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.telegraph newsletter - September 2011

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In This Issue:

Hello and welcome to the new quarterly issue of the .telegraph. We'll be rounding up the news regarding developments over the past few months, announcing a new version of .tel Superbook for the iPhone with search and social sharing, as well as highlighting more of your stories about how you're using .tel.

The past few months have seen much work behind the scenes in getting some of our new yellow page partners such as Egypt Yellow Pages and Fonecta up and running. We've also been running trials with other YP companies and meeting with more potential partners at conferences like the European Association of Directory Providers in Dublin as well as Kelsey's key industry conference DMS '11 in Denver this month. Development on new functionality such as the competition templates and easier management of related content within the control panel has been continuing. We're in testing now so we anticipate this functionality will be available soon.

We hope you enjoy reading this new quarterly edition of the .telegraph. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please do let us know at

AdSense now delivered on smartphones

Over the Summer, we modified the mobile templates to enable support for Google AdSense on smartphone devices, whilst at the same time making some enhancements to the smartphone layout and improving the overall recognition of smartphone devices (especially BlackBerry).

If you've got Google AdSense already activated on your .tel domains, AdSense has automatically been activated on the smartphone template. This means that no further action is required; if AdSense shows up on the desktop/tablet templates, it will also appear at the top of the smartphone template. In line with other functionality, AdSense will not show up on the basic mobile template and there are no plans to extend it to this in order to maintain a lightweight experience for feature phones.

The mobile ads might not appear immediately as sometimes it takes Google a while to get in gear and begin serving up mobile ads (that is what we found in testing). So our best advice is that if it doesn't show immediately, then keep checking back. It will usually resolve itself within 48 hours.

.tel on the Map

The other tool that's incredibly useful if you've got a website already and you've got multiple people or offices based in different locations, is the .tel mapping tool, which can be found here. You can embed a visual map of your salespeople, branches or office locations so that people can quickly hover or click on the .tel icons to get to the contact information they need. Recently, we updated the tool so that it supported sub-domains and internationalized domain names (IDNs), such as those with Chinese characters, and added some functionality to change the look and feel of the bubbles, enabling you to present different information and your logo or photo. A little technical skill is required in order to change the presentation and embed the snippet in your website. An explanation on how to utilize the tool is found at the above link.

Superbook: Now with added Telpages search

We're pleased to announce the latest version of .tel Superbook for iPhone, which can now be downloaded from the App Store. As well as a complete overhaul in terms of look and feel (and a shiny new logo in line with our updated branding), some key elements have been added to make this app even more user friendly:

  • Telpages search: Now, you can search for .tel information from within the app, rather than having to type in a known .tel name. As well as delivering back search results, a confidence bar is provided highlighting the results that Telpages thinks are the best fit for your search
  • Recently Visited .tel Names: In order to save time, and in case you forgot to save previous searches, a cached version of recently visited .tel names is provided in a list
  • Pull down to refresh: Whether recently visited or saved contacts, up-to-date information can quickly be accessed by a simple swipe down and re-saved with one click to your contacts
  • Share: As well as saving to your address book, you can also quickly share a discovered .tel name, a business recommendation or a new contact by email, twitter, Facebook and other services (if you're following our team on Twitter, you may have seen us testing this). This is yet another great way of easily sharing .tel information with anyone you want

We hope you enjoy the new features on the .tel Superbook and please do leave a review on the App Store if you do use it. You can find it here or visit integrates .tel

Blacknight Internet Solutions, a .tel registrar, is currently running a beta of, a simple service that cross-posts content to multiple different services. Recently, the service has been modified to support updating your .tel with a status message from Foursquare, the location-based social networking app. This means that instead of using a stand-alone application on your mobile device, you can update aspects of your .tel from other clients, such as Foursquare and also Twitter (through the @2tel service).

For more information and to sign up using to the service, visit


.tel Development update

Our development team and partners continue to work behind the scenes to refine and improve the .tel service, as has already been highlighted by the updated functionality, tools and widgets outlined in this newsletter. The following developments are being worked on with the aim of bringing these to the .tel community in the next quarter:

  • New Templates: New designs with additional third party logo support and without hCard/Print this options
  • .tel Redirection: Owners of multiple .tel domains that wish to re-direct them to a central .tel hub will be able to put one go to link within the domain and have it re-direct to that .tel automatically when a visitor types it in
  • Search Enhancements: Refinement of the HTML for better delivery of information to search engines
  • IAB advert standardization: To enable support in the templates for standard advert sizes
  • Mobile Search: Ability to put search box at the top of the smart phone template for use on 'search this .tel only'

We're working hard to deliver these as quickly as possible whilst maintaining the stability of the system and the ease of use of the control panel. If you'd like to be alerted to when these are made available, follow our blog, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts.

A "fantastic response rate" in Chicago


My name is Debra Pallotto Dobbs and I am a Realtor in Chicago, with 27 years of experience.

I bought to help with the business as having a strong presence online is vital for me.

