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Cómo activar los dominios .tel en el Webmaster de google

When I bought a domain http://webwizo.tel/ I had been trying to verify my domain ownership into Google Webmaster Tools since couple of days. But, suddenly I have found an article about verification process and I intend to share with you guys.

Before buy this domain I saw a TV Commercial regarding how .TEL domain can beneficial for professionals and your business and I intended to learn how it works. However, I had found really interesting thing after purchase .TEL domain. E.g. .TEL domain works with DNS and it updates your content at server within a minute, which means you don't need a technical skills or knowledge of web development. It is just work One-Step click program.

TV Commercial

http://telnic.org/ which provides you a control panel to manage .TEL domain data, template and pages as well as your change will be applied within a minute and your data will LIVE!

Remember: There is no page where you put your HTML code etc., regards the same you need to put code to verify your .TEL domain in Google Webmaster Tools without creating an HTML page, I am writing a tip for you that you can verify your domain easily with below steps:

  1. Open Google Webmasters Central
  2. Click "Add a site" button and put your .tel URL (e.g. http://webwizo.tel)
  3. Click Continue… button
  4. Click Alternate methods tab/link
  5. Choose Add a DNS record to your domain's configuration
  6. Choose Other from the Dropdown list
  7. Select and copy the Google Site Verification string that appears
  8. Now, Open a new browser window/tab
  9. Open your .TEL domain control panel by http://telnic.org
  10. In the "Keyword" section click the "Add +" button
  11. Select "Free Text"
  12. Paste the Google Site Verification string into the "Free text" textarea
  13. Click the "Save" button
  14. Wait for your .tel domain to update the backend DNS servers (this usually takes 0-120 seconds, but can take longer, so please be patient)
  15. Switch back to the Google Webmaster Central window
  16. Click the "Verify" button
  17. Congratulations, your .tel domain should now be verified with Google Webmaster Central

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I hope it would be helpful when you buy a .TEL domain

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