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En vez de un subdominio por empresa, solo un registro

En un dominio .tel se pueden crear hasta 3000 subdominios, es decir si creo uno de casas rurales, si creo un subdominio por casa rural, entonces podré poner 3000 casas rurales, pero la otra solución es crear un directorio más simple, de tal forma que por cada casa rural, solo pongo un registro donde pongo solo el nombre, la dirección y el telefono, en cada registro caben 255 caracteres. Así puede crear 300.000 registros, luego puedo poner la dirección y el teléfono de 300.000 casas rurales. El limite son 300 Kb

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3K is a limitation only if you need to give every business their own page. Perhaps consider leaving a good number of detailed pages for future paid listings and place multiple businesses on the same category or related pages using formatted phone entries. The long label for a phone entry lets you cram up to 255 characters of contact info. That way you can tease people into upgrading and still have 10,000+ (max 300K) listings if needed.

I take your point about paid listings.
However, I have done the long label phone entry with, but records don't show in TelPages search unless you add all again to free text.
Lots to think about!

Originally Posted by tindaya
So the limit is 3000 folders and 10,000 records???

The limit is 3,000 folders, 100 records per folder, max records = 300,000. 10K+ was just an example higher than 3000.

You can also have more than 100 pages per folder if they are invisible. This is a technique used to build directories where the hidden pages are linked via an internal index. The internal index is still limited to 100 records per folder (page) but is distributed across many folders. This is useful when you want more than 100 folders to have a url like (instead of I have created such a site but my client has yet to release it publicly.

Another technique is to link to 100's or 1,000's of hidden folders from a dot com site.


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