martes, 14 de junio de 2011

El sueño de los dominios .tel puede llamarse

Dear Telnic, can you create for the community a flexible, powerful and customizable app that has these features?

1) displays selected real-time DNS information to the user in various formats
2) has a map mode that displays tels and information
3) has a standard list of tels mode
4) has an augmented reality view
5) built-in geo-detection and location-awareness
6) has "programmable" triggers (write data to tel) for events (eg location changed)
7) has a customizable no programmable "developer" interface
8) app is given to" developers" to be tailored for specific uses
9) "developers" create their specific app through parameters
10) no programming is involved - the app development interface controls the functionality presented to end users (check boxes etc)
11) available features and displays are configurable by the developer
12) runs on all popular devices and desktops
13) can be white labelled so we can localize it for specific tasks and markets

Of course, not all features at the same time, but a framework that allows add-ons and growth.

Here are some examples of apps that could be created.

    * Displays all the coupons for businesses in your town
    * Show information about hotels, car rentals, resorts for a visitor
    * Displays all the specials within a radius of xx km
    * Displays a map with tels filtered by category (eg bars, barbers, beauty supply etc) in your vicinity
    * Finds all (chain) store locations within a radius, displaying any specials
    * Dials a number merely by specifying a company, product or website
    * Writes real-time location data to a private family tel subdomain (where's my kid app)

In fact, can we just get all these features in one app and call it ON.TEL?

By Telnic creating and "owning" such an app, the ecosystem can be grown locally by domain owners because Telnic has provided a new marketing vehicle.

And, we need such a multi-purpose app now.

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