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Yo tambien amo mis dominios .tel

My name is now my unique business card!

.tel is a great tool and has taken introduction to the next level, like James Bond when he said, "The name is Bond, James Bond". People never heard anyone introducing themselves in such a novel and convincing manner.

Farhan Mughal, head of corporate communications at Ali & Sons Co., UAE


You can be out of office but not out of touch

Since day one, the ease of use in setting up and maintaining our .tel has been fantastic. We can add as much or as little information as we'd like and can change it anywhere, anytime and almost instantly. Our .tel page provides our clients with various ways in which they can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Jill Carr, experienced human resources specialist, Florida, USA


Now I get found on Google!

I am absolutely delighted with my .tel and, among other things, it has contributed massively to the SEO of my website. For real convenience, all I have to do is tell my customers to type 'overvoice' into Google and they can find me easily.

Anthony Richardson, professional voice over artist, UK


.tel enables me to be reachable at all times

With .tel, our clients always have access to up-to-date contact details and current availability. Business cards are fine but we don't expect our clients to carry ours around in their wallets! We have also found the free "my.tel" iPhone app is particularly useful for making changes while on the move.

Captain Terry Ogg, marine professional, UK


.tel is the best value marketing tool for all my brands

.tel is one application with huge leverage potential for my brands and business interests. It's the world's largest Rolodex and I get to slip my card into it - how cool is that?!

George Moen, president of Blenz Coffee, Canada


It's mine for the rest of my life

I don't need to write down or give people information about my business, my location, my phone number, my email address, my Twitter page, or my website. I just tell people my .tel, which is great!

Heidi Bjork, artist and ex-model, Iceland


Changing my contact information is so simple!

Our .tel appears ahead of our .com website on business cards. It puts all our contact information in one place and helps easily tailor the content. For example, when on holiday I can quickly hide the mobile numbers to be undisturbed but still be able to keep an eye on email on my mobile.

Martine Middleton, project management consultant, UK


I can just focus on where I am performing next

What's great with .tel is you can say goodbye to large phonebooks and useless paperwork. The information is quickly accessible. It is very practical for someone like me who is constantly on the move.

Pascal du Four, musician, Canada


Only with .tel I am in complete control

In a sea of websites, people find it difficult to locate the right phone number or email address, while business owners struggle to update company contact information across all media. Only our .tel lets us quickly point online visitors to changing information that they can find easily.

Valerie Lynn Booth, from Air Tour America, USA


For us, transparency is key

Our .tel has added value in terms of search engine optimization with Google, so that's another way for clients to find us. We want to be accessible to clients in ways that suit their needs, and our .tel summarizes all the ways to access our website and contact our company in one simple location.

Toby Barrazuol, president of Eclipse Awards, Canada


People can just punch in my .tel to contact me

My customers are not always in front of their computers, they're here, there and everywhere, they're driving and walking around. Seeing our car with our .tel on it, they can just punch in the name and see all the phone numbers, everything they need.

Steve Collins, taxi company owner in Cotswolds, UK


.tel mobilises our fans wherever they are

We can store all information and links needed for our fans, media and anyone interested in learning more about the band. It's a really friendly tool and helps us be more visible on the World Wide Web.

Seven Nation Army, music band, Poland


Now I won't go unnoticed on the web

A .tel name offers a wide range of marketing tools, including built-in search engine optimisation, that won't let you go unnoticed and undiscoverable in the online space. My .tel helps me market my business online, and all I need to do is simply keep it up to date.

Anna Sokolenko, marketing specialist and .tel enthusiast, Russia


If people find me they always know where my owners are!

My name is Bowser and I have my own .tel page. I know there are lots of others out there with .tels, but I think I may be the first dog. Check out my photos and favourite videos on YouTube. Also, if I go and play with my mates, people will know where my owners live, and will take me home.

Bowser, shepard and leonberger mix, Canada


.tel helps me keep on the cutting edge!

My .tel did not take long at all to populate, but it sure is a time-saver in passing on my contact information to others. If I had to write down all those URLs on the back of a card or napkin every time I wanted to give someone my contact info, it would take forever!

Dan Meyer, CED of the Sword Swallowers Association International, USA


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