sábado, 28 de mayo de 2011

Debemos empezar a llamar olvidandonos de los numeros de telefono, usemos los dominios .tel


libros electronicos insurance life insurance liability calculators insurance companies gastronomia mapa casas ruraleson by his name, directly from your mobile, instead of using hard to remember phone numbers.  

Imagine a world where the destination you dial has a meaning and carries a message. We believe that given the choice, people and businesses will prefer to use "call names" or "c:names" instead of plain telephone numbers comprised of digits only.


CallmyName has developed a revolutionary technology for name-dialing. This groundbreaking SIM-centric approach creates a whole new ecosystem within the mobile market that allows for more meaningful communication between individuals or companies. In this era, where personalization is considered a basic right of expression, having a personalized c:name is the next logical evolutionary step in our communication habits.

This breakthrough technology is now available to anyone owning a mobile handset - brand, model or color make no difference. This service caters to all.

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