martes, 20 de septiembre de 2011

URLs cortas en los directorios .tel

Poorly constructed URL of a .tel page:

Corrected URL for better SEO and better presentation:

How to Correct ....
In order to achieve a corrected URL with sub categories, create folders as follows:

1 - create "shopping" folder under and leave folder links "visible" on the main page
2 - create "furniture" folder under - result is
3 - create "tommys" under and DO NOT make it visible on the main page- result is (hidden)
4 - Now go to and add "" as a "Contact information" select "Go to a .tel"

End result is the new owner of "Tommy's Furniture" will have a nice and short id for the bizcard -, etc

Hope this helps to understand our directory building method for the .tel

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