jueves, 23 de junio de 2011

Como integrar un mapa .tel en facebook

Map Integration into Facebook
If you want to integrate your map into Facebook, this is how I did it...

Create a new folder on your own site, called FB, eg www.yoursite.com/FB/
Install the "Developer" application into our Facebook profile.
In the Developer app, click [Set Up New App].
Edit the settings to include an icon.
Under the Facebook integration tab, give your app a name (min 6 chars).
The Canvas URL points to where your app code will live, eg www.yoursite.com/FB
With a text editor, create index.html and place this code into it...

<iframe src='http://hosted.telnic.org/cgi-bin/mapcrawl2/mapyourdottel-iframe.cgi?d=[/url]yourdomain.tel&sd=0&ml=200&md=5' frameborder=0>

Save the file and upload to that same FB folder. Facebook will now look for your app at yoursite.com/FB.

Now you should be able to click [Go to App] and view it. Change the parameters like d=,sd=, info= as needed.

You may need to get a minimum of 5 users to actually use your app before you can publish it, so I'd be happy to be one of them. The rules may have changed, not sure. There also may be a way to just add an iframe quicker without hosting on your own domain first, but don't know how to do that.


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