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I think it's called Google !

added: plus Telnic would be out of business, only to sell 43 domains with 12,900,000 records and a sub-domain directory. (not good)
Totally agree. Directory owners have to think differently. If you are building huge networks of subdomains, then each subdomain should be used to sell a .tel and then link to it. Use that platform as your vehicle for YOU to sell more .tel domains. Don't sell subdomains as THE master addreses. You can make money by selling actual domains and then provide optional services to populate them on behalf of the new owners. Sell advertising on subdomains or provide links to .tel domains.

I have thought about this and I have been down this road too for all kinds of directories.

I've collected a small set of surnames thinking that using them will provide benefit to those who want a lastname identity. Instead give them a free spot to hold MINIMAL information with a link to their full .tel. Either could be used. The benefit to the owner is they get to reserve the subdomain as a placeholder and you can sell up to 100 .tel domains per subdomain (eg 100 links in that subdomain - more John's will benefit, instead of just one). The free link gives them a little extra juice, but the sale of the .tel and the service afterwards might be the ticket.

The same holds true for other kinds of directories. Give business owners links from your categorized subdomains to their business .TELs. This holds even more promise since a business requires much more content. Provide a service that builds the content on behalf of the new owner. Here's my service (a start) for those SMB's I sell.

Creating massive directories of names etc will not benefit this TLD or Telnic. Telnic needs us to sell INDIVIDUAL .tel domains and with our growing assets we can help sell more to make the public aware. Use our assets to market and create awareness, not to stockpile. Give people links from your assets to newly sold domains. Share and open your assets. IMO, this is what will help expand awareness.

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