jueves, 28 de junio de 2012

Easy .Tel Domain Building for Small Business Awareness

.Tel domains are perfect vehicles for introducing a small business to the internet and the world of on-line marketing. Building a .tel domain is easy, but building the subdomains to support search engine discovery is a bit more challenging and a stumbling point for many. After all, how many small business owners know about the “long tail” and SEO.
Telmasters has launched a new service that allows a small business to find the right domain name, get it populated and have it ready for consumer awareness in a logical manner. By using a small business questionnaire, we will buy, create, organize and optimize a .tel domain, having it ready within one business day.
Many a small business owner doesn’t have the time to figure out the intricacies of building a site optimized to make new customers in their community aware of their offerings. We’ve laid it all out with a series of step-by-step questions that make the owner think about their business and how they can attract new customers on-line.
Using the owner’s answers, a domain is initialized, contact information is presented, images inserted, and content is organized across several key subdomain pages (about us, coupons, detailed contact, social network identities, testimonials). A compact set of SEO-friendly subdomains is created, pre-populated with relevant content.
A site’s SEO content and “long-tail” subdomain layout is critical for a small business to compete in their local community. Building this awareness is a matter of using the small business owner’s knowledge of their own products, services, customers and geography to their advantage. The owner knows their business factors, and we know how to combine these factors with .tel’s SEO and mobile features. This is where our service shines.
An important factor of this service is that it saves time, time that the small business owner doesn’t have to research, build and promote an organized web presence. After the site is ready, the owner can then take the time to learn about how to manage and maintain their site using Telnic’s CTH or Telmaster’s visual editor.
We hope that by launching this $100 service, more small business owners will use and retain their .tel domains while becoming more successful. Check out Telmasters’ .tel SEO questionnaire and see if you or your customers can use this time-saving service

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