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Los dominios .tel el gran directorio ordenador de internet

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Great article Mark, and a very good topic for discussion.

Two things could end up coming out of this I would say:

1. The additional tld onlslaught strengthens the position of the original tlds (.com, .net, .org) as the other 1,200 tld's did.
2. Being that many of these "new" tld's coming out are not "structural" in nature, they could break the "original mold" once and for all ( .tel should hope for 2. greatly. )

"structural" is used to refer to a "categorical" (.edu) need versus "anything" (.goop) people might want.

We currently have .com to .xxx and .uk to .(idn), but truly commercial names could break the mold once and for all, just as this entire process with ICANN was intended to do.

.zippo .yp .jim .cardinal .citi .microsoft .ford .mcdonalds .avon

Suddenly .com, .net, .org doesn't mean anything if the big players abandon the "originals" for their own tld !


(See for those not up to speed with this reality. and are high traffic sites because of the "chaos" that Google style, "anything goes" results give.)

".com and the orginals" will then no longer be the "master address tld of choice", and the only REAL tld designed as a master address and master directory across all devices (.tel and telpages) has that much more of a reason to prevail in the ensuing chaos.

.TEL is truly the original of "master addresses" with it's own "master directory" because of its limited page structure and directory exclusivity. ( aka its "purpose" by ICANN )

The first commercial search engines all included .com, .net, .org, and created confusion, which exists even today - and now it will be times thousands more tld's !

What we finally have coming to fruition could be the statements made about the "cart and the horse" and the "truck and the trailer" with .tel years ago .. >> here <<

.TEL and TELPAGES is the "horse" that finally has the ability to pull the "cart of other .tld's around".

Another analogy used is that .TEL is the "Card Catalog" for the "Internet Library".

Any way you look at it, .TEL has the opportunity to lead the way as the starting point in the chaos if 2. above is correct. Yellow/White Pages is/was the way out of chaos for local, Facebook is the popular way out today for people and businesses, and now maybe TelPages and .TEL pages can capitalize on the way of the future, and the ALL-TIME original in its class with the respect it deserves.

added: The "single page" structure and the "front page only" structure with the original style is critical for .TEL and TelPages success ultimately. The subdomains and long-tail benefits indexed in Google or whoever was only a sideline or secondary benefit all along, even if key.

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