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Default TELcp Open Source


We are pleased to announce that we will be providing open source scripts (php5.3 + MySQL + JQuery + JQuery Mobile) similar to that of TELcpV3+ in one bundle or in modules (i.e. 1.Manage Records 2.Manage Ads etc).

These will be in the form of web applications that can be hosted in most of the hosting companies in the world.
Also you will be able to host them in your own computer (We will explain you how to do this, including how to install a self signed SSL certificate in your own computer which will enable you to maintain a secure connection to the CTH).
However, these apps will not require OAuth, and will be limited to manage your own .tel domains only (as they will be using your own log in credentials)

If successful, we will work on FREE iphone, android apps too.

Please stay tuned or send pm if you wish to be inform back to you by pm.
Also follow us on twitter just to make sure that you will not be missing the launching date etc.

Hoping to start this very soon.

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