sábado, 29 de septiembre de 2012

Call Your Tel Domain Call a Business or a Person by Voice using .Tel DNS Contact Data

This application demonstrates how a consumer with a smart phone could potentially make a call
to a business or person just by voicing the related .tel domain or service into their phone.
With location-aware GPS, local results can be delivered first.

Click the microphone icon, say the domain or keyword(s) you are interested in and wait for the results.
This app finds the contact info from the DNS data for the associated tel domain. Additional, location-sensitive topical information is retrieved from Telpages.
Mobile phone manufacturers should embrace this evolving technology to make even smarter smart phones. Intelligent, local hands-free calling.
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Don't see a microphone? Use the Chrome browser to run this HTML5 app.
Speech input is not enabled in your browser.
Try running Google Chrome with the --enable-speech-input flag.

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