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Is this an issue for .tel, given that the format used on .tel templates is "callto:+1234567890" rather than "callto://+1234567890"

Callto: links from Chrome without slashes are parsed incorrectly

  •  Issue Description:
    When clicking on callto: link formatted as callto:+1234567890 from Google Chrome, Skype parses it as %2b1234567890. There are also no regular dialogs that usually appear when Skype parses callto links correctly - Skype just tries to dial the %2b1234567890 string without warning. Same link accessed from IE is processed by Skype correctly.

    Callto: link formatted as callto://+1234567890 is parsed by Skype correctly when passed on from either IE or Chrome browser.

    Test Configuration:
    - Skype
    - Google Chrome 5.0.342.9
    - Internet Explorer 8.0.7600.16385
    - Windows 7 Enterprise x64 with all patches
    - Skype option "Use Skype to process callto: links on the web is enabled"

    Additional Notes:
  • It tried to reproduce the callto: links in this post, but I could not because the forum engine does not support callto: URLs
  • Could not find a definitive answer for callto: syntax with phone numbers. It seems that callto:phonenumber and callto://phonenumber are used interchangeably. Skype understands both syntaxes from IE, but only the latter from Chrome.

Since this last reply, the Chrome/Chrome appears to have changed.

However instead of making the bad one work, both (callto://number and callto:number) now do not work with standard format international numbers (ie numbers starting with +)

This is because Chrome passes an escape encoded string to the app and Chrome does nout unescape it.

Really, escape encoding is a web/html representation that has no place in plain text paramaters sent between standard application. The application should be expecting a string in its run parameters just as if it had been invoked from any other application (eg scheduler) on the machine.

Internet Explorer has for ages been able to invoke Skype with no problems for all telephone phone and skype addresses.
    you can change the + (plus) sign to 00 (zerozero) sign.
    e.g. +7(903)1234567 moscow cell phone change + to 00 = 007(903)1234567
    <a href="callto:0079031234567">try to click in chrome it works</a>
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