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Telpages en los dominios .tel

About Telpages

About Telpages

The .tel registry has published "Telpages", a searchable directory service of information stored in .tel domain names. People can search this for your company name, or for keywords and descriptive text listed in your .tel domain name. The information you store in your .tel domain is automatically used in the Telpages. Leading search engines like Google and Yahoo will index .tel names.

The keywords used in your .tel name can include hobbies, job title, occupation and this is indexed by "Telpages" along with your location. When people visit your .tel page, the links can generate an immediate contact. So, if someone clicks on a link to your email address, their machine will open an email program so the user can send you an email, if they click on a VOIP link a call will be initiated, and so on.

Search for .tel domains in the official .tel directory

TelPages search engine is developed specifically for navigating .tel pages and finding relevant contact information quickly and easily.

TelPages frequently indexes .tel domains focusing on the domain name, text headers, keywords and location. With TelPages, you can search for things or people, or limit your search to a specific geographical location with advanced search.

Search by type or location

There are many other situations where rather than finding one particular location shown on one .tel page, you want a choice of destinations; for example, when looking for a hotel or flower shop in the area around you.

For this type of search, use It will get your current location automatically, and search there – or read the Where field and search for all addresses and locations in that area with the radius specified below the map. Click "Clear location" if you want to search globally.

Filter: Showing only results containing Image, eMail, Phone, Internet Call, Fax or Instant Messenger

To get quality search results, we also recommend using the Filters, so that you can get well-populated .tel pages with phone numbers, images, IMs and email addresses.

How to share Telpages, respectively, Find a business or individual with a .tel domain: is a .tel Only Search Engine and mobile friendly web page: Share and scan it:
Click on a social media button, as well as, scan it's QR-Code to your cell phone. URL and QR-Code:
Share this .tel Only Search Engine and mobile-friendly Delivr URL of, with friends and fans.
Delivr has generated the QR Code for the mobile-friendly URL of, the .tel Only Search Engine: Distribute it where your audience can see and scan it.

It is easy to share via the Delivr website: Link:*

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