customers are still using dummy phones.
  • Fast mobile internet (like UMTS and in the future LTE) is only available in areas of high population density.
In 5 years these limitations have been disappeared.
Taking a look at the future development, phone users will just require a mobile internet flatrate without using traditional phone communication services anymore.
What does this all mean for Telcos?
The outlook is in the future they won’t have any traditional revenues at all!
So they need a new business model. And here comes their solution:
Name dialing with .tel domains!
This offers Telcos new revenues:
  • Distribution of new kind of phone numbers (in several ways)
  • Introduction of fees for connections dialed via mobile internet
  • Introduction of scales for different kind of phone numbers; so different rates will apply for dialing different kind of numbers
  • Fees for additional features of dialing and organizing phone numbers
  • Directly in the operation system of the cell phone integrated advertisement related to the topic of the dialed phone number
  • Selling premium name phone numbers
  • Offering uncountable new services based on name phone numbers
  • Being the first provider for name dialing (which gives an important head start against competitors)
  • And many more
If Telcos will think about this topic seriously, they can’t miss the opportunities .tel domains are offering them!
And don’t forget the reason why .tel is the one and only name dial solution in the world:
Telephone and internet are merging completely in the future.
If you open the IP address of a website with a domain name, you have to do the same with a phone number stored in the domain name server (DNS), too!
.tel is the only technology which provides this!
Author: JH
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