jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2011

'Setting Custom Channels for AdSense for Mobile Content' en el dominio .tel

pub-yourpublisher number ---->only Desktop
mb-pub-yourpublisher number -->only mobile
ca-pub-yourpublisher number---> Desktop + mobile

It´s all right????
My english is not good, and I haven´t iphone.

Can someone confirm if this is correct?

Hi :
I have been just as confused as you, and have tried various code prefixes because I did not understand the differences between the options.

If you only want mobile ads then use mb-pub-yourpublishernumber.

If you live in an area where Google mobile ads are NOT yet supported then using ca-pub-yourpublishernumber will enable desktop and mobile ads to be displayed (although there may still be some doubt that you will get paid for the ads - see previous posts).

Google mobile ads ARE supported in the countries in the link in this post from Telcp. http://telnic.org/forum/showpost.php?p=17298&postcount=22  This includes Spain. For countries on the list you should use the code pub-yourpublishernumber BUT, it may be a while before they display.

Yesterday,  I made a change to one of my ad units - removed one ad unit from a domain and then created a new ad unit, without custom channels, and added to the domain. Immediately, I had desktop AND mobile ads visible on ALL of the domains that I had used the code pub- on (I've since added two custom channels to this new ad unit and it still works).

I don't know why this happened, and I dont know if doing something similar would work for you, or others. It seems to have had the effect of refreshing my Adsense account.

Whatever the reason for the change, Google's list of countries where mobile ads are supported includes the UK, where I live, and I now have desktop and mobile ads using just pub- .

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