Statistics show that more than 90 percent of buyers and sellers begin their housing research online, before contacting a real estate professional. My clients mainly contact me via Phone calls, text messages, email messages about timely news stories, personal notes, website, and Facebook.

I heard about .tel through my brother as he specializes in this field and when he explained how .tel domains work I thought it was an exciting and progressive method of connecting with prospective clients. Michael's company is called Top Search ( Top Search specializes in building and optimizing .tels for realtors and other businesses. Top Search built and optimized several .tels for me and the response rate has been fantastic. They did such an incredible job they are now working with our marketing department at Koenig and Strey.

I believe professionals working in the service sector, small business owners, anyone with a product or service to sell and especially those who cannot afford an expensive Search Engine Optimization program or are tired of wasting money on PPC campaigns can benefit from buying a .tel. Having used it for a while now I currently have 5 active clients that found me through the internet.

As a real estate agent I am my own company and .tel provides me with a great internet branding opportunity. Top Search built my .tels specifically with my name in the title headline so Debra Dobbs (my brand) can be found all over Google and Bing for real estate based searches in Chicago.

I also like the way .tel allows me to participate in the fast growing mobile search market without having to pay someone to build me a new mobile site. I get classic internet and mobile search all in one. .tel's are also search engine optimized and multi-use internet sites that allow the user to build their brand and acquire quality search traffic for very little cost.

Consumers want instant information and with more and more people buying smart phones and tablet computers, generating traffic through mobile search will become a priority. This will be the way forward for .tel.

Catching up with Kris Katchit

My name is Chris Ehrenzeller, I am also known as Kris Katchit.

As Chris, I run an entertainment agency ( and that provides entertainers such as jugglers, stilt walkers, acrobats, magicians etc. for companies and events all around Great Britain. This developed out of my being Kris Katchit, a self employed circus based entertainer (jester, juggler, stiltwalker etc).

Being discoverable on the internet is extremely important to me as the vast majority of my new work comes from my various web sites.

Most of my clients approach me via email, with a minority using the phone.

I think I heard of .tel a couple of years ago, (not long after it launched) thought it was a brilliant idea and immediately bought my .tel domain. I believe that just about anyone can benefit from owning a .tel, but definitely any business, whatever their size.

Currently I have a business card that only has my .tel details on it, so it cannot become redundant (as a card does if one changes address or telephone number etc). I must admit that I do have to explain what .tel means to most people I give it to. But I now have the page on my mobile 'phone, so that I can show it to people immediately.

It is certainly worth having. It shows up in web searches on occasions and enables me to keep all my web site, phone numbers etc up to date and in one simple place.

I have a couple of lead pages linked to email campaigns. These are promoted via my .tel, email footers and also Google Adwords. I am also listed in numerous directories, both local and national.

I would describe .tel as a "business card" that is instantly updateable and contains all the information necessary to let people know about my business. It therefore grows with me and keeps all my information in one easy to find place.

I think .tel will continue to grow and as more and more of the general public (as opposed to business people) discover it, they will realize that it can be of as much use to them as it is to business people already.

.tel Story of Sage Environmental


My name is Matthew Davidson, and I'm the owner of Sage Environmental Consulting Ltd, Based in Vernon BC Canada. We primarily work in two areas of environmental consulting. We provide Contaminated Sites Investigation and Remediation services and we provide Environmental Assessment and Ecological Restoration services. Essentially, we assess and repair damaged land for the use of people and the environment.

From our brochure:
"Whether you are looking for a Project Partner, Technical Advisor, Regulatory Liaison or Environmental Expertise we are here to help in the capacity that suits you and your project."

I estimate that 70% of our clients initially find us on the internet or reference our web page and social media resources prior to hiring us. People need to be able to find our online resources quickly and easily.

We use two .tel pages and to connect people to our web page, phone numbers and social media sites.

I have been connected to for some time on Twitter and LinkedIn. I heard about the .tel pages from a post George put up about a year ago. I thought it was a great idea. Once I looked into it I realized it was reasonably priced and easy to implement, the decision was made for me.

I feel anyone who is looking to improve their web presence would benefit from owning a .tel. As a small business owner the benefits are clear to me. There is one stop where people can find my professional information, my company information and contact me directly.

My experience of .tel has been positive. Although I need to find more time to add more valuable detail to my pages but that is down to me. The cost and ease of use are key benefits for me.

I use my .tel pages to instantly refer folks who don't know me or my company. This allows them access to my professional and business information within one or two clicks. Ease of use for the users (customer or client) on my pages is very important to me and .tel achieves this.

As well as owning a couple of .tels we pay for a yellow pages listing online and in the book, and participate in social media using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. For us .tel is not just an online directory... .tel enables us to connect to our clientele, friends and associates to our complete professional profile online.

I feel it is a valuable tool, and with continued support and increased integration of new tools it will become more valuable yet. While I think anyone who wants to connect online will get value from .tel, I think the key market for .tel is business, especially small business because the potential return is high for the low cost of entry.

People are becoming reliant or mobile devices for their internet access .tel's optimization in this area will be a clear benefit.

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