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We hope that you've enjoyed reading the monthly edition of the .telegraph newsletter, which has provided a round-up of the latest product news, hints and tips, interviews and profiles of members of the .tel Community. We've been really pleased to hear the feedback as well as get your stories, and we'd love to hear more.

From the next issue, the .telegraph will be moving to a quarterly edition, so that we can provide a more comprehensive round up of news and updates to the community. We'll still continue to regularly publish news and announcements, profiles of community members and updates to the .tel service on our website, as well as interact with .tel community members on our forum and through all of the channels listed at telnic.tel.

The next edition is planned to be available in September, and will contain information about the latest release of the control panel and new, associated features such as mobile AdSense and real-time vouchers, as well as all of the usual industry events, partnership announcements and .tel community member profiles. We'd also welcome third party articles relevant to the .tel community and suggestions for topics you'd like to see included, so please do contact us with any thoughts and ideas you have.

Thanks for reading, and we'll be in touch in September!

MarktPlatz Mittelstand integrates .tel

Last week at the European Association of Directory Providers (EADP) Conference, Telnic announced that Marktplatz Mittelstand, the online marketplace for SMEs and self-employed professionals, will be the first German online directory publisher to begin providing .tel domains to customers as part of its subscription packages.

Michael Amtmann, Managing Director of Marktplatz Mittelstand, said: "Small businesses and the self-employed can now take advantage of the power of having their own domain as well as the rich services that we provide in an integrated package. Due to the ever-growing smart phone usage, .tel domains complement our offer perfectly. Owners of a .tel domain have the opportunity to present essential information regarding their business, perfectly customized for smart phone users. The full service offering that we can provide, for desktop users and smart phone users - means our clients will gain the best possible opportunity to further grow their customer base." Read the full story here.

EADP: There's gold in them there .tel's!

Ian Bowen-Morris recently attended the EADP conference in Majorca where over 150 representatives from the European directory services industry gathered around to hear presentations and case studies on the topic of 'Discover the social and mobile Eldorado'. Questions such as "How do business models for 'mobile and social' function?", "What works and what doesn't?" and "Where is the success in usage and revenues?".

Attendees heard about Macau Yellow Pages' implementation of .tel domains for their customers, with the entire portfolio rolled out, up and running and just over three weeks from providing the customer data to the tailored .tel domains being online. With .tel-branded chocolate coins to go along with the presentation, what's not to like?! 


.tel story of Dental Wealth

Dental Wealth is a Canadian company based out of Toronto and we act as a "Personal CFO" for successful dentists and their families.

Our mission is to bring direction, perspective and confidence to the everyday management of our client's net worth. We work closely with our clients existing professional advisors to integrate and co-ordinate their wealth management process.

Greg Taylor and Adrian Reynolds running this consultancy share their experiences with .tel:

"We provide clients with the best possible service experience. Therefore, ease of contact and quick access to individuals in our firm or personal information, is critical. Communication with clients is critical to our success and clients can reach us through a variety of methods including telephone, e-mail, text, Twitter, fax and through our .tel (dentalwealth.tel) and Dental Wealth website.

When we first heard of the .tel domains we thought this would provide an additional avenue for clients to contact us in an efficient and timely manner.

In our experience any company providing a high level of client service that demands ease of contact with their customers would benefit by adding a .tel domain to their communications tools.

We had underutilized the .tel domain initially; however we have added the .tel information to a recent update of our website and have found this provides a fabulous additional tool for enhanced communication with clients."

Read the full story on Dental Wealth.

All-numeric and short .tel names coming soon!


Don't forget that from 1st June you will be able to register a numeric-only or a short two-character .tel name. Several .tel providers are now taking pre-orders in preparation for this launch. We're seeing a great deal of interest in this from existing and new .tel owners as the launch date approaches, so contact your provider today if you are interested.


What: Two-character (aa.tel or a1.tel) and numeric-only domains between 2 and 7 digits with or without hyphens
How: First-come first-served basis through any participating registrar
When: From 3 p.m. BST on June 1st for Landrush; from 3 p.m. BST on June 14th for general availability
How much: Landrush will be at premium pricing, while general availability at regular pricing to be set by ICANN-accredited registrars and their resellers

Curation: the key to online reputation

Those 'embedded' within the social media ecosystem have long talked of curation as the killer application that will provide the disruptive force to shift old-school industries into submission or 'pivot'.

Recently, prolific blogger Steve Rubel of Micropersuasion fame and now consultant at Edelman Public Relations refreshed the debate by moving it into the applications space from the social web. His argument was that, with the ease and access to apps, whilst the likes of the music industry have already been disrupted through free-to-stream music services that enable people to listen to curated pick lists, now traditional media outlets are being faced by a dilution of their brand through the curation of content from them through new apps for tablets and smart phones.

Read the full blog post on curation.

Panda power


Google recently performed a major update to the way it indexes pages (called the "Panda" update) and many people are wondering about how the changes might affect the performance of their sites.

Your .tel, by design, is already optimised for search engines, through its well structured content and use of tags. However, there are still some very simple ways that you can maximise its search engine potential and increase its visibility.


  1. Avoid duplicate content
    Google itself gives the simple advice that in order to rank well you provide the "best possible user experience". This is especially important with regards to Keywords. Make sure that you are not duplicating these from another site on the web, or you will be penalised by the search engine. Also, many .tels duplicate the same word multiple times in their keywords and across multiple sub-pages. Rather than helping search engine ranking this often has a negative effect.

  2. Give each page a title
    This applies to folders as well as your main page. It tells the search engine what your .tel is about, which is essential for it to rank you effectively.

  3. Use the header
    This is also crucial in identifying your page and is often what is displayed in search engine results.

  4. Update this information regularly
    It could be your location, special offers or anything that will be of interest to visitors to your site.

  5. Identify other pages that you can link to your .tel
    You could mention your .tel in a Facebook page, blog or Linked In profile. Cross-linking with highly-ranked resources can give you a boost in search results.


Writing the way to success with .tel

I am David Sinclair, a professional writer and editor and a freelance journalist with skills in copy editing and newspaper and magazine design and production. I am also Editorial Director of The Kildimo Partnership, which provides a range of editorial services in three countries from the supply of articles to the production and publishing of magazines and books.

Being discoverable on the internet and easily contactable by both clients and business partners is essential, so I signed up for DavidSinclair.tel as soon as .tel domains became available.

I think a .tel domain benefits any business and is especially useful for freelancers of various kinds and in particular people who work remotely and do not need regular face-to-face contact with clients and colleagues.

My experience of using my .tel domain has been wholly positive. As a result of it, I have been contacted on the phone by a New York film producer wishing to make a movie of one of my books, which is now going ahead. I have also been contacted in various ways by publishers and others offering new writing contracts and related business opportunities and I have been able to develop relations with writers who wish to self-publish through The Kildimo Partnership.

The main advantage to my business of my .tel is web visibility and the ease with which both my readers and potential clients are enabled to contact me by whatever means they choose. Email is fine, but many people prefer to have direct contact by phone or instant messaging and my .tel listing enables them to do this without having to undertake detailed searches.

I can judge the effect of a .tel listing by the fact that my web analysis shows that within a year my .tel has become the third most used referrer for visitors to my web site.

I think .tel could well develop into the easiest and most useful directory on the web and I look forward to the day when a .tel domain becomes a real mini-web site with the ability to offer a wider range of easily updatable information and marketing tools according to the needs of the user.

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