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QuickLookMedia y los dominios .tel


Great business model for .tel domains!

Post by TelTalk on Wed 30 May 2012, 5:32 pm

Take a look at QuickLookMedia.

Quick Look Media invite you to display your business details on the unique and innovative .tel mobile sites. They're also a location based, mobile promotion medium for offers.

Businesses can choose between 80 available domains to present their data, e.g.: (The current earnings are £780 monthly!)

The introductory display rate for customers is £10.00 plus VAT for the first year (total £12.00) and £17.00 plus VAT per annum thereafter (total £20.40).

The owner of those websites / .tels is aiming revenues of £1000 per week/site:
... she focussed on businesses that can benefit from better mobile contactability - inbound from customers or B2B outbound. The florist in the high street can benefit; no one phones a supermarket. Local builders use mobiles to stay in touch with customers and local suppliers when they are on site, etc. (only basic, cheap phone models - they don't last long on building sites). So, in general, focus on trades and services and forget the high street - everyone knows where that is and who is there.

Doctors and schools are funded from taxes - no point in adding to my tax bill by charging them - but lots of people use their phone to contact them 'so free inclusion is good for publicity.

The point to emphasise is that this is a LOCAL site, and everyone likes the SIMPLICITY of .tel. They don't really like adverts popping up all over the place when they are focussed on finding a specific item of information, particularly if the adverts are from competitors to local businesses. They all know they can use Google, and get search results from any business that has put the same search terms on their site. Decide whether you want to make your money from paid subscription or, from ppc advertising. There is scope to introduce affiliate links for items which are not locally available.

Simple scroll to connect, backed up by TelPages keyword search is the point to push. Save the site to favourites (and mobile homepage if the phone can do that), and the customer can forget about search engines and results dictated by paid promotion.


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