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Pub (solo adsense en los PC), mb-pub (solo adsense en los móviles), ca (adsense en moviles y en los PC)

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I started using: ca-mb-pub-(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) Because use of the other pub-(xxxxxx) did not display.

So when I did start using the mobile ads publisher It had new channels for mobile ads...

I'm not sure if its displaying admob ads or google ads? :-) You could check it here http://waikiki.tel
Hi Aliencafe,

I've just pulled up http://waikiki.tel on my PC and Google AdSense is NOT displaying ads.

Having had a look at the source code I see you have the AdSense code of
google_ad_client = "ca-mb-pub-yourpublisher number";

To get AdSense displayed on non-mobile devices you need to change this back to
google_ad_client = "pub-yourpublisher number";
by removing the "ca-mb-" prefix you have input into your CTH Publisher ID.

This should also display Mobile ads OK in countries that support Google AdSense for Mobile - see http://goo.gl/KHwOu for list of these countries.

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