lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2011

Por qué hay que usar ca-pub en los dominios .tel para que se vea en los móviles

No está claro el resultado final de como poner el pub del google adsense para que automaticamente salgan los anuncios tanto en los móviles como en los ordenadores. Así que habrá que seguir esperando que solución final se llega. De momento:

Originally Posted by mikeseaton
Or change the existing CTH input field so that it will only accept the numeric part of Publisher ID and Telnic add the appropriate prefix as required.
Mike Seaton

Agree with Numeric Only PUB ID.


Also you may consider adding a third channel (exclusively for mobile custom channel).
Otherwise, since Telnic programing cannot identify the country of origin of the PUB ID input, some will lose text ads altogether just like in our Test#2 and Accounts with mobile supported PUB ID's will have text/image on mobile without Ads on Desktop (just like the the situation of

Other important thing is that, there's going to be few changes at Adsense after 30th Sept when the AdMob is integrated in to Adsense.

Here is the answer why you should use a ca-pub !

ca-pub = ContentAds
Here is link

Telnic had to inform us about inserting a ca-pub!

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