martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

Ver el tiempo en un dominio .tel

Weather Widget for .tel domain - First of its kind

The .tel has the power to accommodate lot of new ideas. However, they are developed within the available options for developers. A  sample weather widget we created for .tel domains is available here at

Above are two screenshots of the weather widget we have provided for We can provide similar weather widgets for any geo position in the USA at present. Weather forecasts for other cities/towns anywhere in the world can be provided on any .tel page as shown above.

If you have a geo domain, then you may allocate a separate tel page (there 3000 tel pages or sub domains that comes with every .tel domain) dedicated for weather forecast.

Similar widgets for Stock market quotes, Forex rates, Auction updates, Bargain Sales, Lottery results etc can be designed and displayed on any .tel page.

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