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Tips to Promote & Market the domain .tel

 Tips to Promote & Market the .tel
To whom it may concern,

Our TELcp V3 Mobile version provides you with ample opportunities to promote the .tel domain and demonstrate the power of the .tel to anyone who knows how to operate a smart phone or a touch screen. The operation to maintain a .tel page is now made very simple.
  • Registrars and Resellers may use one .tel Domain and give away its pages FREE of charge with an auto expiring tag*.
    Let the prospective buyer experiment with a .tel page then convince them how the .tel domain can be useful for himself/herself. With TELcp V3 Mobile the general public gets firsthand experience.
  • The .tel domain owner, who wants to build directories, can use tablets to demonstrate this to the end users. Using an iPad or a tablet will be much easier to demonstrate rather than a smart phone with a smaller screen. Once convinced, the end user will use the smart phone at his/her convenience. Marketing reps can demonstrate the .tel page of a premium domain on person to person basis or through an online video demo and close a deal then and there. Trial User Auto Expiring Tag* can be used to let the end user (prospective tenant) experiment with a .tel page for few days before renting out.
  • Investors of .tel domains should take this opportunity before you miss the boat. With our V3 Mobile version, there will be many more interested parties who want to grab the best tel name available. So, why not invest now and make a little bit extra when you know for sure where the .tel domain is heading for.
  • From our side, to promote the .tel, we will be floating a new scheme at www.telcp.org (under construction) to provide FREE use of .tel User section (unlimited .tel pages) to selected non-profitable organization(s), of course with certain conditions. Through this we will be able to make a large audience aware of the existence of the ,tel technology and the benefits they can get from a .tel domain. Definitely, some of the users of .tel pages will be tempted to invest in tel domain for theselves.


* auto expiring tag is one of many new features included in our V3 section (Mobile & Desktop) for .tel Owners.

With Best Wishes,
TELcp Team

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