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December 2012 Telegraph

Updates on functionality and template options
We’d like to extend our warm wishes and seasonal greetings to you and provide some quick news to you regarding functionality recently updated.
Large images across all templates
We’ve now extended the ability to support a large image in all of the templates, not just the single competition template released in July, after comments from the community.  This can be created using our APIs or through third party service providers.
Promoting .tel pages in adverts

We have also changed the way in which adverts pointing to other .tel pages are handled at the request of some members of the community who wish to promote sub-folders or other .tel domains within their directory services.  Therefore, if a .tel domain owner specifies a .tel address within the image advert banners, instead of opening in a new window as is the case with any other extension, it will instead open within the same window, as a normal .tel link would.
Extending the template choices
Over the past few months we’ve been hearing your feedback on the new templates that were introduced and we’re pleased to announce that there will be some additional options to use with your .tel name, which we anticipate will be available at the end of this month or beginning of January. These provide further choices of narrow versions of Template 8 as well as the ability to utilize darker text on a light background and vice versa.
How do you use yours?
Here are just a few of the ways in which .tel community members are using their .tel domains that we’ve spotted over the past year.  Click on the images to visit the sites directly.
We’d love to hear from you
We are always happy to hear from you.  If you have any questions, would like to find out more from us or have any comments or suggestions, please do continue to contact us at or join the tel community forum at We also continue to enjoy hearing your stories and seeing your .tel domains in action, so please do feel free to send us any news you?d like to share.
Thanks again for being part of the .tel community, and we look forward with you to 2013.
Telnic Limited

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