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Otro dominio .tel

Perry Martin "The Furniture Man" Goes High Tech With His .tel Domain

Posted May 12, 2011 by thefurnitureman

Palm Beach

Perry Martin "The Furniture Man" announced today the launch of his brand new .tel website www.TheFurnitureMan.tel that is designed to help people find and procure the perfect furniture for their home or office. Perry Martin has been in the furniture industry for over 30 years and now works with one of the largest furniture companies with showrooms in Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade Counties. With the launch of this website, his vast experience and powerful network with various participants in the furniture industry verticals are now directly available for easy access to anyone and everyone who is interested in getting the best furniture for their premises.

With Perry Martin's guidance, you literally get access to thousands of styles from modern to traditional at your fingertips. "I work closely with my clients, as I can meet them at these showrooms and want to make sure they can contact me at a moments' notice", said Perry during the launch of this website. "Communication with clients is critical to my success and clients can reach me through a variety of methods; all listed in my .tel domain, letting the end user decide how they want to contact me without having to download a website with graphics if they just want to call me", he continued.
Perry Martin "The Furniture Man", through his vast over 30-year long experience in the furniture industry and his association with one of the largest furniture companies with showrooms in Palm Beach, Broward and Dade, understands the different choices of customers for furniture, sofas, wall units of different styles from traditional to modern design, and advises on the best furniture that fits the client's needs. At Palm Beach Furniture Store he offers you a wide variety of Furniture, sofas, wall units and fire places etc. Perry believes in working closely with his clients as that gives him the opportunity to understand their needs and preferences.

Perry believes that newly launched Tel domain will provide an additional avenue for the clients to contact us in an efficient and timely manner. All the details relating to the contact information are visible in Perry's .tel, www.TheFurnitureMan.tel and with a single click to call or click to email, it is made even easier and can save time and money.

Perry Martin "The Furniture Man" believes in serving clients in the most efficient manner. It is very important to have a platform for the clients where they can easily contact us and communicate with him. With the advent of advanced technologies it is now possible to expand a business easily. While Perry's team is still learning more about the benefits that the .tel domain can provide, to date it has been found that the .tel domain allows for easy access to contact information for clients and any changes Perry's team makes to their contact information is kept up to date in one quick easy place without HTML knowledge. The .tel domain also provides a digital business card type of contact that is easy to update, easy to use and is easy for most people to remember.

You can learn more about Perry Martin "The Furniture Man" from his website www.TheFurnitureMan.tel. You can also email him at perrymartinfl@gmail.com and let him know about your furniture needs. Perry is also available at 954-295-5054.
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